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Panasas ActiveStor Reliability that Improves with Scale


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Panasas ActiveStor Reliability that Improves with Scale

  2. 2. 2 PANASAS OVERVIEW § Scale-out NAS Solutions for Enterprise and Research • ActiveStor appliances in 5th generation • Shipping Since 2004, with 19 patents issued (more pending) § Panasas Management • Storage-focused executive management team • Highly experienced technical team − Dr. Garth Gibson, Founder & Chief Scientist, Author of “Berkeley RAID Paper” § VC Funded • Mohr Davidow, Samsung Ventures, Intel Capital, Focus Ventures, Centennial Ventures Industry Recognition Faye Pairman, Panasas CEO Cloud Project of the Year Public Sector Storage Project of the Year
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  4. 4. 4 THE SCALABILITY-RELIABILITY DILEMMA § Hard Drive Failures are Inevitable • Drive failures become more frequent with scale simply because there are more drives to fail. • For this reason, most scalable NAS systems bring scalability that comes at the cost of lower data reliability and availability. § Hardware RAID Increasingly a Problem for Legacy Storage • Reliability and availability get worse with scale • Multi-day rebuild times becoming common • Odds of encountering sector errors too high, even for RAID 6 § RAID Solutions Typically Architected for Protection, not Fast Rebuilds • Long RAID rebuild times lower overall data availability • Rebuild time determined by the quantity of data to rebuild and the RAID architecture performance • Greater risk to production data during rebuild
  6. 6. 6 RELIABILITY AND AVAILABILITY AT SCALE § PanFS Delivers Unmatched Data Protection in Software • Erasure codes protect every file individually − No hardware RAID, no block-level rebuilds − Limits rebuilds to affected files, not entire drives • RAID 6+ with triple parity protection: 150x improvement over dual parity − Guards against two simultaneous drive failures and single sector errors on multiple drives − Only ~25% capacity overhead and minimal performance impact vs. RAID 5+ • RAID rebuild performance scales linearly − Mitigates risk from additional components at scale • Randomized distribution of data means increased reliability at scale − Odds of “one-too-many” drive failures affecting data decrease with scale
  7. 7. 7 PER-FILE RAID INCREASES RELIABILITY § Per-file Distribution Reduces Risk at Scale • Small files are triple mirrored, large files are striped • With more and more drives, three drive failures (exceeding fault tolerance) are less and less likely to affect any given file One file damaged; Only need to restore File 5 No files damaged; Can rebuild all data File 1 (small): down 2, rebuild mirror File 2 (small): unaffected File 3 (small): down 1, rebuild mirror File 4 (large): down 2, RAID 6 rebuild File 5 (large): down 3, file damaged! File 1 (small): unaffected File 2 (small): down 1, rebuild mirror File 3 (small): unaffected File 4 (large): down 1, RAID 5 rebuild File 5 (large): down 1, RAID 5 rebuild x x x Files distributed over ten drives X = DRIVE FAILURES x x x Same files distributed over 20 drives X = DRIVE FAILURES
  8. 8. 8 UNMATCHED DISASTER RECOVERY § Fast Time to Restore • Restore specific files instead of entire file system • Made possible by extra protection of namespace (directory data) in RAID 6+ § Percentage of Files to Restore Approaches Zero with Scale • With RAID 6+ (66% small files), a triple simultaneous disk failure means: 1 in ~200,000 files to restore 1 in ~200,000,000 files to restore Scaling by 10x increases reliability by 1000x!
  9. 9. 9 REVOLUTIONARY AVAILABILITY MODEL § Extended File System Availability (EFSA) Ensures Business Continuity • File system remains available when other systems would be down (even after one-too-many drive failures) • Directory structure stays navigable and all unaffected files can be accessed normally • Only a small number of affected files will be unavailable until restored from backup § Replaces “All Up/All Down” Model of the Past • Targets an “always on” architecture
  10. 10. 10 PANASAS ACTIVESTOR PLATFORM ActiveStor Appliance § Powered by PanFS storage operating system § 122.4TB per shelf à scales to 12PB § 1.5GB/s per shelf à scales to 150GB/s Director Blade § Metadata access § System management Storage Blade § Parallel data access § Advanced caching Panasas Architecture COMPUTE CLIENTS CPUs = RAID ENGINES PANASAS DIRECTFLOW PARALLEL + SCALABLE PANASAS ACTIVESTOR § Single global namespace § Single system to manage § Seamless scaling with no downtime § Pay as you grow § Linear performance scaling
  11. 11. 11 NEW: ACTIVESTOR 16 WITH PANFS 6.0 § ActiveStor 16: Platform for PanFS 6.0 • 50% higher density, leveraging HGST UltraStar® He6 6TB drives • Faster director blade speeds RAID rebuilds • Flash sized for RAID 6+ § PanFS 6.0: RAID 6+ Triple Parity Protection • Per-file, distributed RAID 6+ overcomes limitations of traditional RAID • Reliability increases with scale, not decreases • Extended File System Availability ensures business continuity when other systems would be down • Quickly restore specific files for disaster recovery, not whole file system ActiveStor 16 HGST UltraStar® He6 6TB Drive
  12. 12. 12 ACTIVESTOR 16 PLATFORM § 50% Increase in Density • Hitachi HGST He6 Helium-filled 6TB drive technology • 240GB SSD optimized for RAID 6+ • 122.4TB per 4U shelf § Linear Scalability • Field proven to 12PB and 150GB/s in a single, global namespace − 100 shelves, 2000 HDDs, 1000 SSDs § Improved Director Blade Performance • 19% faster CPU (2.53GHz quad-core) • 4x more cache: 48GB memory • Improves metadata, small file and RAID rebuild performance § Strong at Both Throughput and IOPS • Ideal for large file, small file, and mixed workloads • >13,000 random 4KB file read IOPS per shelf • 1.5 GB/sec per shelf ActiveStor 16 Storage Blade 240GB SSD CPU 8GB Cache 6TB HDD x2
  13. 13. 13 SUMMARY § IT staff in technical research and enterprise environments need scalable and reliable high-performance storage that is easily managed § Selecting scale-out storage usually requires compromises • High performance computing file systems deliver performance but compromise on reliability, availability, and ease of management • Enterprise NAS systems deliver high reliability and availability but compromise performance § Panasas ActiveStor delivers a no-compromise solution
  14. 14. 14 PANASAS® ACTIVESTOR® “No Compromise” Hybrid Scale-Out NAS § Enterprise-Grade Reliability • Triple parity protection with RAID 6+ • Reliability increases with scale • Extended File System Availability § High Parallel Performance • Direct data access eliminates traditional NAS bottlenecks • Capacity and performance scale linearly to 12PB and 150GB/s • Flash accelerated hybrid architecture § Easy Management • Minimal management effort at scale • Set up or grow capacity in <10 minutes • Single, global namespace ActiveStor 16
  15. 15. 15 THANK YOU!!/panasas