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See And Do


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Published in: Travel, Business
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See And Do

  1. 1. See and Do's for Visitors
  2. 2. Hello my name is Rafael ( / skype: rafael.michalczuk )! I´am the Ambassador Program Manager.  I am here to show you all tricks and tips around being an Ambassador. I want to learn from and with you!
  3. 4. The "See and do" is one of the most important categories for a traveler. He or she will always look for places, must do's in your location of Ambassadorship! So please share here your best recommendations!
  4. 5. Just click "Share a recommendation" or the "Contribute"-button. There will push up a menu, where you can add your new location first. Remember to add a place BEFORE you write the article. To do this, just click 'New place'.
  5. 6. There will push up a menu, where are displayed all categories. Add the new location of course under "See and do" and choose the proper subcategory, as example "Museum s ". Make sure that it really fits the best.   After clicked "Add" there will push up th e next screen, with fields to be filled out. Do research and add so many information as possible. The travelers will be grateful! 
  6. 7.   Include the information that a stranger needs most: full adress and o pen h ours are two examples.
  7. 9.   Always remember to affirm after editing an article if you have written it yourself of based it on Wikipedia! In case you have written it yourself just match the box "I have written this myself (it's my original work)".    If you have used Wikipedia as basis for your article - assign "I have copied this from another website ”. Afterwards copy in please whole the link of the Wikipedia-article, you have used for your own contribution and then save it. There is a special box! For you as local expert it shouldn´t be so hard to find and write about the top 5 sights of your location. But you can also use legally Wikipedia content for this part. has joined a license, which allows us to "copy and paste" articles. Let us go for "Hong Kong" as example.
  8. 10.   Go to http:// . Fill in as keywords for the search: "Hong Kong attractions". The search engine will lead you to this page:         Let us choose the "Tian Tan Buddha": http:// It is great stuff. C lick on it, there are available photos, description, history.   
  9. 11. A bit shorten here and make up there and we get, what Grant our professional travel guide writer has done on Wikipedia basis. You can look it up under