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September 2007 - Volume I


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Published in: Spiritual
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September 2007 - Volume I

  1. 1. Vol 1: Sept. 2007 St. Peter’s Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church 9946 Haldeman Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19116 Rev Fr. Jose Daniel Paitel Seraphim? S To: The St. Peter’s Syrian Orthodox by Jingle Thomas Youth Association Our publication is named Dearly beloved, Seraphim, for those who cannot read the I am immensely glad about your Anglican font in the center. You must be new venture. It is not only a venture but wondering what the name means. also an adventure too. Be certain that Seraphim are mentioned many times in E the effort behind a publication is huge; Christian liturgy. Seraphim are six- and getting it read by the benefactors is winged angels who are considered the very, very, very huge, i.e. 100x. I am so highest-ranking angels. They are the confident about your talents, and hope angelic choir in heaven. It is said that that you can win the goal tomorrow or they continually cry out singing “quot;Holy, day after tomorrow. Let your publication Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts, the whole R multiply the reading habit of our earth is full of His Gloryquot; (Isaiah 6:3). teenagers, younger parents and senior This chanting is referred to as the members of our community. This is the Trisagion. The Trisagion prayer is the central point of making a creative impact prayer we start of with every Sunday in our community. morning or whenever we pray. If you are not familiar with the term, it is the name Wish you all success by hundred folds. given to the prayer “Holy art thou, O A My prayer follows. God, Holy art thou, Almighty, Holy art thou immortal, Thou who was crucified for us, have mercy on us”. An example of the Seraphim in the Bible is in Isaiah’s vision “quot;... I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up; and His train P filled the sanctuary. Above Him stood the Upcoming event Seraphim; each had six wings: with two he covered his face, and with two he October 6 covered his feet, and with two he Sunday school regional flewquot;(Isaiah 6:1-3). In naming this competition publication Seraphim, we want to give an Submit all names for competition opportunity to the younger generation to H express their thoughts and feelings by Sept. 9 about God to everyone. Take the extra step, make the effort to take one step closer to God. A Child's Prayer I by A Spiritual Youth The Lord provides me with peace. He strengthens me each day. Through his blood, my sins were forgiven Night Prayer Through tears, he showed me the way. By A Spiritual Youth To the Lord I offer glory, M Lord, as I lay here, I know there Praise, and homage too. is a chance that tomorrow may not come. He is my Almighty Savior. So I come to you to ask you for Thank You Lord, from me to you forgiveness. Forgiveness for any sorrow I have caused You, my family, or friends. Although I have not always been a to be continued on p. 2… 1
  2. 2. Vol 1: Sept. 2007 Wing of laughter perfect sheep, you have always guided My friend replied, quot;I'm already in the (Taken from an online source. Contact publication board for me back to the flock. Thank you for the Army of the Lord, Pastor.quot; more info.) courage you gave me when times were Pastor questioned, quot;How come I don't rough. So, now, if in case the new day quot;see you except at Christmas and Money Goes To Church doesn’t arrive for me, I can go to sleep in Easter?quot; peace knowing I spent the last day on A well-worn one dollar bill and a similarly Earth with you. He whispered back, quot;I'm in the secret distressed twenty dollar bill arrived at a service.quot; Federal Reserve Bank to be retired. As they moved along the conveyor belt to be burned, they struck up a conversation. The twenty dollar bill reminisced about its Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Why Go to Church travels all over the county. quot;I've had a The messenger is here. if I have God in My Heart? pretty good life,quot; the twenty proclaimed. quot;Why I've been to Las by Debbie Mathew Vegas and Atlantic City, the finest Take the Plunge: The VBS story restaurants in New York, We all have a friend or family by Eldhose Thekkethottiyil performances on Broadway, and even a member that looks at the idea of cruise to the Caribbean.quot; gathering at a church in puzzlement. This year’s VBS, as always, How can we explain our behavior to such was an eventful one. The theme was quot;Wow!quot; said the one dollar bill. quot;You've people? It is true, God is in our hearts. “Take the Plunge, Make a Splash with really had an exciting life!quot; This is what the Apostle Paul desired Jesus” and every organized event from us when he said: quot;I pray that reflected upon this theme. VBS was held according to the riches of His glory, He