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Christchurch Feedback Week 1


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Mr P. Hunt MA CGeog
Subject Leader - Geography
The Appleton School

Published in: Spiritual
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Christchurch Feedback Week 1

  1. 1. Personal Contacts (scored 11.29 out of 18) Are you in touch with non-churchgoers? 2.82 Does your church have a variety of services and events to invite non-churchgoers to? 2.15 How easy would you find it to invite someone to church? 1.38 If your Minister asked all regular attenders to invite someone to Back to Church Sunday do you think most people would? 1.05
  2. 2. Ideas for events Coffee Food LEGO Building Competition 5 A-side Football Ladies’ pamper evening Quiz Night Music Sports Barn Dance Bar B Q …yum Opera
  3. 3. Church Programme (16.40 out of 30) If you have a hall do non churchgoers use it? 2.92 Does your Church have a programme that is open and attractive to the whole community? 1.82 Is there a culture of inviting contacts to church services and nurture courses? 1.10 Do people in need turn to your church for help? 1.02
  4. 4. Improving the Church Programme More people involved Current programme too full? PRAYER More information in advance Befriend Church hall users Are we really meeting needs? Sunday lunch for singles Enquirers’ service or course. Mini Alpha? 18 to 30’s events Marriage support Debt counselling Wine and conversation
  5. 5. Special Services (scored 13.12 out of 21) Is there a range of Christmas services attracting non-churchgoers? 2.97 Do you have other regular or one-off special services throughout the year? 2.41 Are attractive invitations to your normal services given out at the special services 1.15 Are individuals who attend special services followed up and befriended? 0.97
  6. 6. Special Services Better quality invites Follow up events Talk to people in the hall after our special services!!! Befriending visitors Personal follow up by all of us Use special services to show people what we do Give Christingle attenders an invite to Sunday services A ‘buddy’ system Ask the community Lively music Welcome Packs Harvest !!
  7. 7. Premises and Publicity (scored 15.80 out of 30) Can your church be found on the web? 2.92 Do you have an informative web site, regularly updated? 2.41 Does the notice board look attractive, contemporary? 1.18 Does the church ever have positive local media coverage? 1.12 Does the church have a Newcomers’ Pack to give to people who may try you out? 0.51
  8. 8. Premises and publicity New notice boards Location of notice boards Keep people informed A new church layout? Better lighting A weekly poster Regular press coverage Invitations to every house Audio visual. DVD? Glossy welcome pack Spirit filled Electronic notice board Tell people !! By word of mouth