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Author illustrator slideshare


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Join a nationally award winning Author-Illustrator of children's picture books as she shares how to set up a successful school (or library) visit. Look through the scrapbook of extension ideas to brainstorm possibilities for extension ideas in response to her work.

Published in: Education
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Author illustrator slideshare

  1. 1. Search for an author-illustrator with a body of work that supports student response.
  2. 2. Search for an Author who will engage your students. Harlingen, Texas
  3. 3. Check to see if the artist is able to bring original art to share with your students.OH CO OH NYC AZFL
  4. 4. Ask if students will be able to compare original Art to printed books! FloridaIllinoisLibrary US Army Base Head Start Vicenza, Italy Ohio Library
  5. 5. Do you need an author to work with multiple age levels? Ask! Response to: “You’re Wonderful” Head Start Program Cleveland, OH
  6. 6. Does the author adapt to different ages of students within the same visit? Verify! Lincoln Elementary Bryan, OH
  7. 7. Consider gettingyour public library involved!
  8. 8. Does the author offer continuing education? Consider a longer-term ‘residency’ --a great way to involve the whole community!
  9. 9. Once you’ve selected your author,the next step is preparing your students. Friendswood, TX
  10. 10. Explore the artist’s work with your students.Discuss design elements of their illustrations. “You’re Wonderful by Debbie Clement Illustrations Created from Fabric as Small Quilts
  11. 11. Direct students to create their own response.
  12. 12. Group student projects together to create acommunity response to the author’s work.
  13. 13. “You’re Wonderful”Bulletin Board Response Westerville, OH
  14. 14. Study author’s non-fiction work and respond. “Tall Giraffe”
  15. 15. Create a bulletin board of student work: Make your author smile! “Tall Giraffe” Kindergarten Art Work Westerville, OH
  16. 16. “Tall Giraffe Response” Florida Preschool
  17. 17. “Tall Giraffe” Bulletin Board Children’s Hospital Columbus, OH
  18. 18. “TALLGIRAFFE”Kindergarten Westerville, OHWesterville, OH
  19. 19. Kindergarten Response Nashville, TN
  20. 20. “Tall Giraffe” Paper Collages Central Indiana3 Day Residency
  21. 21. “Tall Giraffe” by Debbie Clement Venice, Florida Elementary Student Paintings
  22. 22. Consider your state’s ‘standards’ in your author response. “Red, White and Blue” Quilted Illustrations
  23. 23. Consider using your author’s work as the basis for ‘Project Based Learning.’ Hilliard, OH Kindergarten Project Based Learning Hilliard, OH
  24. 24. Westerville Ohio
  25. 25. Westerville, OH
  26. 26. First GradeSouthern Door County Elementary Wisconsin
  27. 27. Southern Door County Wisconsin
  28. 28. Engage students early!Dixon, IL
  29. 29. Impress your author with a HUGE response! Kindergarten response to “Red, White + Blue” Dixon, IL
  30. 30. Tell the community what’s happening!
  31. 31. Design a “welcome”for your author….One that engages your whole community before hand!*Build excitement ahead of the visit.
  32. 32. Personalize your author’s welcome! Nashville, TN
  33. 33. Make your Compliment “WELCOME”age appropriate. the author’s projects. Chicago, IL
  34. 34. Rainbow WelcomeNY
  35. 35. WELCOME with Arts Integration Clyde, OH
  36. 36. Welcome Debbie Clement Rainbows Within Reach Florida
  37. 37. Create a “Morning Message” on the BIG day! Lights….. Camera….. Action!
  38. 38. ENJOY the SHOW!
  39. 39. Nashville
  40. 40. PhoenixTampa Weston, FLClyde, OH
  41. 41. Get your camera ready! Document!Montgomery, TX Powell, OH “Read Across America” PA Florida Head Start
  42. 42. GROUP HUGS! Mission Celebrate accomplished the enthusiasm!
  43. 43. Consider parting gifts made from the heart. Thank You Gifts From Weston, FL Kindergarten
  44. 44. Send thank you letters + feedback.
  45. 45. Continue reflection after your visit with student journal writing.
  46. 46. Send Thank You Notes
  47. 47. Know that introducing students to ‘real’ authorsmakes a lasting impression, one that makes a difference!
  48. 48. Email me directly!National Keynote Dallas Debbie Clement blogs at: Rainbows Within Reach Debbie is editor-in-chief of: PreK+K SharingDebbie’s books + CDs are available at:
  49. 49. I’m giving theOPENINGKEYNOTE!