quot;So tell me,quot; says the twenty, quot;where over a period of three days where the have you been throughout your lifetime?quot; may grant that you may be strengthened following sub-themes were addressed in your inner being with power through such as obedience, worship, courage, His Spirit, and that Christ may dwell in faith, and service. Everyday, there were The one dollar bill replies, quot;Oh, I've been your hearts through faith as you are two teaching sessions, one craft session, to the Methodist Church, the Baptist being rooted and grounded in love.quot; and one group discussion session called Church, the Lutheran (Ephesians 3:16-17). So then how do Bibleland Bay. At the end of each day, Church .and St. Peter’s Church in you abide with the continual presence of water sports were conducted. The goal Philly...quot; God in your heart? What fruits of the of every activity organized in this year’s Spirits have you become aware of in VBS was to increase the spirituality of The twenty dollar bill interrupts, quot;What's yourself? Here I'll remind you: quot;The fruit children and promote interaction a church?quot; of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long between children to exchange their ideas suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, on the Christian faith. meekness, temperance.quot; (Galatians VBS began with an opening 5:22-23). Do you have these feelings and ceremony conducted by Fr. Paul no, they are not personal characteristics, Parambath and Fr. Jose Daniel. Both of they are gifts. A gift is that which we them gave inspiring messages to the formerly did not possess, but which children and pointed out the importance through spiritual growth has come into of the biblical passages they were going The Army of the Lord out life. to encounter at their study sessions. The morning prayer of all the VBS days was A friend was in front of me coming out of followed by a song teaching session So why do we go to church? To church one day, and the preacher was conducted by VBS volunteers. Songs listen to the sermon? But these days you standing at the door were in English and Malayalam and often can get that from a radio presenter. To as he always is to shake hands. He involved actions to go along with them. pray? But you can pray everywhere at grabbed my friend by the hand and The participation of youth, Sunday any time. Then, to make an offering? But pulled him aside. school teachers and kids, parents, and these days there are numerous The Pastor said to him, many others made this year’s VBS a collections on the streets. quot;You need to join the Army of the Lord!quot; success. to be continued on p. 3… 2
  3. 3. Vol 1: Sept. 2007 of announcements? But you can get that The woman went out and asked Love to from an acquaintance. To put up a please come into their house and be our candle? But you can put up a candle in guest.quot; Love got up and started walking front of the icons at home. And so, why toward the house... The other 2 men also do we go to church? got up and followed him. Surprised, the lady said: quot;I only invited Love... Why are Wealth and Success Why does His Word invite: quot;Come The Invitation Parable coming in too?quot; unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy The old men replied together: quot;If you had e.html laden, and I will give you rest...and ye invited Wealth or Success the other two shall find rest for your souls.quot; (St. A woman came out of her of us would have stayed outside... but Matthew 11:28). Thus, God calls us to house and saw 3 old men with long white since you invited Love, wherever he Himself, so that he might present us with beards sitting in front of her house. She goes we usually go with him. something. Learning - quot;Learn of Mequot;; did not recognize them. She said quot;I don't Spirit – quot;Receive ye of My Spiritquot;; Love, think I know you, but you look hungry... Always remember, Love first... if you peace, joy - quot;Abide in My lovequot;, quot;My Please come in and have something to want Wealth and Success to follow! peace I give unto youquot;, quot;That my joy eat.quot; quot;Is the man of the house home?quot;, might remain in you.quot; But Christ grants they asked. quot;No,quot; she said. quot;He's out.quot; Who have you invited into your us something further, quot; Abide in me and I quot;Then we cannot come in,quot; they replied. home? in you...Receive ye this, this is My blood, which I shed for you...quot; In the evening when her husband came home,she told him what had happened. And so we come to church, so He said, quot;Go tell them I am home and that we might receive something therein. invite them in.quot; Therefore, to visit church is not an onerous obligation, but a wondrous The woman went out and invited the men privilege. We are granted the right to to come in. quot;We rarely go into a house stand as participants in the Mystical together,quot; they replied. Supper. We are granted the possibility of becoming partakers of the divine