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IPR Intelligence Webinar adam notes for 2018

  1. IPR INTELLIGENCE REPORT 2018 Tuesday August 28, 2018 1pm EST (10am PST) Patexia Adam Novick Director of Client Solutions 914-406-6832
  2. 2 WHO IS PATEXIA AND WHAT DO WE DO? Founder Pedram Sameni, former head of IP at International Rectifier Founded June 2010 Headquarters Santa Monica, California Mission Use the power of technology, collaboration and information to bring more transparency and efficiency to IP Services Crowdsourcing, Recruiting, Research and Patent Analytics and Expert Connect Network About 100,000 legal, technical and business professionals Clients High-tech and biotech industries, law firms and IP service providers, Financial Institutes, universities, and research labs Patexia. Science & Tech h BusinessLegal IP
  3. 3 2018 IPR INTELLIGENCE REPORT Patexia. The most comprehensive report of IPR data and analysis available. Includes all IPR cases for the past 5 years from July 2013 through June 2018. The report contains analysis of the following: 7,700+ cases 4,700+ Patents 80,000+ Claims 1100+ Law Firms 4000+ Companies 5000+ Attorneys 200 Judges
  4. 4 How Do We Collect and Analyze the Data? Patexia. DATA SOURCES DATA CLEANUP DATA ANALYSIS INSIGHT ▪ PTAB ▪ PACER ▪ US Patents ▪ Self-reported by Attorneys ▪ Research data for patterns ▪ Calculating correlations ▪ Finding data dependencies ▪ IPR Intelligence Report ▪ Natural Language Processing (NLP) ▪ Machine Learning ▪ Human Review
  5. 5 PATEXIA DATA SCIENTISTS SCRUB THE DATA Patexia. Data Type Before Cleanup After Cleanup Attorneys ~50,000 ~5,000 Law Firms ~17,000 ~1,000 Companies ~15,000 ~3,900 Example: Karl Renner from Fish & Richardson has been recorded as: ▪ walter karl renner ▪ karl renner ▪ walter renner ▪ karl w renner ▪ walter k renner ▪ Karl Renner ▪ ▪ ▪ We used Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), Attorney’s self-reporting, and Internal Human Review to ensure the data accuracy and integrity of the data
  6. PATENTS Patexia. This year we have included the following rankings and analysis 4,707 Unique Patents 80,000 Unique Claims Top Classification Codes Statistical Analysis Best Performing PTAB Judges Most Active Companies Best Performing Companies Most Active Law Firms Best Performing Law Firms Most Active Attorneys Best Performing Attorneys Most Active PTAB Judges 6 WHAT RANKINGS ARE IN THE 2018 REPORT? JUDGES & COMPANIES FIRMS & ATTORNEYS
  7. 7 RANKINGS CONTINUED... Patexia. Best Performing Most Active Patent Owner Attorneys Law Firms Companies Ranking Related to Ranking Calculated for Ranking Types Petitioner Overall
  8. 8 HOW ARE THE RANKINGS CALCULATED? Patexia. Best PerformingMost Active We only consider cases with one of the following statuses: Terminated-Denied Terminated-Settled Instituted Final Written Decision We then calculate the performance as the ratio of success for: Companies with a minimum 10 cases Law firms and attorneys with a minimum of 20 cases Calculate the top 50 based on number of IPR cases Last year, the formula was only based on the Case-level status. However, this year, we take into account the claim-level results as well. For example, if the case receives the final written decision, we look at the ratio of claims listed vs. claims invalidated and we award the appropriate amount of points to both the petitioner and the patent owner.
  9. 9 PATEXIA 2018 IPR AWARD BADGES Patexia. Best Performing Most Active Any firm or attorney that purchases the report and is ranked in the Top 10, 25 or 50 in a particular category will be awarded a Patexia Top “x” Award Badge for IPR Activity or IPR Performance. Badges can be displayed on the company website, IP Practice home page, attorney bio pages and all social media platforms. We have a seperate press kit for our award winners and will work closely to partner with you for press releases and marketing.
  10. 10 HOW ORGANIZATIONS USE THIS DATA? Patexia. ▪ Business Development ▪ Competitive Analysis ▪ Recruiting for law firms ▪ Strategy and execution (Judges’ performance, historical performance, …) Law firms ▪ Selecting Outside Counsel ▪ Competitive Analysis Companies ▪ Performance of publicly traded companies (NPE, Pharma, Hedge Funds) ▪ Litigation Funding Financial Institutes
  11. 11 HOW CAN I LEVERAGE MY RANKING? Patexia. 01 Third party endorsement backed by numbers 02 Standing out among 1000+ law firms 03 Based on performance assessment compared to opinions USE CASES Display on Firm website and Patexia Law Firm Page Publish on LinkedIn, social media, Patexia Newsletter Include in marketing materials, brochures, letterhead, posters Include in presentations or sales pitches CREDIBILITY
  12. 12 Keep the Community Growing! Patexia. We want to thank the community for all the insights and feedback you have provided over the past year. This report would not be possible without your continued support and we will strive to improve our content in the months and years to come. Attorneys and law firms Don’t forget to claim your profile at for FREE!
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  17. 17 Think of Patexia Patexia. Insights We have a vision of changing the way in which our clients view IP, using unbiased data-driven rankings, independent market intelligence and in-depth analysis to reimagine the industry as we know it. Join the growing list of law firms and corporate clients who trust our research and reporting. Connect Recruiting and Expert Services Leverage the power of our network of 100,000 IP Professionals to find your next lateral or consulting opportunity. Can’t find the right expert? Give us a call. Research U.S. Patents. Applications. Lawsuits. The list goes on; with one overarching mission of turning conventionally frustrating tasks into seamless, flawless processes with powerful visualizations. Contests We’re able to provide complex IP due diligence, where Patent Portfolio Analysis is is just the beginning. Enjoy robust crowdsourced prior art and evidence of use searches using our content platform.
  18. THANK YOU! Patexia We thank you for your support and we welcome you to contact us with any questions! Pedram Sameni, PhD - CEO Adam Novick - Director of Client Solutions