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Chapter newsletter for the Connecticut Usability Association

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Ct August 2009 Newsletter

  1. 1. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS AUGUST 16, 2009 www.ctupa.org NEWSLETTER Our August Meeting Innovative Expert Reviews How to use the VIMM model to Communicate Findings to Stakeholders Our next Chapter meeting will be held Wednesday evening, August 26th at Open Solutions in Glastonbury, CT. This is a discussion of how Expert Reviews can be an effective way to communicate usability findings to business or technical stakeholders. Often referred to as “discount usability testing”, Expert Reviews are a great way to analyze and report on the design state of a website or application. An evaluator assesses a site's or application's usability against a set of principles or best practice guidelines. Michael Rawlins will share how the VIMM model (analyzing from a Visual, Intellectual, Memory & Motor perspective) can be helpful in organizing the evaluators approach - as well as key when sharing the findings to stakeholder. Expect a lively discussion - as well as a few tangible reference examples as takeaways. Speaker: Michael Rawlins, Open Solutions State of the Chapter: 2009 President’s Report I am pleased to report that the thanks to the small team that make growth. These plans include taking chapter is thriving - we are growing, this all happen. the way we communicate to the having regular chapter meetings, Like most groups - it would be next level: and communicating effectively wonderful to have additional • new website through multiple channels. All of volunteers. If you’re interested - • upgraded newsletter this is the result of some hard contact a chapter officer. • meeting announcement system working and passionate volunteers - As we go into fall season - the We’ll keep you posted on our who continue to amaze me with chapter officers are planning more progress. their contributions. My sincere aggressive and exciting plans for - Michael Rawlins, President CT UPA http://www.ctupa.org PAGE 1
  2. 2. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS AUGUST 16, 2009 August Meeting location: Open Solutions, 455 Winding Brook Drive, Glastonbury, CT. As is our custom, light refreshments will be available at 6:30, and informal networking will ensue until the meeting commences at 7:00. http://www.opensolutions.com Recap: July Chapter Meeting airport). The eye tracking device tracks the exact movement of the tester's eyes, including how long their eye fixated on an object, what items were a Thank you to Mark Mento of SensorMotoric distraction, and of course - how long it took the Instruments (SMI) for an interesting and tester to locate the specified object. comprehensive presentation. One thing that really captured our attention was the diversity of Mark’s 2) Computer-mounted device - used to background, the fact that he started out with a capture a tester's eye movements on websites or biomedical engineering degree - and ended up software applications. This aids businesses in developing a company that utilizes the concept of determining what areas of their website or software eye tracking equipment used in laser surgery, for application might be confusing to users - based on software used to aid Advertising and Market how the tester's eyes reacted to things like Research firms in knowing what the average graphics, motion on the page, colors, fonts, etc... consumer will (or won't!) see. Or, it may indicate areas that distract the user from quickly seeing something that will capture their attention and potentially make a sale. Two types of eye tracking devices were featured: The great thing about both devices is that there are 1) Head-mounted device - Portable features that allow businesses to report on an device a tester wears while walking or driving in a individual tester's reactions or across many tester's designated area where advertisements or important reactions. There are built in reports with graphical signage have been placed. The tester is given capabilities, as well as ad-hoc reporting options. instructions to locate a certain sign (for example: The baggage claims sign for a given airline in an (continued on page 3) PAGE 2
  3. 3. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS AUGUST 16, 2009 The demonstration was fascinating and we learned that these devices are surprisingly, very reasonably priced, when you compare it to the cost of User gaze pattern advertising! If businesses followed this method of understanding their targeted market, I would be willing to bet their business would be more successful! - Trina Hare, Open Solutions Head Gear Device User Heatmap Analysis Desktop Eyetracking Device PAGE 3
  4. 4. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS AUGUST 16, 2009 TOOL TIPS: NAPKEE - A COMPANION TOOL FOR BALSAMIQ MOCKUPS The task of creating low fidelity mockups is At $79 for the desktop version, Napkee is very continuing to get easier. I recently stumbled upon an affordable (http://www.napkee.com). In my opinion, exciting tool that extends the capabilities of if used for just one functional specification or for one Balsamiq Mockups by enabling mockups to be client presentation the investment will is negligible. converted into HTML/CSS/JS and Adobe Flex 3 at a Napkee is a very well designed application - and click of a button. This tool opens up incredible has great potential. opportunities - because it provides the dimension of interactivity to the the initial simple mockup from Balsamiq. I think of it as the natural “step 2” in the - Michael Rawlins, President, CT UPA design process. Balsamiq Mockups: Notice the simple screen transformed into html by using Napkee Napkee: Features an intuitive user interface, and works on the PC, Mac and in Linux PAGE 4