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Laws 5 10-11

  1. 1. #5 Law of Addition Leaders Add Value by Serving Others  The bottom line in leadership isn’t how far we advance ourselves but how far we21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership advance _____________.  The interaction between every leader and follower is a relationship and all relationships either add to or subtract from a person’s life. If you are a leader, and trust me you are; you are having an impact on people you lead.  The critical question is: Are you make things better for the people who follow you? Facts about the Law of Addition 1. If you can’t give some ___________________ of making things better for your people, then you are probably a subtractor. 2. 90% of all people who subtract do so unintentionally. 3. When a leader subtracts and doesn’t change his ways, he goes from subtracting to ___________________________. 4. In contrast 90% of all people who add value do so intentionally. Why? Because humans are naturally selfish. Selfishly, adding value requires leaders to be on purpose. 5. Add enough value to enough people and your efforts ______________________. Benefits of adding value, serving others: 1. It benefits those being served. 2. Serving is fulfilling 3. It allows us to lead with the right _________________. 4. Serving develops a leadership ___________ and a leadership ________________. You don’t need a title to serve.
  2. 2. Living the Law of Addition 1. Add value by __________________________ others.21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership 2. We add value when we make ______________________ more valuable. 3. We add value to others when we _______________ and ___________ to what others value. 4. We add value to others when we do the things ____________ values. Say aloud: The more influence I have, the greater my impact on others – for better or worse. I want to add value and not take it away. Ask yourself the following: 1. How and when are you a servant leader? 2. When do you get impatient and/or resentful? 3. Are there tasks beneath your dignity/position? 4. Make it a practice to perform small acts of service without seeking credit. 5. What do the people closest to you value?
  3. 3. 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership # 10 Law of Connection Leaders Touch a Heart Before They Ask For a Hand For leaders to be effective, they need to connect with people. You can’t move people to action unless you first move them with emotion. You first have to touch people’s heart before you ask them for a hand. All great leaders and communicators recognize this truth and act on it almost instinctively. How do we live the Law of Connection? 1. First, connect with ______________________________ You must know who you are, where you want to lead and have confidence in yourself, if you desire to connect with others. 2. ____________________ with openness and sincerity Choose candor and caring as tools to keep you balanced. Authenticity is a trait people are looking for. 3. Know your ________________________ 4. _______________ your message 5. Go to where they ___________________ Physical, language, background, culture, education, etc. 6. _______________ on them, not you 7. _______________ in them 8. Offer ___________________ and _____________. When we offer sincere and genuine hope we touch hearts and when we touch hearts, we connect.
  4. 4. #11 Law of the Inner Circle21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership A Leader’s Potential Is Determined by Those Closest to Him/Her  Leaders do not succeed alone. Nobody does anything great alone. Living the Law of the Inner Circle Be strategic in creating your inner circle. Create your inner circle with the following guidelines: 1. Do they have ____________________________________ with others? 2. Do they bring a ___________________________________ to the table? 3. Do they hold a ____________________________________ in your organization? 4. Do they _______________________ to you and to the organization? 5. Do they _______________________ other inner circle members? Always recruit with these traits in mind:  _________________________  _________________________  _________________________
  5. 5. 1. Never stop ________________________ your inner circle Everyone around you needs to be on a ______________________________________.21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership If you have an inner circle member who is not improving for the sake of you, your inner circle, and for your entire team; make a change. 2. __________________________ to be an inner circle member for someone else. Ask/Reflect on: 1. Make a list of your inner circle or circles. 2. What are you doing to develop them? 3. What are you doing to either be prepared to be in someone else’s inner circle, or a better member if you already are in one?