Google+ Pages: What It Means for Brands


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Google+ Pages: What It Means for Brands

  1. 1. RESOURCE INTERACTIVE RESOURCE INTERACTIVE THINKABLE NOV 9, 2011 GOOGLE+ PAGES Google+ Pages: What it Means for BrandsPoint of View ©2011 1
  2. 2. RESOURCE INTERACTIVE THINKABLE NOV 9, 2011 GOOGLE+ PAGES Google+ Pages: Executive Summary Executive Summary Recommendation On Monday, November 7th, Google launched Google+ Given the lack of engagement data surrounding Google Pages, which enables brands, sports teams, +, we believe brands should monitor activity of organizations, coffee shops, news outlets, bands, customers before taking action. We recommend products, places—anyone, really—to create an official defining a data-driven test-and-learn plan with the goal page and connect with their customers, fans & of establishing a clear set of objectives and measures members. Based on Monday’s major enhancement to for how Google+ integrates into your social marketing the budding social network, we’re providing the initiatives. We want to ensure that you avoid following following review of features, potential benefits, and our an onslaught of brands creating pages until you’ve recommendation for how Google+ fits into your digital established the proper resources, content and and social marketing plans. engagement plans to truly make the experience worthwhile for your customers. Launch Update In just over 100 days since Google+ launched, Google is reporting that the service has over 40 million users and that over 3 billion photos have been uploaded onto the network. However, we have no tangible information on how many of those 40 million users are consistently active on the service, nor do we have any real data on the demographics of those users.Point of View ©2011 2
  3. 3. RESOURCE INTERACTIVE THINKABLE NOV 9, 2011 GOOGLE+ PAGES A Closer Look: Google+ Pages Google+ Pages In addition to connecting people with other people via Google+, Pages allow users to build relationships with businesses, brands and other entities. Features •  REAL-TIME CONNECTION: Provide a place for followers and fans that love you to connect and converse with your brand.   •  FUTURE FEATURE: There is buzz about Pages being location-aware, which will allow local businesses to send offers and deals to mobile phones. Application A brand could effectively extend its social footprint to include Google+ if there is a clear objective and plan. Macy’s 10,606 followers Brands that start a page and cannot commit to ongoing content and conversation may be worse off than brands that wait to join. Burberry 12,164 followersPoint of View ©2011 3
  4. 4. RESOURCE INTERACTIVE THINKABLE NOV 9, 2011 GOOGLE+ PAGES A Closer Look: Google +1 Google +1 •  TAG & SHARE: +1 is fully integrated into Google+ as This feature is not specific to Google+. The +1 button the main activity of sharing and sparking allows users to like search results, articles, posts, etc. In conversation. When a user +1’s something, they can Google’s own words, it’s an easy way to “give share, either to all or to specific circles. They can also something your public stamp of approval.” +1 any post from anyone they’re following. •  INTEGRATION: Google+ Pages is integrated with the +1 button on a brand’s .com site, automatically creating a +1 activity in the brand’s Google+ page. Application Collect and analyze data across both search and social to determine a content and engagement plan that can activate the features that make the most sense for a Features brand’s followers and fans. •  SOCIAL CREDIBILITY: +1 may validate search results,   as it allows users to see who in their network has We recommend being a strategic fast follower and “+1’d” something. If behavior takes off, it can be a setting your brand up for a meaningful social new form of peer-based decision support, earlier in engagement through Google+ Pages. the shopping process.   Consideration •  TARGETED ADVERTISING: +1 can be applied to ads, •  USER CONFUSION: A less sophisticated user may helping Google target ads served with search results. not understand the nuances between the buttons Through the coupling of ad-specific +1’s with a user’s and associated actions of +1, Share This Page and search-based +1’s, Google can target a user’s Add to Circles. expressed interest, creating a more personalized search experience.  Point of View ©2011 4
