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Ct Dec Newsletter

  1. 1. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS NOVEMBER 27, 2008 NEWSLETTER Our December Meeting Holiday Wishes... Packaging of the Usability Professional -- #om the Recruiter/ Seasons greetings to Headhunters Point of View everyone. I hope each of you have enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday -- and have a sense of excitement and anticipation for 2009. CT UPA has plans for an array of interesting events and programs in 2009. In addition to the relevant topic to be presented in December program -- we are lining up some compelling topics which we are confident will extend your professional credibility and inspire you to Miles Jennings excellence. We are looking for your participation. Please come to Matt Forbes the meetings, become a The next Chapter meeting will “unexpected,” and be ready to seek member and please volunteer be held the evening of December out and secure a new position if to help us grow. 11, 2008 at a location yet to be the need arises. - Michael Rawlins , President determined. To that end, we will welcome CT UPA It goes without saying that in Matthew Forbes, Managing these troubled economic times, no Director at Apex Systems Inc., company, and no individual and Miles Jennings, Managing position is rock solid and Director at Modis, Inc. to discuss recession proof. It is truly “Packaging of the Usability alarming to see positions being Professional – from the Recruiter/ eliminated in all industries on a Headhunter’s Point of View.” daily basis. Although possibly uncomfortable, it behooves all of us to be prepared for the PAGE 1
  2. 2. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS NOVEMBER 27, 2008 at the same time, most likely in the Upcoming Meetings month of January. Again, in the new spirit of openness I will come completely clean. This new policy Mad*Pow Design From the will greatly simplify and update our Treasurer: New Speaker: Josh Corringham somewhat fragmented bookkeeping Genius Design vs. User Centered Design Dues Policy system; a system currently SpeedReading People maintained on the back of a TGI As the new Speaker: Polly Maglio, VP Friday’s napkin. Chapter SpeedReading People Inc. Treasurer, I am racked by guilt and Far more important than dues have a confession to make. For the amount, or the method of collecting EyeTracking Demo past two years, dues and expenses dues, is how we plan to utilize an have never been an issue. What a Speaker: Jennifer Jennifer Knodler infusion of funds. As I hinted at dreadful statement for a treasurer to SensoMotoric Instruments, Inc. above, the officers are currently make! Plainly, I cannot anticipate brainstorming some new initiatives being asked to participate in Advanced Card Sorting and some unique programs and President-Elect Obama’s Council of Techniques opportunities that may require Economic Advisors (but if asked I Speaker: TBD financial resources greater than we would serve). have expended in the past. Now you The main reason for this happy state probably think I’m going to drop Topic TBD some teasers to whet your appetites, of affairs is, quite simply, that our Speaker: from Human Factors right? Nope. . . that will have to International past and present leadership is so resourceful, and so well-connected, wait until the next newsletter. that they have attracted several local Keep alert. An Email will be authorities in our “usability” disciplines at minimal expense. It’s winging itself to you shortly. If I don’t see you at the December nice to have influential friends. meeting have a wonderful and Indeed, it appears that our major joyous Holiday. Remember, dues budget item for the past two years will be requested in January and the has been pizza. By the way, if you way it is shaping up only 500 empty are one of our “lurker” members, soda can or beer bottle returns will and have not attended any of our programs, it really is worth coming be needed to cover your whole year. Get out there and start collecting. just for the pizza. But, I digress. Is this any way to run - Paul Linton, Treasurer CT UPA a Chapter? Actually, no. As the Chapter matures and we explore new program initiatives and creative ways to serve our membership, it is necessary that we become more fiscally responsible. Starting in January 2009 our dues will be raised to $5,000 per year per member. Just kidding; wanted to see if you were actually reading this. No, dues are not being raised, but a new dues policy is being put together by the officers right now and will be announce shortly. Going forward, dues will be assessed on a calendar year basis and all members will pay PAGE 2
  3. 3. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS NOVEMBER 27, 2008 members offered their opinions RECAP: OCTOBER on how to retain new talent in MEETING companies where User Despite stormy Centered Design is still in the weather the process of being fully October meeting understood and adopted as the of the CT UPA main driver for business held at Pitney success. Bowes’ Shelton campus was a big Read more on success. We had a - Charlie’s concept of Web 2.0, where usable design chance to hear from Charlie “Evolving Web” http:// should no longer be perceived Kreitzberg, the founding editor www.leadersintheknow as a tactical process, but as a of the UPA’s User Experience .biz/Portals/0/ core business competence. magazine, the brain behind Publications/The- Charlie drew on his several LUCID (the framework for Evolving-Web.pdf years of experience in user interaction design) and the - Anne’s thoughts on centered design and offered principal of Cognetics collaboration actionable advice on how to Corporation, a New Jersey web http:// overcome management design firm. In addition to www.leadersintheknow resistance by establishing a Charlie, we also heard from .com clear user experience ROI. Anne Paulker Kreitzberg, an - Charlie’s Web 2.0 expert on creative Tutorial http:// strategies for www.leadersintheknow corporate .biz/Portals/0/ collaboration, Publications/ performance Web-2andYou.pdf and change management - Aneta Ha$, Secretary CT UPA and a member of the faculty at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The latter part of the Both Charlie and Anne were discussion led to the topic of speaking informally, allowing young usability professionals for free-flowing discussion and and how they can develop or lots of questions from our improve a culture of user members. The main topic of centered design at companies the talk was the value of user they work for. Several centered design in the era of PAGE 3