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iCitizen 2010: Nancy Kramer Introduces the Real-Time Web


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Nancy Kramer, CEO and founder of Resource Interactive, kicks off iCitizen 2010: Go with the Flow: Embracing the Real-time Web with highlights of Resource and

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iCitizen 2010: Nancy Kramer Introduces the Real-Time Web

  1. 1. Welcome.
  2. 2. Live blog: Twitter: @icitizen / #icitizen Flickr: tag with ‘icitizen’
  3. 3. iCitizen Sponsors
  4. 4. 300+
  5. 5. Thought Leadership
  6. 6. Enhanced Our Offerings
  7. 7. RI:Lab – Innovation Catalysts
  8. 8. Ad Age Agency A-List Ad Age names the agencies that showed moxie, innovation and effectiveness in 2009
  9. 9. Our Success Only Comes With Yours
  10. 10. Key drivers of the Real-Time Web
  11. 11. Feed Fanaticism Widespread feed adoption yields personal, real-time dashboards with focus on friends and the present
  12. 12. Platform and network integration Enabling the socialization of content
  13. 13. Mass, Disruptive Events Simultaneous consumption, reporting and commenting, experienced immediately and collectively
  14. 14. The App Economy Mobile and social apps drive passionate, ongoing and bite-sized engagement