  5. 5. RESOURCE INTERACTIVE THINKABLE NOV 9, 2011 GOOGLE+ PAGES A Closer Look: Google Circles Google Circles •  SOCIAL SEGMENTS: Brands and Page owners Similar to Google+ Profiles, Google+ Pages allow currently have no easy way to group followers based brands to organize their followers into circles. on common or widely available information: location, age, interests. Application We believe it is likely that demographic or profile capability will exist, creating an opportunity for brands to deliver targeted, localized information and promotions around store-specific offers and events.   When a Page is created, the brand can ask followers for key information to help aid in segmentation and targeting. Features •  TARGETED MESSAGING: Brands can target posts to Consideration specific groups of their followers. For example, •  PROMOTION POLICIES: Currently the Content and Google’s Page created Circles organized by VIPs, Promotion policies for Google+ Pages prohibit Customers and Team Members to allow for delivery administrators (brands) from running any contests, of specific messages to those groups of people. In promotions, sweepstakes, offers or coupons on their contrast to Facebook, this could yield more personal Page. Any promotion would have to be presented as and relevant communications if you know enough a link, redirecting the user to an external site where about your followers. Currently, a brand cannot send the promotion details would live. The downside from individual messages until a follower adds them to a consumer experience perspective is the disruption one of their Circles. and lack of a seamless journey from discovery to   redemption.Point of View ©2011 5
  6. 6. RESOURCE INTERACTIVE THINKABLE NOV 9, 2011 GOOGLE+ PAGES A Closer Look: Google Hangouts Google Hangouts •  CELEBRATE (EXCLUSIVELY): Macy’s approached the Hangouts let any Google+ user start a video chat for use of Hangouts differently with their Hangout for “9 themselves & up to 9 of their friends at a time. When a lucky trendsetters” to chat live with Fashionista hangout is started, followers see it in their stream and Executive Editor, Leah Chernikoff. can join the conversation. Brands now have a great tool   to connect and engage with fans in a face-to-face •  ON-THE-GO: As of September, Hangouts are fully manner. mobile-enabled. Application Brands could leverage Hangouts as an additional social communication vehicle, allowing them to connect with small groups of followers.   Consider targeting Hangouts for your most influential or Features VIP customers, creating an added benefit. Make it an event worthy of sharing. •  HANGOUTS ON AIR: This feature lets users broadcast to a larger audience and provides additional tools to allow for presentations to that Consideration audience. Features include screen sharing, •  MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: Each Hangout can hold sketchpad, Google Docs and named Hangouts. only 10 participants. Avoid frustrating your followers   and help them learn the feature by educating them •  FAN ENGAGEMENT: Brands can connect directly along with promoting your hangout. with their followers and fans. The Muppets did a live Hangout to promote their new movie, but ended up frustrating many users who could not get into the Hangout.  Point of View ©2011 6
  7. 7. RESOURCE INTERACTIVE THINKABLE NOV 9, 2011 GOOGLE+ PAGES A Closer Look: Integration with Search Integration with Search Application The real differentiator for Google+ Pages is Google’s If and when a brand launches a Google+ Page, create a push to deeply integrate some of its features directly campaign to drive sign-up and engagement. Over- into its core strength: search. reliance on consumers knowing what to do could be the biggest barrier. Consideration •  OPT-IN VS. OPT-OUT: Once a user engages in Direct Connect, Google takes this as permission to follow suit every time they search using the “+” sign, automatically adding them to a circle. Given the lack of understanding and communication, this may lead to consumer frustration over time. Features •  DIRECT CONNECT: Provides users who are searching with a “+” sign in front of a brand name on Google the option to add that brand to one of their Circles.  Point of View ©2011 7
  8. 8. RESOURCE INTERACTIVE THINKABLE NOV 9, 2011 GOOGLE+ PAGES Additional Information: More Questions? Connect with Us At Resource we are constantly evaluating the digital landscape to see how new trends and technology are affecting consumers. To learn more about Google+ Pages or other digital questions, please contact: Author: Mila Goodman Executive Director For new business inquiries: Melissa Dorko For media inquiries: Kristyn Wilson kwilson@resource.comPoint of View ©2011 8