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My slidedeck from the The Institute of Recruiters (IOR) to in-house recruitment teams on how to use social media, specifically twitter and google + to source candidates

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  • For the first time, I'm not going to stand at the front and attempt to overwhelm you with huge membership numbers no. of uploads and engagement to convince you that social media is worth considering as part of your business communications.Instead. I will say, social media has evolved into the biggest business opportunity of our life time. This sounds a little dramatic, but hopefully you might agree with me shortly.The financial experts say that a business not engaging in social media is an uninvestable proposition.
  • Google is investing in thisLocal places (Google Maps) is now Google+ Local
  • Add to this – extended reach, building brand, Google – why social media for rec (attract + engage passive and active candidates, create connections that will extend your influence within your target audience, build talent pools for now and in the future, enhance your employer brand, gain competitive advantage, be a destination of choice outside of just offering jobs – added value, improve your google rankings
  • Love hearts from Twitter bird?
  • Finding influential
  • Recruitment version – Search for ‘IT Directors’
  • As an example: here’s a comparison of ‘HSBC careers’ and ‘Barclays Roles’We can see the followers of each, who follows both, and the ‘influence’ each profile commands
  • Need example hashtags – in Dave’s word doc – ‘Hashtag Marketing’
  • Google+ - search and replace screenshot –’IT jobs’ manager (Searching in Google+) – recruitment relevant
  • Communities – tap into communities of your candidates during conversations and show interest – add value to the community (research)
  • Benefits/tips for this tool – Findpeopleonplus - filter, search by different things – helps to build your circle of influence
  • Now building a recruitment platform
  • Circlecount – plug in for Chrome – benefits/tips – who’s active, engaged, influential
  • Google is investing in thisLocal places (Google Maps) is now Google+ Local
  • The real value of your social activity in generating hires?
  • Google is investing in thisLocal places (Google Maps) is now Google+ Local
  • Twitter + Google+ for recruitment

    1. 1. Welcome to the IORHome of Education & TrainingThe Professional Body dedicated in providing ‘Excellence inEducation’. Short Courses to Diploma’s created for professionalsin HR, Agency & Internal (In-House) Recruitment. Institute of Recruiters (IOR) – Be part of something new! The fastest growing membership body for Recruiters & HR. A new voice for staffing professionals. Thousands have switched to the IOR - We Offer: 1) Company & Personal IOR Membership (Agency, In-House, HR) 2) Recruitment & HR Qualifications & Short Courses 3) Recruitment & HR Apprenticeships 4) Professional Resources & Template Documents 5) Legal Help & Training 6) Events & Networking 7) Workshops & Master Classes 8) Corporate membership from £249 9) Individual membership at £49 Visit or Join us at
    3. 3. EXCITING NEWS@googledave #IORevents
    4. 4. @googledave
    5. 5. @googledave #IORevents
    6. 6. @googledave #IORevents
    7. 7. @googledave #IORevents
    8. 8. WHY IS SOCIAL MEDIA IMPORTANT TO BUSINESSES? • Social media is not an option. It’s mainstream communications • You can no longer control your brand. You can only influence it • If you’re creative, pro-active and dedicated to reaching your audience there are no limits • Most of the tools are free – but you need to invest time and know how • The average adult has approximately 1,000 contacts in their engaged circles/community and there’s a tendency to share good content@googledave #IORevents
    9. 9. HOW CAN YOU CAPITALISE ON SOCIAL MEDIA? Reduce cost per hire • Direct hires, reduce agency reliance, profitability Talent Pooling • Work with forecasting, MPP, scenario planning, pipelines • Hard to fill roles, areas • Passive & active candidates • Tap into and engage their communities Reduce time to hire • Impact on client ops, costs, profitability Innovation – (lead, not follow) • Forward thinking, client satisfaction, leaders • Aid BID pitches for new clients • New sales opportunities to current clients@googledave #IORevents
    10. 10. IF CARLSBERG DID NETWORKING@googledave
    11. 11. @googledave #IORevents
    12. 12. WHAT ARE YOUR OBJECTIVES? • Reduce cost per hire and time to hire • Attract and engage active and passive candidates • Create connections and influence your target audience • Build talent pools for now and in the future • Enhance your employer brand • Gain competitive advantage • Add value to your audience outside of just posting jobs • Improve your Google rankings • Some or all of the above!@googledave
    13. 13. ROMANCING CANDIDATES ON TWITTER@googledave #IORevents
    14. 14. ADVANCED TWITTER SEARCH@googledave
    17. 17. FOLLOWERWONK – ANALYSE FOLLOWERS • Segment your followers by many different variables • Influence, gender, location, follower counts, languages and many more…@googledave #IORevents
