engineering modern physics science physics semiconductor optical fiber laser application torsional pendulum stress strain graph stress elasticity communication attenuation research energy bands mri magnetic levitation critical field hard superconductors soft superconductors bcs theory meissner effect critical temperature superconductivity download oscillations couple per twist modulus of rigidity non inertial frame\ inertial frame general theory special theory length contraction time dialation michelson morley experiment doppler effect relative motion energy space spring constant davison-germer experiment dual nature compton effect photoelectric effect quantum theory classical theory black-body radiation enginee metal scale grazing incidence wavelength carrier concentration. direct and indirect bandgap extrinsic semiconductors intrinsic semiconductors de-broglie hypothesis engineering educatin engineering physics machine learning higher education knowledge carbon nanotube nanoscale charecterisation synthesis nanotechnology open access pn junction knee votage zener resistance zener voltage reverse bios zener diode continuity equation differential form lenz's law lorentz force gauss law maxwell equation resonating frequency quality factor resonance series and parallel potential well wavefunction heisenberg uncertainty principle quantum mechanics bending of bea classification numerial apperture de-broglie wavelength matter waves classical physics sensor total internal reflection silar method thinfilms photocatalysis mathiessen's rule electric conductivit free electron theories holography applications properties pumping scheme
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