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Facebook Timeline for Brands


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Overview of the changes to brand pages with the introduction of Facebook Timeline. Screenshots of several brand examples with different elements being highlighted. Cover photo rules and dimensions discusses, along with apps, paid media and landing pages. Deck from presentation to colleagues. Feel free to get in touch with questions.

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Facebook Timeline for Brands

  1. 1. NEW FACEBOOK TIMELINEUpdated tools for your business, brand or organization
  3. 3. NEW FEATURES• Cover Photos*: custom designed brand pages just became more important with the image-heavy design. *note there are new guidelines for what can be used in Cover Images• Page Dimensions: 3rd party apps that were previously being used for Contests, Welcome tabs, and more are now being updated to fit the new (much wider) dimensions• Removal of Default Landing Tabs: “Facebook has removed default landing pages and replaced them with other options to allow brands to drive content to application pages.” - Involver
  4. 4. NEW FEATURES• Apps: Tabs, now referred to as application pages, can now have customized images associated with them• Pinning Content: It is now possible to pin updates to stay at the top of a brand’s timeline. This is a great way to highlight important notices• Featured (Starred) Content: an increase in visual real estate can be given to important content, which will extend the content/image across your entire page width
  5. 5. WHEN?• Currentlyall brand pages have the option to turn on Timeline Preview (for brand admins only to see)• Once all of the elements are populated, the “Publish” feature will turn the brand’s timeline to public.• All Pages will be automatically upgraded on March 30, 2012
  6. 6. COVER PHOTO• Goal: Unique photo that expresses your brand or the interests of people in your Page• New rules: ✴ Must be at least 399 pixels wide. Ideal size 851 x 315. ✴ May not contain price or purchase information, such as 40% off or “Download it at our website” ✴ May not contain contact information such as web address, email , or other information intended for your Page’s About sections ✴ May not contain references to User Interface Elements, such as “Like” or “Share”, or any other Facebook site features ✴ May not contain calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends” ✴ You may not encourage or incentivize people to upload your cover image to their personal Timelines
  7. 7. CONTENT CONTROL• Weekly pinned posts (anchored to the top of the page)• Starred posts (larger story format)• Milestones(a type of posting to celebrate and emphasize important moments over time. Examples: new openings, product launch, etc.)• Change post dates• Hide/Unhide posts
  8. 8. APPS (PREVIOUSLY TABS)• Existing tabs are still at 520px by default.• All existing tabs can be switched to 810px• You can no longer have a default landing tab, but you can feature up to 3 tabs on the cover and you can pin posts to draw attention to apps• Visible tabs are now called “Favorites”.• The cover icons for each app are customizable
  9. 9. NEW ADMIN PANEL Notifications, Insights, and Messages*
  10. 10. FOCUS: THE BRAND STORY• The new design places emphasis on historical data, and will show content with high “importance” to a broader audience.• Date specific posts will help build the ongoing story about brands and products.
  11. 11. FRIEND ACTIVITY• When people visit your page, they will be able to see their friends’ interactions with your brand• This gives a personal feel to those visiting your page• Noteworthy: negative posts are likely to receive more attention than the previous brand page setup
  12. 12. PAID ADVERTISING• Premium Ads and Sponsored Stories will now be featured on the mobile newsfeed as well as the Facebook web version• New introduction of Offers: a free way for businesses to share promotions directly from their company Facebook Page • From Facebook “Only admins of some Facebook Pages are currently eligible to create offers.”
  13. 13. BRAND: BUTTERFINGER Profile Image: Blends with Cover Photo
  14. 14. BRAND: FORDProfile Image: Blends with Cover Photo
  15. 15. BRAND: AMERICAN EXPRESS Custom App Icons
  16. 16. image source: timeline-5-lessons-learned-from-old-spice-and-other-big-brands-0141456BRAND: OLD SPICE Individual Elements Explained
  17. 17. BRAND: STARBUCKS Highlighted/Featured Stories
  18. 18. BRAND: NIKE Featured Album
  19. 19. BRAND: COLDPLAYApp Integration - Top Songs, Friends “Listened”
  20. 20. BRAND: BURBERRYHistorical Story Telling
  21. 21. BRAND:HERBAL ESSENCES Historical Story Telling
  22. 22. BRAND: SUBWAY Brand Milestones
  23. 23. BRAND:WALMARTBrand Milestones
  24. 24. BRAND: FANTATimeline engagement strategy
  25. 25. BRAND: MACY’SRoom to expand custom elements
  26. 26. BRAND: TIDEExample of re-size of tabs causing inconsistency
  27. 27. RESOURCES• Facebook Overview: FacebookAds/Pages_Overview.pdf•• business-page-for-facebook-timeline-5-lessons-learned-from- old-spice-and-other-big-brands-0141456
  28. 28. CONTACT INFO Elysa Rice ~ @elysaRed Urban // Emerging Media Manager ~