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Purple bureau presentation slideshare


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Purple Bureau is a “Communication & HR mobile application” for IOS and Android operating systems.
The application has a main aim to turn the employee work experience more exciting and enjoyable.
This is achieved by empowering the employee and help him facilitating the HR process, communications, engagement, & contributes to the reduction of turnover.
The application has many features like :
1. Employees Listing
2. Vacations requesting and management
3. Salary
4. Serious Gaming
5. Notifications
6. Mobile attendance signature
7. Chatting area
8. Shared Calendar
9. To do List
10. Sales force tracking

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Purple bureau presentation slideshare

  1. 1. Communication & HR Mobile SaaS Solution
  2. 2. What is Purple Bureau? It’s HR communication app that gives you several features that will help your employees communicate better and will speed your HR work process Simply..Your company at your Mobile!
  3. 3. Here is some of the things that you can do using our New App
  4. 4. Boost your employees productivity. Notify them with updates, meetings & announcements to help them collaborate effectively.
  5. 5. Equip your employees with a shared calendar and a to do list to facilitate the collaboration between them and the tasks to follow up on
  6. 6. Enable your employees with a mobile vacation system. It will speed the vacation request process between the employee, his manager and the HR team
  7. 7. Let your employees easily have access to their team contacts.
  8. 8. Let your employees sign in/out in the company and their clients side. Mobile signature records (Time + GPS stamp).
  9. 9. Reduce high turnover & increase employee belonging and loyalty towards the company.
  10. 10. With a collection of serious gaming contests like trivia gaming to be used to educate the employees about company’s industry knowledge in an entertaining way.
  11. 11. The employee can check his monthly salary slip.
  12. 12. There is also chatting area ,for no need of using external chatting tools between your team members.
  13. 13. You can select the packages that fit your company size and model .You can customize your App according to your needs.
  14. 14. Also you control all of this through your iWatch
  15. 15. Simply with Purple bureau you will : • Boost the performance of your employees. • Let them engage together and with the company. • Accelerate HR-related work flows and processes.
  16. 16. For more info. Contact: