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Cnw preso v7 no video no animation slide share

  1. 1. Insightful research form social media, fact or fiction?
  2. 2. Erica van Lieven Erica is a forward thinker who enjoys embracing change and never hesitates to incorporate technology in her business to improve quality of work and elicit better insights. She is not just an observer of social media but a proactive experimenter, who likes to discover practical ways to add commercial value to clients utilizing this technology. Erica is Managing Director of Direction First which she started in 1997
  3. 3. Jess WhittakerBuzzNumbers is Australia‟s leading providerof Social Media Intelligence and Monitoring.Jess Whittaker is the lead Product Evangelistfor BuzzNumbers and works alongside clientsin their initial stages of understanding theironline/ social media landscape and how tomake the first steps in the listening andanalysis process.
  4. 4. “My goal is tosimplify complexity. I just want to build stuff that really simplifies our base human interaction” Jack Dorsey being interviewed by Charlie Rose in January 2011
  5. 5. “InformatIon wants to be free…” Stewart Brand 1984...
  6. 6. Responding to the change… “I‟d like to do away with with “Social media isn‟t only replacing some counting impressions in marketing in survey research but also making it favour of counting „expressions‟ from harder to do by changing consumer consumers about brands.” behaviour and expectations.” Researcher partners are expected to “Market research should change…it deliver “game-changing insights”. need s to be methodology agnostic.”Joe Tripidi, exec VP-chief marketing and commercial officer of Coca-cola Joan Lewis, global consumer and market knowledge officer of P & G @Co. @ the Association of National Advertisers conference Advertising Research Foundation
  7. 7. Qualitative Researchers VS Text Analytics Software• Only requirement is text • Difficult to set-up • Granular information accessible• Fluid, intuition and • Frequency-driven, pattern experience-driven learning• Higher weight to emotions • Emotions difficult to weight• Less reliable, transparent • Use Data visualization
  8. 8. The outcome... 4 findings would be the same using either approach findings would have been similar using software-driven approach alone finding would have been missed using the software-driven approach aloneCan Software-Driven QDA Replace the Seasoned Researcher? -- Theo Downes-Le Guin of Market Strategies @ New virtual MR Festival March 2011
  9. 9. Benefits of software driven analysisCan Software-Driven QDA Replace the Seasoned Researcher? -- Theo Downes-Le Guin of Market Strategies @ New virtual MR Festival March 2011
  10. 10. DigiViduals…John Kearon, BrainJuicer, DigiVisualsTM
  11. 11. DigiViduals… continued… John Kearon, BrainJuicer, DigiVisualsTM
  12. 12. Disruptive platforms change therules of the game, listening becomes the new asking...
  13. 13. We should be able to measure not just the online sentiment towards a brand… …but also specific aspects of your brand, like… Sourced from Conversition Strategies
  14. 14. …but are we really listening? July 2007, Bring the love back, created by Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions
  15. 15. So whatdoeslisteninglook like
  16. 16. Measuring AnalyzingTracking Extracting
  17. 17. Firstly you must identify what TYPES ofconversations youwant to listen to?
  18. 18. • Brand/Organization• Competitor Information• Individual Product/Services• Broader Industry mentions• Mentions of Key Stakeholders e.g. CEO/Government Ministers• Topical Issues e.g. Climate Change• Current Affairs e.g. Elections• Natural Disasters e.g. QLD Floods
  19. 19. Secondly…youmust define thedesiredobjectives of theresearch/insights
  20. 20. Overtime Topical volume analysis analysisSentiment Location analysis analysis Source Influence analysis analysis
  21. 21. Sentiment Grading: Manually assign sentiments and grade them by clicking on the plus(positive), circle(neutral), Mentions: minus(negative) or trash can See the individual mentions symbol (delete).that relate to your keywords with a brief extract of the conversation. Topics: Investigate themes customized to your research, brand or competitors.
  22. 22. Location Analysis
  23. 23. Reporting I
  24. 24. Reporting II
  25. 25. Reporting III
  26. 26. With social media we become genderless.. Social media and the end of gender , Joanna Blakley @ TED, Dec,2010
  27. 27. Direction First conducted research to investigatewhether research had a place on social networking sites
  28. 28. Privacy is the most important aspect to social networking site users…including the younger users… Thinking about social networking sites which aspect is most important to you? 18-34 35-55 56+ Privacy 50% 46% 45% 4% 16% 21% 23% 5% Ease of use 6% Interacting with people 17% 20% 18% who have similar interests 47%18% Convenience 9% 4% 4% Informatin gathering 2% 6% 6% Expressing my opinion 6% 3% 3% 20% Obtaining advice % 1% % *No differences between gender Indicates a significant difference at 95% confidence S20: Thinking about social networking sites, which aspects are the most important to you? Base: Total 1439, Ages 18-34 (418), Ages 35-54 (691), Ages 55+ (333)
  29. 29. Sorry, PSN users, yourinformation has been stolen.
  30. 30. You know how everything has seemed free for the past few years? It wasnt. Its just that no one told you that instead of using money, you were paying with your personal information. Joel Stein Thursday, Mar. 10, 2011Data Mining: How Companies Now Know Everything About You, TIME. Read more:
  31. 31. • Very large data sets • Observation without asking questions • Location based answers • Real time • Research by interest groups • Privacy controls• Managing the data set size• Manuel versus programmed text analysis• Low interest brands not as frequently mentioned• Researchers to interpret the new online language - #, @, luv, gr8t, tght• Privacy controls
  32. 32. Where to next… 20% 80% Formal research study Information available online
  33. 33. Reference Social networks surge in Australia - Social Networking Accounts for 1 of Every 5 Minutes Spent Online in Australia urce=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+comscore+%28comScore%2C+Inc.%29 The Man Your Man Could Smell Like John Kearon “DigiVisuals™” Tsunami in Japan – 2011 Egypt Riots - 2011 Chris Church Earthquake - Joanna Blakey TED talks “Social Media and the end of gender” December 2010 Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions “Bring the love back” July 2007 Theo Downes “Can Software-Driven QDA Replace the Seasoned Researcher? “ New virtual MR Festival March 2011 SSI Webinar “Taming the social Networking Giant” Jan 2011 Jack Dorsey “My goal is to simplify complexity” Jan 2011