ProdigyView - The Framework that builds frameworks


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Read through a brief overview of ProdigyView. The framework that is used to build other frameworks

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ProdigyView - The Framework that builds frameworks

  1. 1. ProdigyView Framework ProdigyView
  2. 2. Why?With so many frameworks out there, there is the obvious question of “WhyMake Another One?”. I am not going to say any names, but if you have usedseveral frameworks, you probably can empathize with some of thesedifficulties.1. Learning Curve: Some frameworks have huge learning curves. Whether its lack of documentation, no code examples, the code becomes extremely complex or all 3 of them, some frameworks are hard to learn and time consuming.2. Predefined Structure: Some „frameworks‟ trap a developer into using their structure and make it hard to break out that structure, especially when integrating with other models. Example: A framework requires that everything be used in an MVC setting.3. Unnecessarily Large: Lots of capabilities and tools is nice. 20, 30, 40 megabytes(and heaven forbid more) just becomes overkill and the framework might need some refactoring.4. No, bad or old coding standards: Have you ever read through code and became nauseous followed by a bad headache? Not all code is poetry.
  3. 3. Because……With all the Why‟s being said, now it‟s time for the because. Keep inmind the ProdigyView is no where near perfect, but address certainissues.1. Easy Learning Curve: Through clear code, examples to play around with and short and simple tutorials, ProdigyView was designed to get you up and running in no time.2. No Predefined Structure: Using ProdigyView as an MVC, CMS or other structure is up to the developer. But all the code has the ability to run in a standalone mode.3. Manageable Size: ProdigyView is around 2 megabytes of code that has full documentation in the code. As a developer, you can choose what tools you want to use that best address the problem.4. Coding Standards: Throughout the code, we try to hold to a coding standard with readability and understanding being the biggest points of focus. We also use modern concepts with object and aspect oriented design.
  4. 4. What is ProdigyView“So you gave us this long winded explanation on whyProdigyView was made but what exactly is it?”ProdigyView PHP 5.3 + framework that utilizes advancedprogramming concepts to achieve better code, faster.ProdigyView is the ground work for creating a MVCs, contentmanagement systems, and other types of web applications. ProdigyView is the framework that builds frameworks.
  5. 5. ProdigyView – What It Can Be ProdigyView Web Static MVC CMS Application Websites
  6. 6. Design PatternsIf you are deeply involved in programming, then you will probablyenjoy utilizing the design patterns implemented in ProdigyView.Understanding how to implement these are the „Keys to the Kingdom‟and will take development to higher level turning out robustapplications with ease and speed. Native Design Pattern Extended Design Patterns Observers Front End Controller Chain of Responsibility Model View Controller Adapters/Strategy Helper Object Intercepting Filters Singleton Active Record
  7. 7. Database Driven vs Design DrivenWhat do I mean database driven vs design driven?I am referring to when execution of the code is determined bydata in the database versus execution determined by code as anaddition to the code base.ProdigyView has great support for both through design patterns,plugins, applications, built-in cms, etc. Database Driven Design Driven  Applications  Filters  Plugins  Observers  Modules  Adapters  Pages  Chain of  Containers Commad
  8. 8. Coupling and Programming ParadigmsCouplingFor those hard core developers, ProdigyView has bothloose coupling and tight coupling. The kind of couplingused is entirely up to you.Programming ParadigmsProgramming paradigms may sound like some deepprogramming concept but I am only referring to objectoriented programming and aspect oriented programing.One of the goals of ProdigyView is to go beyond OOP byimplementing AOP.
  9. 9. Applications and PluginsApplications and Plugins are features in ProdigyView thatprovide additional functionality and are managed by thedatabase. Plug-ins Applications  Do not have to be object Object Oriented oriented Called and used only when  Are persistent through the needed entire execution of the code Use their own libraries(  Easy to implement and turn Jquery, Prototype, CSS, etc) on/off
  10. 10. Content ManagementContent Management is an aspect organizations look for,especially for blog content, news, etc. ProdigyView comes witha content management that support multiple types of contentfor almost any situation: Manipulate audio content which includes Audio mp3s, wavs, oga and much more Create a video websites. Supports formats Video such as webm, ogv, avi and many more. Make a dynamic ecommerce site with the Product product content. Manage events and calendar related Event content. Store, novels, stories or other text related Text content Manage files or create a file sharing File service with the file content.
  11. 11. User Management User Fields User Roles Users User UserRelationships Interaction
  12. 12. Subscriptions and Points Need to have subscriptions? Want to assign points? ProdigyView has subscriptions and points built in that integrate with various other parts of the system. Subscriptions and Points Can be Can be Can be Can beassigned to an assigned to assigned to a assigned to a application content comment user
  13. 13. ToolsProdigyView also comes with a variety of tools that speed upproduction by not having to write code for basic operations. Video/Audio Session/Cookies Security Tools HTML/HTML5 Routing File Management Validation
  14. 14. Tools BreakdownHTML/HTML5 • Has a templating system and allows easy creation of html elementsAudio/Video • Built in tools for rendering audio and video filesValidation • From file mime type validation, email validation to writing your custom validation rules, check to make sure the the input is correct.File Management • Reading and writing files and/or directories is a quick, simple and effortless process.Session/Cookies • Manipulate session and cookies to your likingSecurity • Restrict access to routes, application, plugins, and content.Routing • Configure routes in you site. Makes friendly urls.
  15. 15. And Everything Works Together Design CMS Patterns User Points & Management Subscriptions Applications Templating and Plugins Tools
  16. 16. Ready To Begin?You know have a very brief overview of ProdigyView andit‟s capabilities. The next step to getting better acquaintedby downloading the example system and looking throughthe other short slideshows.The example code resource is for learning and playingaround with the basic and advanced concepts ofProdigyView. Let the magic begin here