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Drupa 2012 - Print Media Future Outlook - VTT


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First results from Print Power consumer research by
Anu Seisto (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)

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Drupa 2012 - Print Media Future Outlook - VTT

  1. 1. Print Media Future OutlookFirst results from Print Power consumer researchDrupa May 12th, 2012Anu SeistoVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  2. 2. 06/05/2012 2 Aim of the project Consumer perception on print advertising Opening a dialogue with the European consumers of the key strengths of print media as advertising channel in multi-media marketing in the near future 1. getting an overview on how consumers in Print Power countries perceive print advertising, how they may be divided into consumer segments within Europe, and how they may have national consumer profiles, and 2. getting detailed information on why they perceive print advertising as they do, and what are the underlying reasons that may have an effect on their media use habits and choices
  3. 3. 06/05/2012 3 Structure of the project Phase 1: online questionnaire o Background information of the respondents o Six short stories / narratives describing different media use habits and proposing media use profiles o Perception of the stories through open questions o Attitudes of the respondents towards advertising in different channels Phase 2: online discussion o Inviting consumers with selected user profiles into discussion in Owela o Obtaining more detailed data of the perception and reasoning
  4. 4. 06/05/2012 5Finding the right channel…
  5. 5. 06/05/2012 7 Traditional division of consumers based on their values and attitudes ”Something new” Visionary Fast-moving • Responsible and open people • Young-minded • Want to keep up to date about world happenings • Social, trendsetters, techies • Science & facts • Media-use related to image • Social media and web”We” ”Me” Established Comfort-loving • Family and friends • Pleasure & materia • Responsibility • Having fun & entertainment • Relaxation • Ease in life; technology ”Things are good the way they are”
  6. 6. 06/05/2012 8 Print Power questionnaire Story 4 Story 3 ”Something new” Visionary Fast-moving”We” ”Me” Established Comfort-loving Story 1 Story 2 ”Things are good the way they are”
  7. 7. 06/05/2012 9 Print Power questionnaireTotally TotallyPrint Digital Story 5 Story 6
  8. 8. 06/05/2012 10Results
  9. 9. 06/05/2012 11Replies from 30 countries
  10. 10. 06/05/2012 12 Background 42% 42% Money to spend: Money to spend: 0 3% 0 3% 15-24 15-24 25-34 21% 18% 25-34 35-44Age 35-44 Age 45-54 68% 57% 45-54 55-64 55-64 65+ 8% 22% 65+ 48% Money to spend: 0 2% 15-24 25-34 26% 35-44 Age 45-54 56% 55-64 65+ 16%
  11. 11. 06/05/2012 13Consumer segments in Finland, Norway and UK Print, no interactivity Print with Digital, interactivityPrint 27% positive 20% towards 39% print Just digital 13% Digital
  12. 12. 06/05/2012 14 Print, no interactivity o Subgroup with age correlation (FI, NO, UK) o Subgroup with negative attitude towards SoMe (FI) or no interest in SoMe (UK) o Traditional printed ads work well ”The most fabulous thing is to concentrate on a magazine… I’m not interested in new technology, I like to stick to newspapers, magazines and radio as my information channels” (FI) “I like to hold a book or newspaper or magazine. When I use gadgets it feels like work again” (UK)
  13. 13. 06/05/2012 15 Print, no interactivity – attitudes towards ads Attention: Trustworthy: magazines, newspapers, magazines, newspapers, TV, catalogues, direct TV, catalogues, direct mail mail (radio, UK) Useful: Purchasing decisions: magazines, newspapers, magazines, newspapers, TV, catalogues, internet, catalogues, internet (TV direct mail and direct mail, UK and NO)Direct mail: addressed in UK, adressed + non-addressed in FI and NO
  14. 14. 06/05/2012 16 Print with interactivity o Family size correlation (FI, UK, weaker in NO) o Positive attitude towards digital and sharing information o Traditional printed ads work well, but would be open for new print solutions to ease the everyday life ”I haven’t made a concious decision of not using digital media during my free time. But for some reason I tend to prefer print” (FI) ”I like ads both in digital and printed form when they are targeted for me… I like print products, digital media is not enough for me” (FI) “I use both print and digital. Direct mail in the mailbox often leads to search on the web.” (NO)
  15. 15. 06/05/2012 17Print with interactivity – attitudes towards adsAttention: Trustworthy:magazines, newspapers, magazines, newspapers,TV, catalogues, direct TV, catalogues, directmail, internet mailUseful: Purchasing decisions:magazines, newspapers, magazines, newspapers,TV, catalogues, internet, catalogues, internet, TV,direct mail direct mail
  16. 16. 06/05/2012 18 Digital with positive attitude towards print o Subgroup with age correlation (FI, NO, UK) o Subgroup with family size correlation (UK, weaker in NO) o Active users of social media (FI, UK) “…there is some truth in that reviews/ads in print may convince me more than online versions… before buying something expensive I would tend to research the item online rather than in print.” (UK) ” I go to the net when searching for product information …I like the physical appearance of print products” (FI) “It is so convenient with the net, and you can find everything you want. Yet it is so nice with printed media. I’d really miss it if it disappeared.” (NO)
