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Stefan sagmeister

  1. 1. By Rebecca Hirschmueller
  2. 2.  Born on August 6, 1962 in Bregenz, Austria.  He is a New York-based graphic designer and typographer  He has his own design firm called Sagmeister & Walsh Inc. residing in New York
  3. 3. His design career started at the age of 15 with the magazine called Alphorn which he wrote articles but he found it more interesting to do the layout then right the write articles. Part of the Happy Show one of his many exhibits
  4. 4. He earned an M.F.A. at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in 1985, and received a Fulbright scholarship to study at Pratt Institute in New York.
  5. 5. During his student days in New York, Sagmeister had courted another design bad boy, Tibor Kalman, of M&Co. After follow Tibor around he was hire for five years in 1993. “Tibor Kalman was the single most influential person in my design-y life and my one and only design hero. Twenty-five years ago, as a student in NYC, I called him every week for half a year, and I got to know the M&Co receptionist really well. When he finally agreed to see me, it turned out I had a sketch in my portfolio rather similar in concept and execution to an idea M&Co was just working on. He rushed to show me the prototype out of fear I’d later say he stole it out of my portfolio. I was so flattered.” quoted Sagmeister.
  6. 6. After M&Co. disbanded, Sagmeister stated to specialize in CD design- Mick Jagger, Lou Reed, David Byrne and Jay-Z among them Rolling Stones David ByrneOK go
  7. 7. If I don’t ask I won’t get When MP3 come out CD cover become irrelevant to him and decided to go to take a break and left for Bali for a year. “True to form, he took the leap not knowing what the consequences might be. In return, he experienced one of those precious “aha” moments,” Steven Heller wrote in his article.
  8. 8. This is when his text-base art work was formed like “Worrying solves nothing,” “Low expectations are a good strategy,” “Everybody thinks they are right,” and “Trying to look good limits my life.”
  9. 9. Then in 2012, Jessica Walsh joined and created the new company called Sagmeister & Walsh. “Formerly an associate art director at Print magazine, Walsh had emailed Sagmeister, who is known for his generosity, to elicit feedback on her portfolio and career. After five minutes of flipping through her book he said, “When do you want to come work for me?” She quit her job at Print the next day.” quoted from Steven Heller’s article.
  10. 10. He affected the world of design with his individuality of being a bad boy. With outrages styles from big monkeys in the streets to writing all over his body and photographing himself naked. He has influenced others into being outrages. While just trying to please himself he has pleased other with his designs.
  11. 11. References balloons-and-green-bananas/