Mr. Mike Park's presentation at QITCOM 2011


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Ten Ways to Make Your Website Accessible

Mike Park - IT Accessibility Specialist, MADA

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Mr. Mike Park's presentation at QITCOM 2011

  1. 1. Mada QATC, presenter; Mike Park<br />
  2. 2. Top Ten ways to make your Website Accessible<br />1. The website must be operable with a keyboard for people who cannot use a mouse.<br />2. All non-text content must have a text equivalent and make sure linked documents are accessible.<br />3. All content and user interfaces must be in a logical reading order.<br />4. Website layout, navigation, content and function must always be consistent.<br />5. Website formatting structureis used appropriately.<br />6. Identify information and relationship between content and structure.<br />7. Use scalable sizing and positioning of Text and Visual layout.<br />8. Color should be used appropriatelywith high visual contrast and not used alone to convey a meaning, prompt an action or response.<br />9. Use CSS web technology for layoutand avoid using tables.<br />10. Use simple language, meaningful link phrases and identify foreign languagesthrough web programming.<br />
  3. 3. Mada Contact<br />Mike Park,IT Accessibility SpecialistMada, Qatar Assistive Technology CenterAccessibility Services / TrainingAddress: 7th floor, Al Nasr Tower B, Al Corniche RoadPO Box 24230, Doha, QatarOffice: +974 4459 4063<br /><br />