PRDA SMC benefits explained2012


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PRDA's social media cooperative is a revolutionary new product directed to SME's. It leverages the benefit of scale. By allowing SME's to band together costs are reduced, marketing reach increased and individual brands celebrated.

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PRDA SMC benefits explained2012

  1. 1. PRDAYour Total Social Media Solution Provider
  2. 2. Social Media CooperativeWould you like your socialmedia program to be manytimes more effective andcost less? Now it can with the Social Media Cooperative (SMC) PRDA has devised a way for businesses to work together to save money and increase sales with social media. Read on. . www.PRDA.Asia
  3. 3. Current situation ● Business struggle to keep their social media profiles active and are often uncertain of success. The average small business Facebook page in Hong Kong has less than 1000 quality fans. That is not enough to run a business ● Lots of money spent on advertising in magazines and websites. The result is your money goes to increase their fan base not yours. ● Managing multiple social media profiles takes time and special skills that most businesses dont haveThe solution. Read on . . . www.PRDA.Asia
  4. 4. PRDA- our solutionThrough the strategic management of message placement we canleverage the fan base of all participating businesses. PRDA willprofessionally manage each business profiles and appropriately crosspromote by posting messages on each others profiles. By sharingmessages across profiles you can greatly increase your marketingpotential while saving money! + + + = SUCCESS www.PRDA.Asia
  5. 5. How it works - simple Example of message cross postedPRDA creates high impact on IFC mall Facebook pagemessages with our professionalcopy write and SEO team andposts on your profile. We crosspromote by posting one messageeach day onanother business profile. Crosspromotion increases your brandpresence! You save money fromreceiving the benefits ofadvertising without the addedcost. www.PRDA.Asia
  6. 6. What you get nowPRDA will: ● Professionally managed social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo for your brand ● Provide professional copy written messages for your review each week (editorial calendar) ● Messages posted across all profiles at strategic times of the day (English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese) ● Monitor your profiles 7 days a week ● Notify you of customer questions, like and thank all fan comments ● Post one message of yours per day on other businesses profile (7 per week) ● Two blogs written and posted on our network of 38 blogs per month www.PRDA.Asia
  7. 7. Immediate benefitsPRDA will: ● Immediately expand your brands reach to more high value fans across Facebook, Sina Weibo and Twitter ● Strategically placed and shared message reach 3 -5 times more potential customers than posting on your profile alone ● Work with businesses that make your business look good www.PRDA.Asia
  8. 8. Future benefitsAs the number of participants grows your moneygains greater strength. That is the benefit of acooperative! Professionally managed social profiles and > 10 cross promotion HK$300 per month Facebook > 25 advertising allowance Mobile app with your > 50 business page Creative, Event promotion, > 100 Ad discounts and more www.PRDA.Asia
  9. 9. Get Started!You can be part of the social media community andstart expanding your brands reach and haveconfidence that your own social media profiles areprofessionally managed. You must: ● Be a small to medium business with a geographic focus of Hong Kong ● Have fewer than 5,000 fans on your social profiles ● Use only 1 profile to present your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Sina Weibo ● Allow for one non-competitive company to post a quality message on your profiles each day ● Want to start putting the power of social media to work for you! www.PRDA.Asia
  10. 10. Some clients www.PRDA.Asia