ING Direct Case Study


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ING Direct is a different kind of bank. It doesn't have bricks and mortar branches, so it is no surprise that they were quick to embrace social media as a way to listen and engage with their customers. ING Direct used the social web to gain important customer feedback on a new offering, and to learn more about what their customers need from their bank. Check out this case study to discover the details.

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ING Direct Case Study

  1. 1. Case Study / ING DIRECTTHRiVE Chequing Account makes a big impressionThe Challenge But ING DIRECT doesn’t stop asking for feedback. “The feedback from our clients helps drive ourING DIRECT is a different kind of bank. It doesn’t promotions and lets us better understand what ourhave bricks and mortar bank branches, so ING clients want and need from their bank,” says GloriaDIRECT is very comfortable interacting with its Chik, Social Media Lead at ING DIRECT Canada.customers online and by telephone. Another key to ING DIRECT’s approach isIt’s no surprise that social media was an ensuring they have the infrastructure to supportimportant focus for this innovative financial it. This includes human and technical resourcesservices company. In fact, ING DIRECT has needed to listen and engage as the scopebeen at the forefront of social media usage in and scale of the conversation increases. Theythe financial services industry since 2007. Today, are always prepared to meet expectations ofthe company speaks to customers and potential timeliness and responsiveness.customers across a number of social webchannels. ING DIRECT’s biggest social media The Resultschallenge was being seen as more than “just abank”. They strive to be transparent and genuine The THRiVE Chequing product has become ain their communications. This approach has major success for ING DIRECT. Since Augustbeen key to building a vibrant community of ING 2011, the campaign has attracted over 40,000DIRECT “Savers”. active THRiVE-ers and that number just keeps growing. The campaign has had over 5 millionThe Approach impressions on social media sites and over 100 million traditional media impressions. Blog postsTHRiVE Chequing is an online no-fee daily covering the THRiVE Chequing public launchchequing account that actually pays interest. were read 53,000 times and #THRiVETASTIC wasOver 22,000 ING DIRECT clients took part in the mentioned online to an audience of over 3.6 millionproduct’s preview, with their feedback directly users.influencing the final offering. In addition to thebank’s website, they gathered customer insights With numbers like this, it is easy to see that INGdirectly through Facebook and Twitter. ING DIRECT has found the right channels to reachDIRECT believes strongly in asking for feedback, their customers. And with the THRiVE Chequingwhich is a great, proactive way to get or keep campaigns success fresh in their minds, INGthe conversation going. This method gathered DIRECT looks to the future with plans to continuemany valuable suggestions for THRiVE Chequing, this momentum with other projects.including increasing the number of free chequesand increasing the number of bill payees.www.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672 3426) Copyright © 2012 Salesforce Radian6