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The Necessary information for (Rova Healthcare Management Executives)

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  1. 1. Executive Education R O V A C O L L E G E OF HEALTHCARE EXECUTIVES Cola lev go e R H s e e a vi l t th uc ca er xe E Corporate Profile & Activities 14b, Thaba Tseka Street, Off Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja, Nigeria. Tel: 08053621816, 08136335182 E-mail:
  2. 2. Rova College of Healthcare Executives curriculum is research - based and uniquely designed to equip participants with knowledge and skills needed to lead manage and ensure organizational sustainability to improve quality health outcomes. Issues & Concerns Quality Health Outcomes PERSONAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP Personal Development Negotiation Managing Care and the relationship of players HEALTHCARE ECONOMICS Clinical and Service integration The Business environment of care Policy issuesInnovation and Creativity STRATEGY Impact decision makingOperations and system design Quality and process improvement FINANCING Resource process priorities Sustainiability Team Dynamics Execution Creative Solution Integrated learning solution tailored to the needs of the healthcare sector. Curriculum Tracks
  3. 3. At the instance of the Healthcare System , our healthcare reform program will identify the challenges/changing needs of the client and link them with the best management content to create the Rova healthcare Reform Program and achieve outstanding performance. ASSESS WE BEGIN WITH AN ASSESSMENT. By clarifying your objectives, we design a program to meet your goals. BUILD We map competencies against needs, select content, and work with the healthcare organization to adjust the plan as needed. DELIVER We roll out the healthcare organization program and market it internally MEASURE By regularly monitoring your program’s effectiveness, we can ensure that your stated goals are fulfilled. Measurement of success becomes crucial to turning your corporate needs. Rova Solution Program Education and Training programs are powerful for transferring knowledge, but for maximum effectiveness they must be linked explicitly to implementation. New ideas cannot by themselves create change ...the knowledge must be applied to the organization’s activities. knowledge must be translated into new ways of behaving. knowledge must be translated into improved results and outcomes. ... Linking Training and Implementation. Moving from Cognitive through Internalizing new insights to Results Customized Health Care Reform Program Rova Healthcare Reform Program
  4. 4. Rova College of Healthcare Executives is a leading provider of integrated executive and advanced learning opportunities that strengthen the leadership and management capacity of both individuals and their organizations in the healthcare sector. Our Healthcare Reform Program encourage Healthcare organizations to think and look carefully at what they have done, what could have been done and what must be done moving forward. Working collaboratively, we implement rapid proven sustainable solutions across the healthcare system for operational excellence and strategic coherence. The leadership of the healthcare system is encouraged to rethink the basic assumptions about healthcare delivery, leadership style and chart a new bold path to reconstructing healthcare strategic boundaries. Our top priority is developing leaders and managers that would drive innovation, drop out dated approaches and engage with a new generation of medical employees, partners and clients to improve health outcomes. The new frontiers of medicine ‘management and systems’ Since 2003 Rova College of Healthcare Executives has been offering consultancy services and training in all aspects of healthcare reform, leadership, management, clinical governance, patient safety, strategic thinking, service delivery and continuous quality improvement programs through ‘on location’ training, workshops seminars and retreats. About us Cola lev go e R H s e e a vi l tth uc ca er xe E
  5. 5. Program Philosophy HealthCareDeliveryisnot ‘PLUGANDPLAY’. Itisacomplexsystemthatrequire managementcompetenciestoorganize human andtechnologicalresources Modern healthcare delivery use management strategies to develop superior competencies, address high cost, frequent errors and poor facility utilization. Redefining Strategy & Expanding Your Sphere Healthcare professionals in management position must serve and represent both clinical and management interest. THE PREMISES UNDERLYING THE FORMATION OF OUR HEALTH CARE PROGRAMMES lThe healthcare system is a dynamic complex organization. lThe competencies to lead and manage in the healthcare sector differ from those of other industries and that needed to be an effective clinician, scientist or administrator. lWithout good management, complex organizations like healthcare tend to be chaotic in ways that threatened their very existence. Management brings order and consistency to key dimensions like quality.
  6. 6. Faculty & Advisors Rova College of Healthcare Executives is guided by a faculty of thinkers that engage and transmit knowledge, cultivate passion and offer differentiating practices. The faculty and advisors are renowned academicians with capacity to convert metaphor into new challenging perspectives. The team also include business icons with experience and charisma to share stories and instill best practices. The demand for accountabilit Moving beyond the fundamenta Prof. Rowland Ndoma-Egba Dr. Ibrahim Wada Dr. Kenneth Korve Barr. (Pharm) Charles Okei Dr. Mrs. Maria Okocha Mrs. Tinuke Obikoya Dr. Emmanuel Abolo (jnr). Mr Fidel Anyanna Mrs. Kemi Lawanson Mr. Emmanuel Abolo - Dean-Executive Education Operational Excellence & Strategic Coherence The core team include:
  7. 7. Every program is a transformational experience, designed to shape powerful ideas into competitive solutions and to think and manage differently in a fast changing world of healthcare. Program Dynamics A new and enhanced e x p e r i e n c e P r o b l e m b a s e d l e a r n i n g . Recognizing that adult learners have different preferred style of learning, the teaching methods include lectures, case studies and interactive sessions. This learning analogue force participants to challenge conventional thinking and identify the issues relevant to their own situation. It produces a rich pool of knowledge and allows participants to share their professional experiences Interactive Case studies * Class room exercises * Small group discussions * Exposure to the latest healthcare management research. * Capstone Projects
  8. 8. Rova College of Healthcare Executive create platforms for value creation and developmental corporation in the healthcare system of emerging economies through hospital to hospital executive visitors’ program with hospitals in developed economies. Hospital to Hospitals Executive Visitors’ Program Leading is all about emotional intelligence. It's about impacting others, reaching out and harnessing the best of organizational talent. Emotional intelligence is so steeped with importance that, in my view, it's hard to be a great leader without it. James K. Stoller, MD, MS Chairman, Education Institute Cleveland Clinic Expanding the boundaries of quality Medicine is in for a radical change.
  9. 9. Corporate Reference Federal Ministry of Health National Primary Healthcare Development Agency National Health Insurance Scheme Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Healthcare Providers Association of Nigeria Health and Human Services-FCTA National Association of Nurses and Midwifes Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria
  10. 10. Dean- ExecutiveEducation, RovaCollegeofHealthcareExecutives. Editor- in-Chief, HealthcareManagementReview PatientExperience ClinicalGovernanceandPatientSafety Emmanuel C. Abolo. Emmanuel C. Abolo. DisruptiveinnovationsinHealth Care He has over 20 years experience in: Health Care Systems Reform Managing care and the relationship of players HealthcareSystems and Operations analysis, redesign and evaluation Continuousqualityimprovement Developingbusinesstoolsforhealthcareand hospital operations Hospital Resources and Facility Management Abackgroundinclinicalpharmacy, capitalmarketoperations/investmentanalystand complexitysciencemanagement. Attendedvariousgraduateandexecutiveprograms at Lagos Business School (AMP), American College of Health Care Executives, MHCD atHarvardBusinessSchool, GlobalHealthattheUniversityofCaliforniaBerkley (SchoolofpublicHealth)andBarcelonaGraduateschoolofeconomics. PatientexperienceatClevelandclinicacademy, ClevelandOhio.