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Connecticut Chapter of the Usability Professionals Association

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Ct Mar 2009 Newsletter

  1. 1. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS! MARCH 22, 2009 www.ctupa.org NEWSLETTER Our March Meeting The 2009 Drive for Mad*Pow is one of America’s premiere user experience firms... Members Continues! As 2009 continues, CT UPA will continue to provide more and Amy Cueva, more quality programs to our Co!founder and members. Our membership Chief Experiencquot; numbers are up quot; even in this tight economy. We are dedicated to O#cer of provide our growing community of Mad*Pow i$ usability professionals with Portsmouth, opportunities to network, present and share ideas, and learn from our New Hampshire. diverse professional network. Our PayPal account is an easy way to remit your 2009 dues quot; %25.00 Our next Chapter meeting will customer needs, and technology &%10.00 for students'. You can also be held Thursday evening, March 26, requirements. She is the secretary send your dues snailquot;mail to 2009 at the Hartford. A map to the and one of the charter members of ctusability@gmail.com. Hartford's Asylum Street location is the NH UPA, is speaking at UPA If you are not familiar with provided below for your convenience. 2009, and was selected as one of PayPal, please note you don’t even Mass High Tech’s Women to Watch Our guest speaker for this need a PayPal account to use their in 2009. meeting will be Amy Cueva, Coquot; service. You can still pay your dues founder and Chief Experience Amy will touch upon a number right from the PayPal web site by O#cer of Mad*Pow in Portsmouth, of topics including, Turning Your using your Visa, Master Card, New Hampshire. Mad*Pow is an Customer Experience into a Discover or American Express. Be experience design agency that Competitive Di$erentiator, Social assured that the transaction is specializes in developing intuitive Media for Corporate Websites: secure quot; PayPal has a spotless user experiences for internal systems, Valuable or a Waste of Time? and reputation for protecting customer customer facing applications, Bridging the Gap from Useful and data and employing the very marketing sites, ecommerce sites and Usable to Visually Appealing. With a strongest encryption and data interactive media. lively Question & Answer session, transmission technology. there should truly be something for Amy partners with clients like ! Michael Rawlins everybody here. This promises to be Google, Aetna, Fidelity, and Monster President, CT UPA one of our liveliest and most to create strong crossquot;channel digital michael.rawlins@gmail.com engaging discussions ever! strategies, first class user experiences, and streamlined internal ! Paul Linton processes. She built Mad*Pow's userquot; Treasurer, CT UPA centered design methodology as the paul.linton@pb.com vehicle to synergize business goals, http://www.ctupa.org ! PAGE 1
  2. 2. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS! MARCH 22, 2009 March Meeting location: The Hartford, As is our custom, light refreshments will be available at 6:30, and informal networking will ensue until the meeting commences at 7:00. http://www.thehartford.com/ Important: When you arrive please indicate to the guard that you are attending the CT UPA meeting. He/she will direct you to park in the Ramp Garage and to the Tower building entrance. The meeting will be held in the Tower Building, Atrium Conference Room. A Hartford employee will be waiting for people at the door to direct you. A Great February Meeting... Ride Share Program In 2009, we are going to be reaching out to our growing membership for more http://www.speedreadingpeople.com/ participation. One thought is to “ride share” to our monthly The February meeting was extremely meetings. It is a great way to enlightening. Polly Maglio of SpeedReading meet fellow usability People captivated the room quot; providing new professionals quot;quot; and cut down insights in recognizing personality types and on the expense of traveling to responding to individual temperaments. a chapter meeting. These skillquot;sets are directly applicable to If you are interested in our usability practices and critical to learning more about the understanding to better connect with our program quot;quot; please send me a sta$s, peers, and funding stakeholders. note, or introduce yourself to In addition to providing a set of very useful me at the next meeting. job aids quot; Polly ra(ed o$ a few books ! Herb Wexler, &example: The Art of SpeedReading People'. Vice President CT UPA Thank you Polly for a wonderful evening. herbwexler@optonline.ne% ! Michael Rawlins ! PAGE 2
