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Safe Resume expanded


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Safe Resume expanded

  1. 1. 1. A1 M cameras Newcastle 2007 Sent up to supervise the initial mast installation of A1M masts. To carry out a site survey the A66 sign sites around Snowgates. Installed the first six cameras at Gateshead on the A1M as a two man team. Additional camera install on MS3 at Eastern end of the A66 on A1M. 2. Sign refurbishment and security cameras A66 Cumbria 2007 Follow on job on signs around Snow Gates. 3. Design and build of Mains distribution panel for all 19” Racking systems to be built at SSL, for Isolation and electrical safety. 4. Fault finding, repair and test of Lantern Controllers and MS3 & MS4 LED Lamps. Including Replacement of surface mount components 5. Rationalisation of earth wiring and continuity in all SSL rack based systems to meet TR1100 requirements and replace unworkable system devised by ‘senior’ staff. 6. MS3 & MS4 works on the M40 Oxford and M42, reprogramming and testing. Follow up job - replacing faulty display boards and fault finding with Colas Engineer, currently with Costain at Yatton. 7. Rework of Unit 10 electrical circuitry to improve Diversity Factor and cut down mains failures due to overload tripping. 8. Cabinet building & installations, creating a very high standard for ease of servicing. For RCCs at Kent/Northampton/Birmingham/Leicester/Manchester/North East/Avonmouth. Senior manager at North West RCC commended our work, described our cabinets as ‘the benchmark’ to be matched from that time. 9. OIF rescue mission East Midlands, working with to repair SSL reputation in several control centres. 10. Help Design, build, test and install Mobile Camera system, linked to Mobile network at Dobwalls in Cornwall. To monitor traffic through long term roadworks on busy holiday route. 11. MAD (Magnetic Anomaly Detectors) system installation & emergency redesign Kent and Birmingham, running a site team. 2010 to 2011. Through initial testing at Berkshire test centre to a first install on the A2 – M25 interchange proved a non viable design. I personally redesigned the carrier and built a prototype in 10 working days, the design was approved and we fitted a working system at Oldbury, J2 M5 (made PTM for some time). 12. Became involved in CCTV, on site installations on the M4. Then a key player in the production in Unit 4 building cameras, programming and setting up through testing to Production Acceptance Testing including observed with Consultant. Organised two technicians as a team to salvage a production run where Cameras were failing and taking out the associated Base Units, looking at a 6+ week delay I reduced this to about 2 weeks. Cable acceptance testing was also required so with a colleague designed and built a Unit to speed testing, commended by the Consultant as we reduced testing from 2 days to a half day. I have been a key player in keeping things going for 3 or 4 years now, keeping records and tabs on all production, keeping Managers fully informed of the status of build and testing. Just before the takeover by Costain Project Manager asked me to be her Co-ordinator on CCTV. 13. Repair and testing of cameras, pan-tilts and base-units.
  2. 2. 14. Works on Cameras, Plymouth, Bodmin, Newquay, Exeter, Portsmouth, Reading. 15. First Production of EAV Cameras. Built part time as I was busy with building and testing existing CCTV systems. 16. Southwick Tunnel, electrician on site. 17. Saltash Tunnel, Sign controllers pulling in cables and connecting to system. 18. Tamar Bridge, sign controllers, servicing fibre optic system. 19. Additional Pan-tilt Cameras at Bowes Incline, Testoes Roundabout Newcastle. 20. Further cameras at Washington on MS3 gantrys. With my wide ranging skills I have often been required to carry out Emergency building repairs around the Yatton premises. MORE TO BE ADDED.