nature. One of the old men explained: My name God sought us and has found us. We is quot;Love,quot; his name is quot;Wealthquot; (pointing simply need to go to church so we can to one man), and his name is quot;Successquot; be as close to God as we can. Church is (pointing to the other man). Then he the place where God approaches the added, quot;Now go in and discuss with your people. If Christ presents us with the Cup husband which one of us you want in of Communion through the royal gates, your home.quot; does it make sense for us to affirm that quot;I have God in my heartquot;? Therefore, if The woman went in and told her anyone ever looks at the idea of husband what was said. Her husband gathering at a church in puzzlement, you was overjoyed. quot;How wonderful,quot; he are now better equipped to explain our said!... quot;Since that is the case, let us behavior to such people. invite Wealth... Let him come in and fill our home with wealth.quot; The Faithful Moses and the burning bush. His wife disagreed... quot;My dear, why don't By Jingle Thomas By Paul Parambath we invite Successquot;? Their daughter was listening from the By faith I was born, other side of the room... She jumped in Through faith I will grow, With Him in Death with her own suggestion: quot;Would it not Through prayer and good deeds, By Eldhose Thekkethottiyil be better to invite Love? Our home will Through trials and tribulations, then be filled with love.quot; Through love, loyalty, ascension and I feel great pain! I cannot move quot;Let us heed our daughters advice,quot; said vision will I affirm my belief in Him. my body. No matter where I turn, no the husband to his wife... quot;Go out and By faith I will stand till my last breath, matter how hard I cry, the pain leaves invite Love to be our guest.quot; To be born again as the faithful in me not. It is like a snake that does not let heaven, go until its prey is dead for sure. To take my rightful place at the right to be continued on p.4… hand of God. 3
  4. 4. Vol 1: Sept. 2007 I can barely open my eyes for the sun by leading people towards God and having acknowledged his words in these falls straight on my face. Through its thereby prevent the evolution of sinners last moments of my life. And then, the powerful rays it deprives me of my life, like me. I had seen Jesus preach but prisoner that hangs on the cross to the little by little. I am ready to fall on the never gave an ear to his teachings right of Jesus shouts at him to rescue us ground. But the ruthless nails on my because I never believed in God. I all. A force within me compels me to yell. palms and feet will not let go until they believed only in myself and in what I did. I ask the prisoner if he does not fear God have fulfilled the duty assigned to them- But now I feel I should have listened to even at the time of his death. I turn to to kill me. So, from three nails I hang on Jesus because if I had he would have Jesus and I tell him to remember me a cross that now drenches with my cleansed me from sin, the same way he when he ascends into his kingdom. I blood. Flowing down the cross, the blood cleansed the leper and gave sight to the never expect a reply because I know the from my body soothes me not but the blind. These people believed in Jesus depth of my sins and my lack of purity to dried, sand smeared stones lying on the and were therefore able to see his comprehend him in his wholeness. But ground. I think I have been cursed. Yes, miracles in their lives. Believing in him Jesus baptizes me in his words on the cursed I am by all the people that I killed would have rescued me from the cross when he says that I would be with and stole from in my dark, sinful life. I suffering that I am going through now. him, from that night on, in paradise. I see them laughing and rejoicing in front now know that he is the son of God of me as I struggle to take a breath. They because I believe in him. Even though spit at me and throw stones at me. I lie death, in a few moments, will engulf me I helpless on the cross accepting my fate have received the love that I longed for and awaiting the clutches of death. But throughout my life and it is this love that I somewhere in my dying soul, I feel that I will live by after I die. do not deserve the grave suffering I am going through. I grew up on the streets and In the Footsteps… never knew whom my parents were. The people around me showed no mercy to me. They treated me like a dog and would kick me away from their path if I blocked them. My need to survive forced me to steal. Everyday, as I stole more and more from people, I got better at it. The soldiers and people on the Stealing for me was a form of revenge Syrian Orthodox Teachings ground mock Jesus. They claim that if he against the people who hurt me and the (taken from Queen of the Sacraments by Fr. is the Son of God let him rescue himself. law that never delivered to me what it K. Mani Rajan) Deep in my mind, an urge rises to shout promised. Every time