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A motivational movie on the lines of 'Life is Beautiful', 'Artist'... it depicts various hues of life and how despite adversity we can WIN!

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  2. 2. Be YourselfBe Yourself under all circumstances …
  3. 3. Spread HappinessWhatever the situation … you can spread cheer, happiness and joy
  4. 4. Live Life King Size Live YOUR life …Make your stories … chart a path
  5. 5. Laugh Under all Odds Whatever, wherever …Laughter can make the situation bearable & worth living
  6. 6. Challenges Make Life Interesting When you look back you will have a laugh …What are the stories you’ll tell your grandchildren
  7. 7. Love as if There is no Tomorrow You have no idea … nowWho is destined to cross your path; be your life partner
  8. 8. Love is SelflessYour pure intention, purity of thoughts Will shine through … just GIVE!!!
  9. 9. Enjoy the Small Wonders of Life Enjoy the Journey …The Goal is faraway… YOLO :)
  10. 10. Let Your Heart Guide YouWhen you look back … there should be no regrets I wish …
  11. 11. Wild AbandonLive as if there is no tomorrow … Love as if there is no yesterday
  12. 12. Beauty lies in the Eye of the BeholderThere is someone for everyone … It is just a matter of time …
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