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5 Qualities of a Military Leader


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Five basic qualities that are essential for a Military Leader. These qualities are necessary for Leader in any role. When you Lead you blaze a path for others to follow you unconditionally.
These qualities will help your men follow you to the valley of death, if required. Your standing and reputation are unquestioned and thus you would have won their adoration, respect, love and admiration. It helps inject transparency, trust and camaraderie in the organization.

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5 Qualities of a Military Leader

  1. 1. 5 ESSENTIAL QUALITIES OF A MILITARY LEADER Colonel Prabir sengupta, vishist seva medal
  2. 2. DecisivenessThis is one quality that every leader must possess It distinguishes a military leader from their political masters;; In a battle scenario it translates into victory, Dithering will result in loss of initiative
  3. 3. CourageCourage distinguishes the tiger from the rest Courage, physical and moral, is an imperative that Every leader must possess Courage in battlefield has resulted in turning defeat into victory
  4. 4. HonestyWithout honesty you cannot be dependable Honesty reflects in your daily activities, your men stand by you knowing you will stand by them when it matters most It achieves success in all fields
  5. 5. IntegrityIt distinguishes men in uniform from the rest Your word is the last word, and once your word Has been given, come what may, you stand by Truthful reporting and integrity led to victory in many battles
  6. 6. HumilityThis connects you with your comrade in arms, even as a leader It keeps you grounded and approachable It enhances dependability and camaraderie, factors which lead to success in operations
  7. 7. the author can be contacted at: facebook/colsengupta