  3. 3. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS! MARCH 22, 2009 TOOL TIPS... Have you heard of Twitter? Interested in talking usability on Twitter? With over 4 million unique visitors a month There are several usability and user experience Twitter is experiencing phenomenal growth &5) daily professionals and organizations on twitter interested growth' and is quickly becoming the hottest in hearing from you. technology in Silicon Valley. What is Twitter? Boston UPA chapter http://www.twitter.com/upaboston Think of it as an instant messaging tool where Adaptive Path http://twitter.com/AdaptivePath your 1quot;toquot;1 messages are made available to the public. Jared M. Spool http://twitter.com/jmspool It is a web service where anybody can post short Dan Sa$er http://twitter.com/odannyboy messages &140 character or less' and describe what Je$rey Veen http://twitter.com/veen they are doing/interested in. Users follow other users' posts and engage into conversations by replying to posts. Various topics are discussed including work Twitter do's and don'ts projects, politics, business deals, news items and … user experience design and usability issues. There are no written rules or Twitter etiquette, Is Twitter right for You? but I found the following guidelines helpful. Twitter is definitely not for everybody. I love opening it every morning to see what the rest of the world is up to and keep glancing at it throughout the o Listen first, tweet second day. However, it does take a good 30 minutes of my o Engage in conversation day to stay connected, to follow the conversation and o Add value with compelling content to chime in from time to time. Is that time well spent? It absolutely is for me. As a result of Twitter r o Help out whenever you can I have access to latest research finding from o Be honest and transparent Forrester, Gartner and other major research firms, I o Respect your followers &don't spam them can ask for help if I have a question, I can exchange ideas with true leaders in my industry and get upquot;toquot; ! with tweets of little value aka: I am ! getting co$ee' the minute breaking news from local and national news networks. Here is the list of common usages o Build relationships for Twitter: o Respect others privacy o Selfquot;expression o Be authentic o staying in touch o Don’t exist as another version of corporate o getting noticed, sharing ideas ! promotion. Be a person. o building a network of likequot;minded individuals o Don’t spam, advertise or sell o business networking o Don’t share sensitive info. o polling others quickly for information o Venting &there are a lot of brands on Twitter ! that are listening in and ready to help' Continued on page 4 ! PAGE 3
  4. 4. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS! MARCH 22, 2009 How do I get started with Twitter? b. Twitter Email Alerts 1. Set up an account by going www.Tweetbeep.com is the to www.twitter.com. Google Alerts for Twitter. It allows Remember to add your photo you to monitor conversations that and a onequot;line bio. Don't click mention you, your brand, related the box that says quot;Protect my or competitive products, as well as updatesquot; which means other links to your website or blog, even people will not be able to if they use a shortened URL, such follow you or see your updates as www.tinyurl.com. You're alerted without your permission as your keywords appear, reducing &defeats the purpose of having Call for Volunteers the need to manually search for a Twitter account' them. We are seeking members to help coordinate the monthly 2. Find twitter accounts to Other Twitter Resources meetings. follow and build your network Twitter Goes Mainstream from Check out www.Twellow.com, WSJ http://online.wsj.com/article/ We are also looking for a service of WebProNews to SB122461906719455335.html volunteers to present at find people who matter to upcoming Chapter meetings your business or industry. as well as write newsletter Another similar directory Twitter for Newbies from Barbara articles. service is www.wefollow.com Gibson &IABC Chair' http:// barbgibson.x.iabc.com/2008/11/22/ If you are interested, please 3. Start by listening rather than twitterquot;tipsquot;forquot;newbies/ send a note to any of the jumping into the conversation Chapter O#cers. first. Twitter 101 from Dave Fleet http://davefleet.com/2008/10/ 4. Install a desktop application practicalquot;101squot;gettingquot;startedquot; withquot;twitter/ to help you manage tweets &I use www.TweetDeck.com' and a mobile phone application &such as by Aneta Hall TwitterBerry http:// &www.twitter.com/anetah ' orangatame.com/products/ twitterberry/ for Blackberries' Not ready to jump in yet? a. Twitter Search There is a Twitter search http://search.twitter.com where you can access and monitor certain keywords of interest to you without setting up your Twitter account. ! PAGE 4