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2012 Open House


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2012 Open House

  1. 1. • Find your child’s seat• Introduce yourself to other parents• Write a note on your child’s pillow• Read the open house packet• Check out the iPad applications
  2. 2. Mrs. Connolly sconnolly@delmarpines.comMrs. Murphy Office Hours M W TH F 8:15-8:30 a.m. Or by Appointment KINDERGARTEN WEBSITE DEL MAR PINES
  3. 3. • Be on time• Line up for bell• Quick hug & kiss• Unpack• Journal time
  4. 4. Calendar, days of week, months of the yearCounting school days, place value, 100’s chartPatterns, graphing, telling time, moneySeasons, holidays, weather changesReading books, Illustrations, poetry, singing songsRestroom, running, stretching
  5. 5. Small group instruction• Saxon Phonics & Wilson Fundations: Phonemic awareness, phonics and decoding, handwriting• SRA and Scott Foresman Decoding, reading, fluency, expression, comprehensionIndependent work to practice skills learnedVisualizing and VerbalizingiPads read a story, phonics, rhyming, writing storiesBig book Illustrations
  6. 6. Healthy small snackMaking friends,getting along withothers, play soccer,climb, use sand area,four square with balls,jump ropes, use thehula hoops.
  7. 7. Houghton Mifflin California Math• Hands on activities and iPads• Sort, classify and positions• Shapes, patterns and graphs• Numbers through 30• Comparing sets• Addition and subtraction• Time, measurement and calendar• Geometry
  8. 8. Healthy lunch &drink that doesn’tleak. Ki’s24 hours prior
  9. 9. Chapter booksImaginationVisualizationListeningComprehension: retelling, predicting,main idea, plot, setting, characters
  10. 10. ArtMathReadingBuilding
  11. 11. Scott Foresman• Getting along with others• Symbols in our world• City, state, country, world• Calendars in our world• Times past and present
  12. 12. MF Spanish: Liza HuetM Art: Tonya RobinsonM TH P.E: Ray FauschTH Music: Mona GoetschF Tech: Veronica ScottF Library: Laura Murphy
  13. 13. Macmillan/McGraw-Hill• Life: plants & animals• Earth: earth & weather• Physical: matter & water
  14. 14. Early dismissal check in office Carpool Line 3 minute zoneCall if someone else is picking up Park North of school
  15. 15. Positive DisciplineProblem SolversClip ChartHelper of the dayFantastic FridayFlag Salute
  16. 16. Yearbook PhotographerMonthly Birthday PartiesHalloween CarnivalFall & Spring Field TripThanksgiving FeastHolidays Around the WorldMusical Cast PartyValentine’s PartyAuthor’s PartyEnd of Year PicnicGraduation
  17. 17. Ashley Danica & Emily Griffin DavidAshlyn Drew Jacob Samy & CamdenAvery Chloe Kieran Kyle & DavidCharlie Miles Kourosh ScottChiara Bella Leah KateDeclan Mario & Josh Lucas BennettElla Keona Mandy SamEmma Alex Mateo KaanGiada Ava Shyla SofiaGriff H Ted
  18. 18. • Sign up for your child’s Super Kid poster• Poster will display from Monday-Friday• Decorate with pictures, drawings, awards• Your child will share it in front of the class
  19. 19. Lands’ End Website & school colors for shoes
  20. 20. We feel honored to be chosen as your child’s teachers.Please contact us anytime you have a question, concern, or success you would like to share about your child.