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Case study: Consumer Rights Campaign


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This information campaign combined a large scope of activities with creative approach to the tools used. The set included special events for business circles and for families with young children, a road show in all the 27 regional centres in Bulgaria, variety of print and web materials, a tv documentary, a series of online videos and activities in online social networks.

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Case study: Consumer Rights Campaign

  1. 1. Information campaign ‘In the EU you have consumer rights. Stand up for them!’ PR Point / C&W Bulgaria
  2. 2. Summary ‘In the EU you have consumer rights. Stand up for them!’ was a large-scale one-year long campaign implemented in Bulgaria. The campaign tried to start a behavior change by: - Informing people about their consumer rights deriving from EU legislation - Urging them to be active and informed before making a purchase - Pointing out how a consumer organization could help them with independent information.
  3. 3. Background EC initiates awareness rising campaigns in the new member states: 2005 - Poland 2006 – Slovakia, Slovenia, The Czech Republic 2007 – 2006 – Malta, Hungary, Cyprus 2008 – 2009 – Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia 2009 – 2011 – Bulgaria 2011 – 2012 - Romania
  4. 4. Primary target group Consumers at the age of 21-45, as this group is involved in financially significant business-toconsumer relations. It is also assumed to be the group most sensitive to the idea of claiming one’s rights, and to lead in adopting more assertive consumer behavior.
  5. 5. Research The impact of the campaign is assessed based on: - Eurobarometer surveys conducted before the start and at final stage of the campaign; - Focus groups on awareness and attitudes of Bulgarians towards consumer problems; - Data from everyday work of Active Consumers Association. It was a challenge as the target group had proven passive attitude towards their own rights, expecting the state to protect them. But that project initiated the change.
  6. 6. Tactics chosen - Keep communication positive - positive examples motivate people to defend their rights; - Give people concrete advice and information - concrete information on various consumer issues, not only general support to their rights; - Get closer to people - not expecting them to approach consumer organizations, but organizations should approach them; - Involve as many stakeholders as possible - NGOs dealing with consumer rights, Commission for Consumer Protection, businesses, young families with children, media, people active online.
  10. 10. Topical Leaflets 15 topical leaflets on various consumer protection issues have been produced and distributed at the campaign events
  11. 11. Leaflet justifying the membership in a consumer organization distributed as an Insertion in the two most popular dailies
  12. 12. Famecards pointing out the effective way to consumer rights protection; distributed at 834 locations in two waves
  13. 13. Mini-edition of “Active Consumers” magazine This promotional edition was distributed at campaign events and as an insertion in a daily newspaper
  14. 14. www
  15. 15. Campaign web site communicating the project activities including a calendar of the campaign events, topical rubrics, news, etc.
  16. 16. Online video channels Youtube and branded video channels featuring online video series with real consumer cases
  17. 17. Facebook page Facebook page developed, maintained and transferred to Active Consumers Association after the campaign
  18. 18. Twitter profile Twitter profile developed, maintained and transferred to Active Consumers Association after the campaign
  19. 19. Google search
  20. 20. Google content network Google activities in total: 20 501 382 impressions and 48 719 clicks to the campaign web site
  21. 21. Mobile internet Consumer protection regarding travel packages – topical information provided before the holiday season: 313 946 impressions and 3355 clicks to the mobile page in the platform of МТел Vodafone Life Banners Mobile page
  22. 22. EVENTS
  23. 23. ‘Good Practices In Consumer Credit’ – a round table for banks, credit and leasing companies and consumer organisations, March 15, 2010
  24. 24. Consumer days in the country side, 3 events March 15-16, 2010
  25. 25. Road show ‘Active Consumers Are Coming To You!’ - info stand on the central square of each of the 27 regional centers, May – June 2010
  26. 26. Children shows ‘Toy and Children Goods Safety’, June and September 2010
  27. 27. Air Passengers Rights – info and consultancy stand at the Sofia Airport on October 27, 2010
  28. 28. Free of charge broadcast of campaign videos on screens placed in three chains of food stores in Sofia– 9 stores (83 screens) in total in the period February – March 2010
  29. 29. Media relations & partnerships
  30. 30. Together with the chair of Active Consumers Association we have delivered consultations on various consumer protection issues in the news programmes; morning TV programmes; online media and in a weekly radio rubric called “Active consumers”
  31. 31. TV Documentary on positive cases of Bulgarian consumers who faced rights violation and dealt with it, 15 minutes in the prime time on the biggest terrestrial TV bTV
  32. 32. The “Little” Commentary bTV, 19.30 Question to children: Who is protecting our consumer rights? “If I have to stand for my rights I have to call my papa.” “Sometimes /the consumers/ have the right to make a row.” “Each consumer should bear his receipt.”
  33. 33. A headline after the campaign: The Leader of the Consumers Tema News Magazine, February 2011 Active Consumers Association became an ultimate opinion leader on the consumer protection issues in Bulgaria
  34. 34. Results - Outputs • 32 events organized (~ 15000 people reached directly at events with info materials and consultations) • 587 press and online media publications generated • More than 200.000 info and promo materials distributed • 12 appearances on Bulgarian national radio, and over 20 on other radio stations • 43 TV appearances organized • Over 3900 viewings of the online video series • A total of 79 680 screenings of videos in food stores • Over 83000 visits to campaign website.
  35. 35. Results - Awareness raised • • • • 74% of Bulgarians were familiar with at least one specific message of the campaign at its final stage. 62% of the target group recalled the slogan “In the EU you have consumer rights! Stand up for them!” and the associated idioms after they were presented to them; 18% could cite the exact slogan without being prompted; 65% considered the messages about consumer rights to be convincing; 88% of the Bulgarians in the age group 21-45 who were familiar with the messages gave a positive assessment of the information campaign saying that it was useful for them; Sources: Analytical Report - Flash Eurobarometer Series #295, Consumer protection and consumer rights in Bulgaria, field work conducted in December 2010 (last month of the campaign).
  36. 36. Results – Behavioural change • • • • Twofold increase was achieved in the number of Bulgarians who had asked a consumer rights body for help in December 2010 compared to the previous waves of the Eurobarometer survey. After the campaign the number of the people contacting for help “Active Consumers” Association was doubled compared to the situation before the campaign, according to the data from the Association. “Active Consumers” Association became the most frequently quoted source of information and comments regarding consumer rights in Bulgaria, pointed out by the media as being “The Leader of the Consumers”; The “Active Consumers” Association was recognized as an official partner by the newly established Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety. The Association became an attractive partner for various branch and consumer associations being invited for common projects.
  37. 37. Campaign Awards for more info: