Social Consumers in Europe


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Spanning the UK and five other countries, the report Social Consumers in Europe overlays media consumption patterns, and attitudes to online brand interaction, with underlying human behaviours. The result is a set of typologies that will help companies target consumers more effectively through digital and traditional PR.

Conducted among more than 10,000 people, the report provides rare international comparisons into how consumers are influencing the purchasing decisions of their family and friends, and whether they are brand loyal online, or digitally promiscuous.

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Social Consumers in Europe

  2. 2. WHAT WE‟LL COVER• The who and what of European social consumers – Markets, channels, frequency, attitudes to brands• The why: Delving deeper into behaviour – New social segmentation and opportunities for brands
  3. 3. WHERE OUR DATA COMES FROM • Annual study of more than 10,000 European consumers • Conducted across the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Belgiu m and the Netherlands in July • Reflects our agency‟s belief that research uncovers the consumer insights we need in order to trigger behavioural change
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA IS MAINSTREAM ACROSS EUROPE Netherlands 56% UK 59% Germany 52% Belgium 65% France 51% Spain 74% 5Response: I access social media at least once a week
  6. 6. A SHIFT TOWARDS “ALWAYS-ON” • On average 4 in 10 Europeans access social channels once or more daily • Spaniards and Belgians are the most connected • Germans access social media least oftenResponse: I access social media once or more daily
  7. 7. SOCIAL MULTI-TASKING ON 2 OR 3 SCREENS IS COMMONPLACE CHANNEL TOTAL BE FR DE NL ES UK Avg # min Avg # min Avg # min Avg # min Avg # min Avg # min Avg # min Reading print 44 41 36 46 48 42 44 Watching videos online 18 15 17 13 11 30 18 Watching TV 156 146 180 161 161 114 152 Internet (personal) 165 138 173 158 139 177 186 Mobile internet 24 18 19 11 20 35 34 Social networks 39 42 30 32 27 49 41 Multiple activities 91 82 83 89 68 85 112Question: How many minutes a day do you spend doing the following?
  8. 8. SMARTPHONES MAKE US MORE DIGITALLY ACTIVE OWN SMARTPHONE CHANNEL Yes No Avg # min/day Avg # min/day Watching videos online 26 15 Internet (personal) 177 158 Mobile internet 52 10 Social networks 54 32 Multiple activities 116 78Question: How many minutes a day do you spend doing the following?
  9. 9. REVIEWS ARE ROUTINELY WRITTEN AND READQuestions: Do you post positive or negative reviews?Do you read reviews before buying something costing more than £50/€50?
  11. 11. EUROPEANS ARE ENGAGING WITH BRANDS, ESPECIALLY SOCIABLE SPANIARDSQuestion: Do you become friends with or like brands or products in social media?
  12. 12. MOTIVES FOR ENGAGING WITH BRANDS INCLUDE SELF-INTEREST AND ENDORSEMENTQuestion: Why do you follow brands in social media?
  13. 13. WE ARE INCREASINGLY OPEN TO SOCIAL COMMERCE 52% 39% 37% 28% 28% 26% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Spain Germany France United Kingdom Belgium NetherlandsQuestion: Do you purchase products from a company’s social media site?
  14. 14. COMMENTS AND CONTENT ARE SHARED ON BRAND-OWNED SOCIAL SITES 55% 51% 51% 43% 36% 23% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Spain Germany France United Kingdom Belgium NetherlandsQuestion: Do you share content on a brand or product’s official page?
  15. 15. FRIENDS‟ RECOMMENDATIONS DRIVE PURCHASE MORE THAN “MY BRAND FRIENDS” United Kingdom 11% 15% Spain 19% 19% Netherlands 8% 14% Germany 9% 10% France 14% 17% Belgium 8% 12% Total 12% 15% 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 14% 16% 18% 20% I am more inclined to buy products or services from companies who I am friends with I am more inclined to buy products or services that my friends likeQuestion: Are you more inclined to buy from companies you are friends with?Are you more inclined to buy products or services that your friends like?
  17. 17. GETTING CLOSER TO THE CONSUMER• To develop deeper insights that can help brands get closer to their audience, we developed a new consumer segmentation based on a spectrum of social media behaviour and brand interaction Brand Engagement Social Media Use Engaged = always, usually or sometimes do at Active = do at least one of the following least one of the following - Post comments/pics on own page - Become „friends‟ or „like‟ brands or - Post comments to friends‟ pages products - Post comments on blog - Read blogs or tweets sent out by brands or products - Write blog - Share content on official page of - Share content on official page of brand or product brand or product - Purchase a product from a - „Check-in‟ to a location company‟s social media site - Tweet - Follow brands - Upload photos or videos
