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Urban Planters


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Presentation about the state of the UK Interior Landscaping industry of today. By Thomas Palfreyman, managing director

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Urban Planters

  1. 1. The State of the Industry in the UK T: 07710 943 063 E: View Our Latest Project Read About The Health Benefits
  2. 2. THOMAS PALFREYMAN Managing Director Ambassador for Plants @ Work
  3. 3. The State of the Industry in the UK In the UK the interior landscaping industry is relatively small but growing in momentum We spoke to some of our members about where the industry is at this moment and where they thought it was heading. We've identified a few 'trends' that have already or are just beginning to emerge.
  4. 4. The pull of biophilia Planning for green installations is likely to be architect or designer led at project conception whether it's a new build or a refurbishment. This makes it easier for members to plan green planting in right from the start. Specifiers are definitely being influenced by the biophilia movement.
  5. 5. The pull of biophilia "There is definitely a growing desire for green planting everywhere from inside corporate buildings to around them and on them“
  6. 6. The pull of biophilia It is definitely a great time for green walls, green roofs and landscaped terraces with an added focus on biodiversity."
  7. 7. The pull of biophilia It is definitely a great time for green walls, green roofs and landscaped terraces with an added focus on biodiversity."
  8. 8. Health Benefits, Wellbeing & Biophilic Design
  9. 9. Health Benefits, Wellbeing & Biophilic Design
  10. 10. Increasing value and investing in wellbeing Greening buildings both inside and out is seen to increase property value and to entice and retain key employees. "It has also gained credibility as part of investment in wellness programmes for businesses wishing to be seen to be acting in the best interests of their employees health and wellbeing" is the view of Matt Monkton, MD of Enterprise Plants.
  11. 11. Increasing value and investing in wellbeing "There is also a return to larger installations including atria being noticed around the country. This has also lead to the use of larger trees for these areas." he commented.
  12. 12. An eye to investment and management costs "With budgets tighter than ever, businesses are keen to capitalise on their planting spends so they are more likely to consider purchase rather than rental," added Thomas Palfreyman. The current Chair of plants@work, Madeleine Evans of Tivoli Services agreed and added that businesses are also factoring in maintenance costs to ensure they keep management costs lower.
  13. 13. Trends: Cabinet tops, table tops, cacti and succulents Interior planting trends vary but common ground has been seen in the desire for cabinet top and table top planters away from floor planters. These of course save space and adhere to all health & safety concerns over floor planters.
  14. 14. Trends: Cabinet tops, table tops, cacti and succulents There's also a trend towards a more relaxed and homely feel i.e. more eclectic rather than corporate. The call for cacti and succulents is popular to achieve this follows trend picked up on Instagram and in the press for the popularity of succulents.
  15. 15. The influence of Millennials Creative Director at Indoor Garden design and plants@work ambassador, Ian Drummond feels that this trend started from the domestic level too particularly in relation to Millennials. they have been really engage with succulents at first as they have a concern for the environment and invariably no outdoor space in their homes. This started about five years ago and is now branching into their love of larger plants that need more care and attention.
  16. 16. The influence of Millennials He agreed that this has led to a less corporate look in offices especially in the media and design agencies where most of the staff are Millennials. Plants are favoured as they make their workspaces look and feel more domestic where the trend is developing into furniture too. Very positive for the industry as it enhances the look. And its across all areas corporate, hospitality, events and even Christmas.
  17. 17. Terrariums Also seen a big trend with terrariums as another popular choice for modern offices as these are contained. People are so fascinated with them that Indoor Garden Design has run workshops in offices for employees as well as for IKEA and at Kings College in London.
  18. 18. Artificial plants Sarah Heath for Nature at Work said, "With improvements in the production of artificial materials, these are also becoming more popular again. They definitely add that necessary green element to rooms when conditions don't allow for live plants.
  19. 19. Darren + Ian If there's one area that still needs it's businesses recognising the value of professional maintenance by skilled technicians who are difficult to find and we really need to get more young people into the industry
  20. 20. In general there is more desire for green in, on or around buildings Generally specified by architect or designer More at project conception so that it can be planned in A swing to purchase of plants and planters rather than rental (last 1-2 years) Re-emergence of larger installation project - Atria etc Architect and designer led on new builds and refurbs Maintenance budgeted for - purchase means keeping management costs lower Trend - more table top and cabinet top planting Green walls, green roofs and terraces more - support the on, in & around theory Huge focus on biodiversity Use of biophilic and biomimicry Increased interest in artificial - improved and moss Also a trend towards a more relaxed and homely feel i.e. more eclectic rather than corporate Seen to increase property value and to entice and retain key employees investing in wellness
  21. 21. Madeleine Sarah Heath + David Snell Mathew Ian Darren With thanks in particular to plants@work members: Urban Planters, Tivioli Services, Enterprise Plants, Indoor garden Design and Nature at Work + The Plantman