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Repsol YPF Increases Competitive Advantage with Panasas


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Repsol YPF wanted to increase their competitive advantage and generate new business opportunities more expeditiously. They were looking for a solution to deliver processed seismic data more quickly to their interpreters and make faster and better business decisions. Panasas’ fully integrated software/hardware solution helped achieve up to 11X performance improvement. Here’s how.

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Repsol YPF Increases Competitive Advantage with Panasas

  1. 1. Customer Success Story Maxus US Exploration“Out of the box, thesystem was integrated Maxus US Exploration Repsol YPF [NYSE: REP] is an international integrated oil and gas companyeffortlessly into our engaged in all aspects of the petroleum business, including exploration,infrastructure.” development, production, refining and marketing of crude oil and naturalFrancisco Ortigosa gas. Repsol YPF is one of the top ten private oil companies in the world andChief Geophysicist, the largest private energy company in Latin America, with an average dailyMaxus production of 1.2 MMBOE. The company and their subsidiaries place a high value on technological innovation to support their business goals, and views the continuous search for excellence in technology as a key competitive advantage.SUMMARY The Challenge would soon become a bottleneck. “AsIndustry: Repsol YPF, through their American we were building our system, we quicklyOil and Gas subsidiary Maxus US Exploration, recently realized that we needed an exceptionally began subsalt exploration in the deep and fast storage system,” said Ortigosa. InTHE CHALLENGE ultra-deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. addition, the company understood thatRepsol YPF wanted to increase their “We quickly realized that proprietary Pre- as data capacity grew, eventually thecompetitive advantage and generate Stack Depth Migration (PSDM) provides local disk would complicate systemnew business opportunities more management. Because of this, the need the competitive advantage necessaryexpeditiously. They were looking for asolution to deliver processed seismic for success in the Gulf of Mexico,” said to scale capacity in a single namespacedata more quickly to their interpreters Francisco Ortigosa, Chief Geophysicist at became critical to the solution. Finally,and make faster and better business Maxus. The company decided to create knowing that the system needed to bedecisions. an in-house seismic processing solution installed and running in a short period of in its Houston, TX, office to maximize the time, made seamless integration into theTHE SOLUTION value added to the PSDM processing of existing Maxus infrastructure essential.The fully integrated software/hardware 3D seismic data. “We believe that thesolution included the Panasas® best value added during PSDM process The SolutionOperating Environment and the PanFS™parallel file system with the Panasas comes from the time spent by our Maxus purchased Panasas® StorageDirectFLOW® protocol. interpreters building the velocity model because it packages the highest and adding geological significance to it,” performance in the storage industryTHE RESULT said Ortigosa. “The goal was to maximize with a scalable, easy to integrate • Up to 11X performance improvement the compute power in an effort to and manage storage system. Maxus • A single namespace for simplified minimize the amount of time necessary to deployed a Panasas Storage Cluster, cluster management process the data, thus leaving ample time and immediately saw the performance • Ease of integration to our interpreters.” benefits. “After an exhaustive search, it was clear that Panasas delivers the For the compute side of the solution, fastest storage system in the industry,” Maxus deployed a powerful Linux cluster. said Ortigosa. Panasas does this by The cluster provided fast access to the leveraging an object-based architecture data, but it was quickly determined that to provide direct disk to client access. the local disk attached to the nodes This enables exceptional bandwidth 1-888-panasas
  2. 2. Customer Success Story: Maxus US Explorationperformance, a key requirement to seismic processingapplications. “The Panasas team has beenIn addition, Panasas offers a solution that scales in capacity and extremely helpful in sharing bestperformance within a single namespace. While other systems practices for the entire clusterlose performance and increase management touch points as computing solution.”capacity requirements increase, the Panasas Storage Cluster is Francisco Ortigosaable to actually increase performance and capacity within a single Chief Geophysicist,data source. Also important, the integrated SW/HW solution Maxusfrom Panasas seamlessly deploys into data center environments,eliminating installation costs and optimizing the company’s time tosolution.The ResultSince deploying the Panasas Storage Cluster, Maxus nowfocuses on their competitive advantage -- analyzing data-- in a faster, more comprehensive fashion while maintainingthe best processing quality. “The significant performanceimprovements provided by the Panasas Storage Cluster allowus to focus on what we do best, interpreting seismic dataand generating new business opportunities,” said Ortigosa.Tangibly, the company has seen up to 11X performanceimprovement in processing routines with the Panasas system.Realizing more data is on the horizon, Maxus is confidentknowing that the Panasas Storage Cluster will be ableto not only meet their performance needs, but also scalewithin a single system to meet their long term capacity andmanagement needs.Equally as impressive as the system’s performancecapabilities was the ease in which the system installed intothe existing environment. “Out of the box, the system wasintegrated effortlessly into our infrastructure,” said Ortigosa.Complementing the exceptional product offering, thePanasas service and support team has provided key insightin optimizing the entire cluster environment. “The Panasasteam has been extremely helpful in sharing best practices forthe entire cluster computing solution,” said Ortigosa. “Theirinsight has been invaluable in enabling us to achieve our keybusiness goals.”About PanasasPanasas, Inc., the leader in high-performance scale-out NAS storage solutions, enables enterprise customers to rapidly solvecomplex computing problems, speed innovation and bring new products to market faster. All Panasas solutions leverage thepatented PanFS™ storage operating system to deliver exceptional performance, scalability and manageability. PW-10-21200 | Phone: 1-888-PANASAS | © 2010 Panasas Incorporated. All rights reserved. Panasas is a trademark of Panasas, Inc. in the United States and other countries.