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THRiVE: A product built by the Savers, for Savers

Published in: Business
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  1. 1. ING DIRECT – THRiVEtastic!
  2. 2. Who are we online?
  3. 3. We launched the THRiVE Chequing Account
  4. 4. Made for Savers, by Savers
  5. 5. Crowd‐sourced product development
  6. 6. Take it toTake it to(it’s not a suggestion box)
  7. 7. Ask for  Ask forFeedback
  8. 8. Take the time to Take the time to acknowledge  ackno ledge feedback f db k (all of it)
  9. 9. Don’t get  g defensive(or take it personally)
  10. 10. Be transparent Be transparent(both the good and the bad)
  11. 11. Be proactive Be proactive (not just reactive) (not just reactive)
  12. 12. Have the  H hinfrastructure to  support it
  13. 13. Was it a success?
  14. 14. Leverage your army. They’ll build it better than you can.
  15. 15. Questions?