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The Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award


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The Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award recognizes a pharmaceutical executive or team who has "pioneered" in the use of social media for marketing, research, or corporate communications purposes. The award has been presented each year beginning in 2010. This presentation highlights the past winners and what they are doing now.

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The Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award

  1. 1. The Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award Recognizing a pharmaceutical executive or team who has "pioneered" in the use of social media for marketing, research, or corporate communications purposes. Pharmaguy © 2013 Pharmaguy™
  2. 2. 2 What’s With the Hawaiian Shirt? At ExL Pharma's 3rd Annual Digital Pharma "un" conference in October, 2009, Pharmaguy wanted to “stand out” from the crowd. So he wore a bright yellow & black Hawaiian shirt that was left over from his Hunter Thompson Halloween costume. It was appropriate considering all the “fear & loathing” that was in the air just before FDA’s pivotal November, 2009, public hearing on social media. The shirt has come to symbolize how pharma social media pioneers stand out from the crowd despite the drug industry’s “fear” and FDA’s “loathing” of social media. © 2013 Pharmaguy™
  3. 3. 3 Alex Butler Received 1st Award October 19, 2010 Alex Butler (@alex__butler), former Digital Strategy and Social Media Manager at Janssen, received the first Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award for Psoriasis 360 – the first (and only) pharma Facebook page that allowed comments without pre-moderation. © 2013 Pharmaguy™
  4. 4. 4 Butler on Moderation Alex tweeted: “moderation is about engagement, leading and responding to the community, not censorship. Negative comments r V[ery] valuable” “If you want to receive the benefits of SM engagement it has to be real, community moderate themselves in the end” “if a brand, company, person is that worried about comments in SM there is probably a deeper issue under the surface” © 2013 Pharmaguy™
  5. 5. 5 Janssen on Moderation March, 2011 In a statement published on the page‟s wall, the "Psoriasis 360 team" said "we have found ourselves removing a larger and larger proportion of posts, stifling worthwhile discussions." Janssen cited its inability to postmoderate posts made to the Psoriasis 360 wall, one-third of which "mention[ed] a specific drug by name, or talk[ed] about the efficacy of a particular treatment is (or its side effects).” © 2013 Pharmaguy™ The page was removed in August, 2011, presumably due to Face-book‟s new policy disallowing comments to be shut off.
  6. 6. 6 What Alex is Doing Today July 2013 View "The Healthcare revolution will not be televised” here: or Next… © 2013 Pharmaguy™
  7. 7. 7 Tony Jewell Received 2nd Award October 18, 2011 Tony Jewell (@tonyjewell), former Senior Director of External Communications at AstraZeneca US, received the second Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award for #rxsave – the first (and only) pharma sponsored Twitter chat. View the Video here: © 2013 Pharmaguy™
  8. 8. 8 First Live Pharma Twitter Chat February 16, 2011 AstraZeneca hosted a one-hour chat on Twitter to raise awareness about helping patients save money through prescription savings programs. Pharmaguy said, "This is quite gutsy of AZ considering that anyone can „join‟ the chat simply by posting a message containing the #rxsave hashtag. And anyone can and DID post messages about AZ drug side effects.” Although the most posts were made by people attempting to “hijack” the conversation and focus on the side effects of Seroquel, the conversation continued and was productive. AZ acknowledged these posts & offered to discuss the issues offline. © 2013 Pharmaguy™
  9. 9. 9 What Tony Is Doing Today August 2013 Tony started his own public relations firm and is kicking back, enjoying the Jersey Shore! © 2013 Pharmaguy™
  10. 10. 10 Sanofi US Diabetes Team Received 3rd Award October 17, 2012 PharmaGuy presented the Award to Dennis Urbaniak, VP, Joan Mikardos, Senior Director, and Laura Kolodjeski, Senior Manager, Patient Solutions, at Sanofi US Diabetes. Accepting the award on behalf of the winners -- who could not make it in person -- was Wendy Blackburn of Intouch Solutions. View the Video here: © 2013 Pharmaguy™
  11. 11. 11 Sanofi Diabetes FB Success This team deserved recognition because it didn't give up on social media even after a "disgruntled" patient caused Sanofi to shut down a Facebook page that did not have comments turned off. Urbaniak et al learned a lot from this experience and applied what they learned to the Sanofi Diabetes Facebook page. “Since we operate in a heavily regulated industry, we… must preview all messages.” “While some messages may not be posted, we are listening and encourage you to continue sharing.” “Likes” have grown from 522 in Jan 2011 to over 6,700 in June 2013. © 2013 Pharmaguy™
  12. 12. 12 Joan & Laura Give a Shout Out View the Video here: or Next… © 2013 Pharmaguy™
  13. 13. 13 Roche Digital Academy Team (Italy) Received 4th Award October 15, 2013 Pharmaguy presented the 4th Annual Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award to the Roche (Italy) Digital Academy Team and its leader Davide Bottalico, MD, Digital Marketing Manager. Denis Dina, Digital Strategic Planner at Roche, accepted the award on behalf of the team. Davide Bottalico, Team Leader (center) Gaetano Vancheri, Stefania Nicastro (left) Alessia Ferrario, and Denis Dina (right) © 2013 Pharmaguy™
  14. 14. 14 Denis Dina Accepts Award View the Video here: or Next… © 2013 Pharmaguy™
  15. 15. Contact Me If you can’t decode, hit the road! © 2013 Pharmaguy™