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Chilliwack Hospice Society - 2020 AGM Presentation


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Annual Report presented to the members of the Chilliwack Hospice Society at the 2020 Annual General Meeting.

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Chilliwack Hospice Society - 2020 AGM Presentation

  1. 1. September 23rd, 2020 FY April 2019 – March 2020
  2. 2. Who is Chilliwack Hospice Society? Chilliwack Hospice Society is a community based volunteer organization which accepts death as a part of life. We support individuals and families during the dying and grieving process. We believe that every person has worth and a right to be treated with gentleness and respect. We believe that every person has the potential to experience hope, wonder and joy.
  3. 3. We believe that diversity and inclusiveness are vital to the strength of our organization. We believe that the strength of relationships in our organization is based on trust and open communication We do not own or operate the Cascade Hospice but we do provide volunteers who support the day to day needs of the Patients and their families. Who is Chilliwack Hospice Society?
  4. 4. A Brief History In 1985, the Chilliwack General Hospital sponsored a one- day workshop called ‘Helping the Dying Person’. Interested professionals and members of the community identified the need for palliative care. Planning began to establish a team of medical professionals and trained volunteers to be available for hospice visiting in the community and the hospital. In January 1986, the Chilliwack Hospice Volunteers steering committee was organized and chaired by Michael Bach.
  5. 5. In March 1986, the Social Planning Committee of Community Services provided the steering committee with start-up funds of $2,000.00. In May 1986, the Chilliwack Hospice Volunteers were placed under the umbrella of the Fraser Cheam Home Support Services Society and community visitation began. In October 1986, the first local training sessions were held. In March 1987, the hospital visitation program began. In 1992, funding for a part-time Volunteer Coordinator commenced and we hired the first paid staff member.
  6. 6. Rotary HOSPICE CENTRE In February 2000, the Chilliwack Hospice Society was incorporated with our first official Board of Directors. With an initial donation, the Chilliwack Fraser Rotary Club helped us purchase the Kipp House on Hodgins Avenue and many Rotarians from other clubs along with community members assisted in the preparation of the house.
  7. 7. Rotary Hospice Centre
  8. 8. Thanks to the Chilliwack Fraser Rotary Club and members of the Rotary Club of Chilliwack the Rotary Hospice Centre was born This Centre gives individuals and families living with a terminal illness or grieving the loss of a loved one, a visible, accessible and peaceful place to come for comfort and support.
  9. 9. Cascade Hospice Residence Hospice is a home-like setting: • For people with a terminal illness who are nearing the end of life. • Who are unable to remain at home to die. • Require active management of symptoms.
  10. 10. Cascade Hospice - Owned and operated by Sienna Senior Living Partnership between Fraser Health Chilliwack Hospice Society Sienna Senior Living
  11. 11. Cascade Hospice Residence • Patients with five months or less to live • Patients who do not require acute care services
  12. 12. Role of Palliative Team • pain and symptom management issues • psychosocial concerns • caregiver stress • respite/volunteer support • care planning • end of life issues • assessment for specialized care (ie. Tertiary care or hospice care)
  13. 13. Cascade Hospice Residence opened August 2008 with the help of many community members and Rotarians
  14. 14. Hospice Says…. We are here. We will be with you in your living and your dying. We will free you from pain and give you the freedom to find your own meaning in your life – your way. We will comfort you and those you love – not always with words, often with a touch or a glance. We will bring you hope – not for tomorrow but for this day. We will not leave you. We will walk with you. We will be there. Dr. Dorothy Ley The Heart of Hospice
  15. 15. Our Focus • We support the Cascade Hospice with highly trained and dedicated volunteers and staff who care for those who are spending the last days or weeks of their lives and that is incredibly important to us and… ANOTHER MAIN FOCUS IS SUPPORTING ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE LEFT BEHIND - WE HELP THEM LEARN HOW TO LIVE ON AND BE HAPPY
  16. 16. Ribbon Cutting July of 2017 – Move to 7112 Vedder
  17. 17. Our Board of Directors • Gerry Enns – President • Benjamin Lorimer - Vice President • Mike Olson – Treasurer • Heather Bier –Director • Chantal Chris - Director • Ryan Huston – Director • Brian Fell – Director • Kim Gemmell – Director • Elaine Moore – Director • Melanie Green - Director
  18. 18. Our Incredible Staff
  19. 19. Our Staff 7112 Vedder • Sue Attrill - Executive Director • Tammy Genzale – Business Administrator • Laurie McNaught – Community Outreach & Education Mgr • Lucy Fraser – Director of Programs • Jennifer Dacre – Palliative & Bereavement Manager • Sharilyn Jackson– Admin Assistant • Vacant – Child and Youth Program Manager
  20. 20. Our Staff Thrifty Boutique • Sandy Parker – Thrifty Boutique Manager • Stephanie Heinrich – Thrifty Boutique Assistant Manager • Susan Greenway – Thrifty Boutique Assistant Manager • Bonnie Yule – Thrifty Boutique Assistant Coordinator • Arlene Wright – Thrifty Boutique Assistant Coordinator • Nancy Hilliard – Thrifty Boutique Assistant Coordinator