I stole, my Compiled by Jingle Thomas at them to not mock him anymore contempt towards society increased and because he has not done anything so did my arrogance. I quickly became Do you know that the church wrong to them. But Jesus responds by the most sought after thief of the Roman building has five parts to it? pleading God to forgive the people soldiers. But pride always goes before a because he claims that they do not know fall and I was captured and condemned The Narthex what they are doing. Jesus is bleeding to death. Burning with pain and a sense It is the western-most part of the profusely from head to toe. He has lost of failure I turn my head to my right to let church. It is usually at a lower level from his strength. And yet he does not lose the winds kiss my face. As I open my the rest of the church. In our church, it is his trust in the God he believes in. How eyes with the slightest of relief, I see the room that we enter into from the is it possible for this man? Nowhere Jesus on the cross. I had heard about outside. before in my life have I seen a man who him and his mission on the streets. sticks to his principles so firmly as Jesus. People referred to him as “The Messiah” The Nave Even in the moments of death he is and he had touched the hearts of people It is the largest part of the praying for his enemies. He truly is through his actions. Again, I feel that the church where the men and women practicing what he preaches. There is law is unjust because it has lead to the gather for worship. Men are on one side surely a great goal he wishes to achieve crucifixion of an innocent man who and the women are on the other side. It through his death. I know not what it is sought to spread the word of God symbolizes where the people of Israel but it through this goal that he will prove through love and thereby change gathered together while Moses went to his greatness. My mind urges me to people’s perception of the divine law. to be continued on p. 5… speak to him. But I feel ashamed of Jesus was trying to make a better society 4
  5. 5. Vol 1: Sept. 2007 Mt. Sinai. This part of the church is reserved for the faithful. Only COGs (Children of God) permitted entry here. The Kesthrumo Publication Board Letter It means “not risen from earth”. It is the space between the nave and the As a part of St. Peter’s Church Sanctuary. A railing and a step from the and as members of the S.P.Y.C youth nave separate it. It is separated from the group, we are glad that our first venture sanctuary by two or more steps. The into publishing a spiritual newsletter was Kesthrumo is also where the prayer table accomplished. Through a lot of hard and the Baptism fountain are located. At work and research, we have put together our church we do not have one, but this a newsletter that both the young and the is where the deacons stand for morning mature readers will enjoy. We hope that prayer. the future editions are filled with creative works from both Sunday school and the The Sanctuary youth in our church. We hope this The Syriac word for this is the newsletter is informative and serves as a Madhb’ho, meaning the holy place. It is closer understanding of our faith. This located in the eastern part of the church, newsletter can be found on the church symbolizing paradise. The paradise is Seraphim in the Bible is in Isaiah’s vision website ( and a referred to in Ezekiel 43:1,2,4 as coming “quot;... I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, link will be provided on the youth blog from the east. In heavenly paradise there high and lifted up; and His train filled the site. We give thanks to all who submitted are two things, the Tree of Life and the sanctuary. Above Him stood the their works for the first edition of holy beings. In the Sanctuary, the Holy Seraphim; each had six wings: with two Seraphim. Cross represents the Tree of Life and the he covered his face, and with two he priests represent the Holy beings. The covered his feet, and with two he flewquot;(Isaiah 6:1-3). Holy place is also said to be glowing in Publication Board fire. This is why the priests wear ceremonial shoes when they enter the Jingle Thomas Sanctuary. The altar, which is located in Debbie Mathew the center of the sanctuary, represent Eldhose Thekkethottiyil Christ’s tomb and also it refers to Mount Golgotha (site where Christ was crucified). The altar symbolizes the home of the Holy trinity. The Baptistery Located in the Kesthrumo is used for Baptism. The Baptismal font is made of granite and has carvings on it. At baptism, we are cleansed of our original sin and receive the Holy spirit. We are made a part of the church. The baptismal font symbolizes two different things. It represents the Holy Virgin Mary because it gives a new life to us and we are made as brothers and sisters of Christ. The baptismal font also represents the Holy Sepulcher of our Lord. This is referred to in James 6:3,4. Please ask us if you use any materials from this publication. E-mail: 5