  18. 18. SOCIAL SEGMENTATION Active Loyalists Cheerleadersengaged Men: 16% Women: 20% 20-45 yrs old Engaged Men: 23% Women: 25% 20-40 yrs old Non- Outsiders Opportunists Men: 22% Women: 17% 60+ yrs old Men: 39% Women: 38% 45-60 yrs old Passive
  20. 20. CHEERLEADERS AND LOYALISTS ARE SOCIAL MEDIA SUPERUSERSQuestion: How many minutes a day do you spend doing the following?
  21. 21. CHEERLEADERS ARE AT THE CUTTING EDGE OFSOCIAL BEHAVIOURAlways on: – use social media at least daily (84%) – use mobile apps at least daily (35%) – check reviews or prices while shopping using their mobile phone (53%) – 3 x more likely to make purchases using their mobile phone (25%)Follow brands in social media to: – get the latest product news (59%) – receive discounts and vouchers (53%) – enter competitions (46%)Expect brands to be socially active: – 3x more likely to trust information on a brand website or YouTube channel – 2x more likely to see companies sharing info via social media as more trustworthy (26%)
  22. 22. CHEERLEADERS ARE NETWORKED ANDINFLUENTIAL Influencers: – three quarters tell at least three friends about products they like (76%) – three out of 10 Cheerleaders are asked for advice about products/services daily – as likely to write positive product reviews (83%) as negative ones (82%) on retail sites or social networks Want to be first: – it‟s important they‟re up-to-date with latest trends (60%) and current affairs (80%) – early adopters who are 2x as likely to be first of their friends to buy new gadgets (43%) – receptive to what‟s new: 3x more likely to buy from a company sponsoring the 2012 Olympics
  23. 23. LOYALISTS ARE MOST LIKELY TO BE LONG-TERMBRAND ADVOCATESTrue brand fans: Socially savvy: – The most likely to stay – Loyalists are nearly as committed to a brand socially active as they like once they have Cheerleaders: 82% found it (78%) access social media at – 46% will pay more for least once a day products from brands – Loyalists only slightly lag they trust Cheerleaders in following – Half of Loyalists will brands via social media follow brands in social to get the latest product media simply because news (57% v 59%) they like them (49%)
  24. 24. LOYALISTS SHARE OPINIONS AND CARE ABOUTBRAND VALUESReviews, recommendations: Value ethical business: – 71% of Loyalists write positive – most likely to want to see online reviews for products they companies treating their like employees well (82%) – Loyalists are twice as likely to write reviews on retail or review – have the highest expectations sites (48%) as on a social that the brands they support will network (23%) avoid animal testing (68%), take – 95% of Loyalists recommend steps to reduce packaging brands or services to other (71%), and pay a fair share of tax people – on a par with (71%) Cheerleaders (96%)
  25. 25. OPPORTUNISTS WANT BRANDS TO TELL THEM“WHAT‟S IN IT FOR ME”?Active in social media: – two thirds access social networks at least daily (63%)Follow brands for self-interest: – main reasons are for vouchers and discounts (53%), and to enter competitions (41%) – least likely to follow a brand because they like it (39%)Interested in value not values: – only 20% of Opportunists would pay 20% more for environmentally-friendly products – Price sensitive: 62% compare costs from at least two sources before a major purchase
  26. 26. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR PR PLANNING • An integrated approach to communications is essential: Cheerleaders are most socially active AND the biggest print media consumers • Corporate/CSR news are both opportunities for brands on the social web • The continued growth of the mobile web creates new ways to communicate with audiences • Powerful reviews and opinions have never been more important, and warrant a minimum“read and respond” strategy • Promotions boost “likes” and “follows”; fully-rounded communication drives engagement and advocacy
  27. 27. ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR BRANDSCheerleaders: Loyalists: Opportunists:• Reflect their always-on • Reward their loyalty with • Think tactically about how to behaviour with responsive additional privileges so they provide them with promotions interactions on social networks become more active such as vouchers or discounts advocates but without alienating the rest of• Find ways to surprise them that your audience they will share with their friends • Recognise and thank them for their input such as a positive • Weigh up the return on• Help them boost their status investment of gaining their product review and be first with “cool stuff” or attention briefly versus building insights • Showcase examples of ethical deeper relationships with your behaviour that will reinforce• Build on their appetite for more loyal customers their support corporate insights delivered in social channels • Involve them: Ask what they think and show their opinion matters
  28. 28. TO FIND OUT MORE, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH Helen Nowicka UK head of digital, EMEA social media strategist @Helennow Melissa Taylor Director of planning, EMEA @Groovymomma