  21. 21. Donations GENERAL GIFT: Donations in a persons name to help support Chilliwack Hospice Society’s programs and services MEMORIAL GIFT: A gift in memory of a loved one is a special way to support Chilliwack Hospice Society. We also send a personalized card acknowledging your gift. IN HONOUR GIFT: Special “in honour of” gifts are a meaningful way to commemorate a holiday, birthday, wedding or other special occasion. PLANNED GIVING: A financial investment is an opportunity to ensure that end-of-life support for patients and families will be available for all in need. Gifts can include monthly giving, bequests, gifts of stock of property and life insurance. RAISING FUNDS: If you would like to raise funds for Chilliwack Hospice Society, please call 604.795.4660 for information.
  22. 22. Fundraising Events Our two biggest fundraising events are the Annual Gala $106,000.00 and the Hoedown for Hospice $60,000.00 • Thrifty Fashionista Fashion Show – May 13th 2019 • Play it Forward Golf Tournament –May 30th 2019 • Moonlight Gala– October 19th 2019 • Celebrate a Life Dec 1st - Dec 22nd - 2019 • Hoedown for Hospice – March 7th 2020 – Evergreen Hall
  23. 23. Moonlight Gala
  24. 24. Hoedown for Hospice
  25. 25. Grants • We receive a $100,000.00 grant from BC Gaming- we have to apply for it every year and there is no guarantee • We also receive a grant from Fraser Health for training and scheduling volunteers at Cascade Hospice • We received a $4,000 Grant from the Chilliwack Foundation for a new Washer and Dryer for our Store • We apply for other Grants throughout the year but we don’t always get them • United Way
  26. 26. Thrifty Boutique • After several years of planning and saving we were finally able to move our store to a 9,000 square foot space on busy Evans Road • We spent three months doing tenants improvements in order to make the space fabulous! • On March 9th we opened our doors and a week later we were closed due to Covid. • A heartfelt thank you to all our volunteers & customers who have supported us through the past ten years, our success is because of you.
  27. 27. Thrifty Boutique The new location has everything we dreamed of • Loading bay access in the back • Street frontage with plenty of parking in high traffic area • Storage on site • 10 year lease • It is gorgeous!
  28. 28. We were able to open again on May 25th but things have changed a little
  29. 29. Programs during COVID • Home Visitation –paused • Hospice Respite –paused • Care Facility Visitation –paused • Vigil Services –paused • One -to -one support - ongoing Zoom and Face to Face • Resource lending Library –paused • Speaking Presentations, Community Training and Educational Workshops –ongoing Zoom and Face to Face • Relaxation Therapy –ongoing face to face with strict protocols
  30. 30. • Annual Memorial Community Outreach Event - TBD • Sudden/Traumatic Death Bereavement Group (weekly for eight weeks, two times per year) -Ongoing Face to Face – 10 Maximum • Bereavement 1st Step Group (weekly for eight weeks three times per year) –Ongoing Face to Face – 10 Maximum • Bereavement 2nd Step Group (two meetings monthly; one business meeting and one luncheon) -Ongoing • Children’s Grief Support Group (weekly for eight weeks, approximately two times per year) – Ongoing Face to Face – 10 Maximum • Children’s Horse Whisperer Grief Camp (one full day once per year) TBD • Teen Program Ongoing Face to Face – 10 Maximum • First Nations Outreach Visitation –Ongoing Traumatic Death support Educational workshops • We serve the communities of Chilliwack and Agassiz but we often venture further out to assist our first Nations Communities. People can self refer or be referred by the hospice palliative care team, care facility staff, physicians, families, friends or community organizations.
  31. 31. Community Outreach & Education In January 2020 Laurie McNaught moved into her new role as Education and Community Outreach Manager and we began to work on Educational offerings for the community. •We presented “Cooking For One” and “Financial Health and Decision Making”. •We are now working on Advanced Care Planning over Zoom and in person •We also completed a Basic Hospice Boot Camp for Volunteers.
  32. 32. Kids and Teen Programs
  33. 33. Adult Programs
  34. 34. Our Volunteers Are Amazing
  35. 35. The 2020/2021 fiscal year will see growth in the number of educational programs offered to the community. We started our new Fiscal Year on April 1st. We have had to rework all our plans for this year. We have received Grant Funding from the following: •Prospera Credit Union •The Vancouver Foundation •The Chilliwack Foundation •First West Foundation (Envision) •BC Centre for Palliative Care •BC Gaming •Fraser Health We have taken advantage of the any government support that we are entitled to as well. •We continue to offer Grief Support and Education to the public. We have been able to reopen both Thrifty Boutique and our Chilliwack Rotary Hospice Centre on Vedder. We continue to use Zoom when we can, and we have strict protocols in place to protect clients, staff, and volunteers when they are with us in person.
  36. 36. Looking forward • Events may not be an option for us for quite some time • We need to pivot our fundraising efforts • Online or Virtual Events • Thrifty Boutique Web Store • Donor Giving Campaigns • Grants • It is estimated that 25% of Non Profits will not make it through COVID • We are determined to be one of the 75% that do!
  37. 37. Sue Jen Lucy LaurieTammy Sandy StephanieSharilyn Thank You for Supporting us ! Susan
  38. 38. Questions Sue Knott Executive Director Chilliwack Hospice Society 604-795-4660 ext 101 604-845-1008