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Floating Indoor Garden Pendularis


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A presentation of the unique Pendularis hanging plants system

Published in: Design
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Floating Indoor Garden Pendularis

  1. 1. Michel Aebi, CreaplantAG EILO, London 2018
  2. 2. W h y P E N D U L A R I S D E S I g N M E E t S g R E E N diverse plant assortment modular system simple clear form Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden
  3. 3. W h o I S P E N D U L A R I S Pendularis AG, domiciled in Wädenswil (Switzerland), is a spin-off of the Institute of Natural Resources Sciences at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and was founded in mid-2017. Since then, Pendularis AG commercializes the indoor greening system named the same. Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden
  4. 4. o b j E c t 1 Entrance of SozialenDienste der Stadt Winterthur Planning ZHAW/IUNR Realization ZHAW/IUNR Year 2015 Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden
  5. 5. o b j E c t 2 Working Place of Spar- und LeihkasseFrutigen Planning JAGGI FREIBRÜGGER Architekten Realization Creaplant AG Year 2017 Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden
  6. 6. o b j E c t 3 Entrance of Pflegeheim Blumenfeld Planning Creaplant AG Realization Creaplant AG Year 2017 Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden
  7. 7. o b j E c t 4 Gartenbauschule Oeschberg Planning Creaplant AG Realization Creaplant AG Year 2017 Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden
  8. 8. U t I L I z A t I o N Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden The system is particularly suitable for living rooms, offices, and recreation spaces, the hotel, catering and health care sectors, educational institutions, trade fairs and exhibitions, and the retail industry. — Decorative element in theinterior — se as a partition wall, sound insulation or — acoustic element — With plant vegetation lights — Integration in office furniture
  9. 9. S y S t E M Materials Profile:Anodized Aluminium (recycled) Synthetic materials:ABS Weight Basic set with plants up to max. 8 kg (4 kgper steel cord) Weight capacity of the steel cords Max. 75kg Space between steelcord 1003 mm 75 1035 1003 67.5 Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden
  10. 10. c o S t U M I z A t I o N Pendularis can be produced according to your individual needs. — Modifications — Various colors (foliated orsprayed) — Special length possible in 100 mm sections — Extensions — LED-Light — Automatic irrigation — Corner elements Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden
  11. 11. S U S P E N S I o N Special Suspension Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden for curtain rails Comfort Suspension with height adjustment Standard Suspension Simple Suspension
  12. 12. E A S y Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden t o c A R E Suiting plant collections are selected based on aesthetic aspects as well as system requirements. The plants are singularly inserted through an intelligent plug-system and can be rearranged or replaced easily and cleanly at any time. Pendularis plants grow in Vulcaponic®.
  13. 13. P L A N t S R O y A L plants are slow growing epiphytes and succulents, mainly various species of Rhipsalis and Peperomia highly recommended forprojects R A P I D plants are a mixture from faster growing and colourful leaf plants like different Ferns or Begonias for consumer market Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden
  14. 14. I R R I g A t I o N Pump Supply line Supply container Aluminum shell Back drain Manual irrigation The window-viewer glass shows the water level. Water to be filled in via the opening or the plant recess. Water reserve lasts from 2 to4 weeks. Automatic irrigation Central supply container (size and design depend on location). A pump system transports the water in intervals to the end of the installation. Excesswater runs back through the shell into the supply container. 1.15l/m 0.75 l/m 0.35 l/m v1 Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden v2
  15. 15. M o S t P o P U L A R A P P L I c A t I o N S Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden
  16. 16. A W A R D S A N D L A b E L S Pendularis was recognized with the Red Dot Award for outstanding product design. Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden
  17. 17. f o R A R c h I t E c t S For planners the following formats are available — .dwg dynamic bloc. Height and row can be adjusted, with an intermediate piece — .fbx high resolution 3d-Data for a goodnumber of 3d programs — .max high resolution 3d-Data for Autodesk 3dStudio-Max — .3ds low resolution 3d-Data for Autodeskproducts — .dxf low resolution 3d-Data for Autodeskproducts Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden
  18. 18. D I S t R I b U t I o N Pendularis® products can now be viewed on Architonic, a high- profile international website dedicated to architects,designers and investors looking for the best products. Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden Option 1:direct to Pendularis partner Option 2: via Nieuwkoop De Kwakel Order directly to Pendularis AG Fixed delivery dates 3 weeks intervall Commissioned to yourproject Handling fee perorder
  19. 19. b E c o M E Pendularis® Floating Indoor Garden A P A R t N E R Training Day 2018 Thursday nov 7th or friday nov 8th at Nieuwkoop De Kwakel For more information ask Michel Aebi, Creaplant AG(
  20. 20. Pendularis is a new, innovative and exciting green product. It covers an aesthetic need that was previously lacking: a high quality and semi-transparent vertical green solution. There is no need for a back wall for the assembly. It is easy to maintain and we have received great feedback from customers and designers. SIGB JORN FURMYR Safari Planter AS,Aalesund(Norway)