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Leadership Lessons for your Organization


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Lessons from the Army for every Organization. It highlights various situation a soldier faces in his daily routine and how he addresses these challenges. There is a lesson for every leader to imbibe these qualities in their organization.

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Leadership Lessons for your Organization

  1. 1. What Does the Men in Uniform Teach us? Those who neglect History are doomed to repeat it!
  2. 2. The Gallant soldier’s of ‘Battle of Saragarhi’ fame led by Hav Ishar Singh UNESCO recognized it as the Greatest Last Stand Battles in the annals of History
  3. 3. It teaches us the role of a leader: The Mission is Supreme; accomplishment of tasks at all costs; including your lives Each member of your team must understand the Mission & act accordingly
  4. 4. The Commando Walking Tall Above 100 feet on a Foot wide plank It instils confidence; come what may I can face it
  5. 5. Commando Walk Given the authority and responsibility, every person will live up to their potential Faith and trust should accompany responsibility
  6. 6. The Infantry Soldier negotiating a Crevasse at 22,000 feet! Operating where breathing is a challenge; Everyday is a new Day!
  7. 7. Leadership at 22,000 Feet! Training and Team work can overcome any challenge that we may Encounter With the right attitude every obstacle is converted to series of success stories
  8. 8. An encounter with Terrorists! Infantry Soldier’s trained to operate in Buddy pairs
  9. 9. Encounter with Terrorists Right equipment and training hardens the soldier to encounter any situation Explicit trust and faith in his Buddy helps him negotiate and face any challenge
  10. 10. More lessons to follow! Need some encouragement to push out some more lessons