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Hiring a Design Team for HR, Communication and Learning


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Graphic design can be a game changer for your communications and your Human Resources departments. See some examples of how design can take you to the next level.

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Hiring a Design Team for HR, Communication and Learning

  1. 1. MOzen
  2. 2. 1 ftware, Hardware and WHY: Engage, Engage and Engage. 2 chniques. HOW: So Te 3cation and Pull Them Out. WHO: Job Skills, Job Descriptions, Lo 4sources and Continued Growth. WHERE: Book Resources, Online Re
  3. 3. WHY: Engaging with Benefits
  4. 4. WHY PerForM SeaSonal Maintenance on Heating SYSteMS? At Aimco, heating and cooling accounts ficiency and unit life expectancy. Regular EnErGy USAGE BrEAkDOwn for about 54% of the energy use in a maintenance is the best way to keep appliances/ typical apartment home–making it the heating and cooling systems operating lighting largest energy expense and an ongo- at optimum efficiency. It is more cost– ing issue for service teams. Additionally, effective to periodically conduct routine 29% HVAC is one of the largest sources of maintenance procedures than to replace heating/ 54% service requests. Throughout the life of a system prematurely. As HVAC systems cooling 17% HVAC systems, Aimco uses preventive operate at a higher standard, HVAC– maintenance steps that can incremen- related service requests are reduced, domestic tally improve heating and cooling ef- saving time and money. hot water an oPPortunitY For MoMentS tHat Matter SaFetY Our information shows that the overall appearance and When you inspect, service or condition of our properties plays an important part in why install a gas appliance, consider residents decide to move into an Aimco apartment. The infor- testing for carbon monoxide mation also shows that the main reason why residents (CO). For details on how to do decide to stay at an Aimco property (i.e.: renew their this, see the Technical Standards lease) is almost entirely based upon the quality of CO Testing picture book. If you their maintenance experience (move-ins, service smell or observe any gas leaks, request quality, courtesy, and communication). make repairs if you are qualified. Service Team members are often the most vis- Otherwise, turn off the gas line, ible point of contact. For this reason, the residents evacuate any residents from the come to expect a high degree of professionalism and apartment and immediately care from our Service Teams. contact your supervisor. SeaSonal Furnace Maintenance Picture Book HigHligHtS Inspect Overall Furnace Exterior Safety and Ducts Inspect Vents Examine Exterior Check for Gas Leaks Test for CO Visually inspect all Look for external hazards such There are many ways to Test the area around the vents and airflow paths. as charring, tripped breakers, check for gas leaks. Bubble furnace and other gas appli- Remove obstructions loose wiring and shut–offs. If solutions and gas leak detec- ances for any carbon mon- and clean as necessary. hazards exist, make repairs if tion instruments are the oxide (CO) leaks. Refer to the This ensures that heat is you are qualified, or notify your most common methods for CO Testing picture book for appropriately distributed supervisor immediately. Inspect testing. Follow the operat- testing procedures and other throughout the apart- visible ducts and flue and verify ing instructions to ensure CO information. ment. all are in good condition. accurate use.
  5. 5. d Task Neeme Task Need Leave at any time Leave at any ti e pected ed to beviRg s Need to be Ne n le a Respected At some risk of At some risk of leaving B reated Need toane T nique Need to Be Special d U fe Treated Special Customer for li and Unique Customer for life Only 10% of an iceberg is above the water, 90% is Only 10% of an iceberg is above the water, 90% is below the surface. Likewise, customers will only below the surface. Likewise, customers will only tell you 10% of their real needs. tell you 10% of their real needs.
  6. 6. how many GE® light bulbs does it take to save you money? just one Save on your energy costs. Get help with saving energy; contact the Technical Standards Energy Team for assistance with replacing inefficient equipment, rebates and redevelopment projects. Remember: Energy Savings = Dollar Savings It’s good for the environment too! 303.691.4586
  7. 7. HOW: Deal or no Deal
  8. 8. WHO: My Generation
  9. 9. La in te r er nd Pa G gn esi sceD rad ap Marketing zin er ga Ma
  10. 10. Skill Niche Creative Team Mind Fit
  11. 11. Location: Design Discussion Boards, User Group Meetings, Craigslist, Agencies (they are intrigued by HR), college campus job boards, referral, facebook...
  12. 12. How do you pull them out? the fishermans guide to talent
  13. 13. 1 The right bait 2 Know what hooks to use 3 Patience 4 Throw back the non-keepers 5 Clean them quickly 6 Mount the trophy fish
  14. 14. WHERE: Get ‘Er Done
  15. 15. Training lynda Media adobetutorials istockphoto tv.adobe designcrowd groups.adobe gettyimages Inspiration smashingmagazine vectorostock presentationzen crestock sixrevisions bamagazine
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