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How Collaborative Tools Can Be Used For Online Marketing


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Nick Siu's presentation "How Collaborative Tools Can Be Used For Online Marketing" explains best practices for how marketers and can use collaborative tools - such as Google Docs, Google Forms and Google Calendar.

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How Collaborative Tools Can Be Used For Online Marketing

  1. 1. Here are some reasons why to use Google Docs.- As a cheap and efficient administrative tool.- Uses familiar files and interfaces such as MS Office.- The files are accessible from any computer with an internet connection.- Files can be shared and used by multiple collaborators.- Businesses can share files with internal and external clients. Archive of internaldocuments or manuals.- Google Forms can be used as a cheap and simple way to make surveys formarketing.- Google Calender can be used to share promotional events. Example: Bands.- Can share documents and collaborate with the public.Other Examples:In/Out daily orders.Time sheets.Online realtime break-board.Sharing files and working in realtime in group projects.Archiving of company documents. Such as procedures and staffing manuals.