  17. 17. 06/05/2012 19 Digital with print – attitudes towards adsAttention: Trustworthy:magazines, newspapers, magazines, newspapers,TV, catalogues, direct TV, catalogues, directmail, internet, SoMe, radio mail, internet, radioUseful: Purchasing decisions:magazines, newspapers, magazines, newspapers,TV, catalogues, internet, catalogues, internet,direct mail, SoMe, radio SoMe (TV and direct mail, UK and NO)
  18. 18. 06/05/2012 20 Just digital o Age correlation (FI, UK) o Living in cities (UK) o Happy with having everything in digital form ”I don’t subscribe for any magazines, I read almost everything from the net… I try to get rid of useless paper trash” (FI) “I use mostly iPad and iPhone. I never read newspapers or printed ads” (NO) “I will use whatever medium is near to hand, 99.9% of the time it is digitally embedded in something.” (UK)
  19. 19. 06/05/2012 22 Just digital – attitudes towards adsAttention: Trustworthy:magazines, newspapers, magazines, newspapers,TV, catalogues, direct TV, catalogues, internet,mail, internet, SoMe, radio radioUseful: Purchasing decisions:Internet, TV Internet,(magazines, newspapers, (magazines, newspapers,catalogues, direct mail, catalogues, SoMe,TV,SoMe) direct mail)
  20. 20. 06/05/2012 23 Confusion towards combining print and digital “I mainly use magazines for information and ideas, I like the idea of qr codes for products but would do a comparison search any way…” (UK) “…apps that make life simpler are welcome. I love the interconnectivity between print and electronic media, especially for shopping…” (Latvia) “I have never heard of the smart app in a ? magazine” (UK) “I have only just started to see smart codes being used.” (Australia)
  21. 21. 06/05/2012 24 Next Steps Completing Phase 1  Presenting similar data for all Print Power countries  Comparison on a European level Phase 2: online discussion o Inviting consumers with selected user profiles into discussion in Owela o Obtaining more detailed data of the perception and reasoning
  22. 22. 06/05/2012 25VTT creates business fromtechnology
  23. 23. 06/05/2012 26 Traditional media use Enjoys routines Likes to watch TV, has favourite programs Has used print media in the same way for several years No need to change anything, happy with the way things are Not so interested in social media even though uses the internet occasionally
  24. 24. 06/05/2012 27 Appreciating slow and quiet Lives a very busy life and enjoys it Busy at work, uses digital media a lot for work purposes Smart phone is carried along everywhere and used all the time to check email and news Takes care of physical condition, has a sport as a hobby Appreciates a quiet moment for relaxing where no electronic device is able to disturb and where taking it slowly gets the mind off from work and other hassle
  25. 25. 06/05/2012 28
  26. 26. 06/05/2012 29 Intelligent targeting “Today advertising avoidance is reaching levels where it is becoming a serious obstacle for mass communication of commercial messages…relevance is the best medicine to avoid consumers tuning out. Thus targeting to well specified groups are exactly what the marketing doctor orders.” “…In a world where consumers are in power and they are actively avoiding your advertising and at the same time have more choice than ever before, you have to become a trusted brand.” How could targeting be taken into another level? What would make it especially intelligent?
  27. 27. 06/05/2012 30 Intelligent targeting Busy at work, busy at home, combining work and family life Uses the platform that is most suitable and most efficient in a certain context When planning a holiday trip, might use a magazine for reading inspiring travel stories, iPad for watching pictures or videos of different destinations, laptop for booking the trip etc. Would be happy to give information for profiling if it will be used in an intelligent way and would be useful Appreciates services that makes the everyday life easier
  28. 28. 06/05/2012 31 From print to purchase Enjoys fast media that doesn’t require a lot of concentration, but is not an active producer Appreciates quality Has the ability to use the latest technology Likes to make instant decisions If an interesting ad is noticed, making a decision to buy a product is easy, and any technology that provides an easy link to do so with a smart phone is used
  29. 29. 06/05/2012 32 Social print An active user of social media, values especially personal networks Enjoys viral marketing and appreciates anything that is recommended by the social network Likes to read free newspapers and customer magazines Ads become important as soon as their relevance in the network is clear Appreciates the possibility to recommend and recieve recommendations through combined use of print and social media
  30. 30. 06/05/2012 33 Completely digital Gets everything through digital services Follows several news sites, enjoys the visual quality of tablet magazines, reads eBooks occasionally, is an active user and producer of content in certain social media services Does not see any value in printed products Has a very clear opinion of media user being the king and making the decisions of what content is used and when