    18. 18. FOLLOWERWONK – COMPARE FOLLOWERS Compare followers to competitors, helps you to build new relationships@googledave
    19. 19. FOLLOWERWONK – ANALYSE FOLLOWERS Examine Followers • Analyse followers based on social authority, age, language etc • See what key influencers/common interests there are@googledave #IORevents
    20. 20. TWEETBEEP@googledave
    21. 21. TWITTER TOOLS SOCIAL BRO@googledave #IORevents
    22. 22. TWITTER TOOLS SOCIAL BRO@googledave
    23. 23. TWITTER TOOLS SOCIAL BRO@googledave #IORevents
    24. 24. TWITTER TOOLS SOCIAL BRO@googledave
    25. 25. HASHTAG MARKETING #CEOjobs (specific) #Execjobs (specific) #seniormanagement (specific) #bestjobs (popular) #management (popular) #consultant (popular) #Executive (popular)@googledave #IORevents
    26. 26. TWEETADDER SCALLING YOUR SOCIAL GROWTH • Import lists that you’ve created using other tools • Search on users profiles with specific keywords • Automatically add followers at a correct frequency • Automatically un-follows based on reciprocal following • Beware of Twitter jail!@googledave
    27. 27. HOOTSUITE MANAGE YOUR SOCIAL ON THE GO@googledave #IORevents
    29. 29. @googledave #IORevents
    30. 30. @googledave
    31. 31. @googledave #IORevents
    32. 32. @googledave
    33. 33. WHY YOU SHOULD USE GOOGLE+@googledave
    34. 34. WHY YOU SHOULD USE GOOGLE+ Google Hangouts – its Free • Chat face to face • Host virtual meetings • Screen sharing • Extended circles, means you influence your followers and theirs Hangouts ‘On Air’ • Live broadcasts – for free • Stream to you Google + Profile, YouTube • And your website • Save instantly to YouTube • Shared to the world@googledave #IORevents
    35. 35. WHY YOU SHOULD USE GOOGLE+ How you can search and build your circles • Search by keywords • Search by people, pages, communities and posts • Search for IT managers, or specific companies and their employees@googledave
    36. 36. WHY YOU SHOULD USE GOOGLE+ Google Plus Communities • New addition (fairly!) • Engage in communities – just like your candidates • Add value, don’t broadcast@googledave #IORevents
    37. 37. WHY YOU SHOULD USE GOOGLE+ CIRCLES@googledave
    38. 38. GOOGLE + TOOLS FIND PEOPLE ON PLUS Making Connections on Google + • Search by keywords • people, locations • Business and occupations • Brands and interest • Demographic filters • Age, looking for, male, female • Education, employer Allows you to • Discover influencers • Assess who follow them • Assess who the follow • Levels of engagement #IORevents
    39. 39. GOOGLE + TOOLS FIND PEOPLE ON PLUS@googledave
    40. 40. GOOGLE + TOOLS RECOMMENDED USERS Recommended Users • Discover influencers by topic • Think about your candidates interests • Romance and make friends • +1 and share their content • Commend and add value to them • Givers gain • Tap into their communities • Help to build your AuthorRank • Look for guest blog opportunities #IORevents
    42. 42. WHY YOU SHOULD USE GOOGLE+ Get your content read and ranking faster • Faster indexing of your content – make it relevant to your candidates • Extended circles, means you influence your followers and theirs Authorship Tag = Identity • Have you set yours up? AuthorRank is coming! • How authoritive and interesting are you to your audience? • Share-ability of authors content • Number of people in your circles and how many you are in • Engagement levels of your content@googledave #IORevents
    43. 43. AUTHORSHIP IN PRACTICE@googledave
    44. 44. AUTHORSHIP IN PRACTICE@googledave #IORevents
    45. 45. AUTHORSHIP IN PRACTICE@googledave
    46. 46. SEARCH PLUS YOUR WORLD – FED BY GOOGLE@googledave #IORevents
    47. 47. FUTURE PROOFING SEARCH & SOCIAL@googledave
    48. 48. CONTENT MARKETING IS A MUST Rome wasn’t built in a day • Commit and invest for ROI • Remember - why should it be easy? • Earn links for SEO, enhance reputation, build trust from customers If Carlsberg did networking • Influencers and their influencers – aligning the planets • Don’t just target you audience, involve and build relationships • Givers, gain Content is a ‘king maker’ in different disguises • Written • Surveys, news, roundtables, interviews • Infographics, 404 pages • Slidedecks • Education resources, downloads • Photo’s, video@googledave #IORevents
    49. 49. We have tried to make a feature or event within the site, meaning that it grabs more attention that a simple Twitter button. Therefore they see a higher conversion rate when compared to a standard site.@googledave
    50. 50. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS@googledave #IORevents
    51. 51. @googledave
    52. 52. @googledave #IORevents
    53. 53. SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT@googledave
    54. 54. SOCIAL MEDIA WHAT DO YOU WANT TO MEASURE?@googledave #IORevents
    56. 56. MEANINGFUL MEASUREMENT GOOGLE ANALYTICS Social Value • Visits from social platform • Socially assisted conversions • See how valuable you social activity is to generating applications and hires • Social attribution modeling • What content gains engagement? • Where does drop off/exit happen?@googledave #IORevents
    57. 57. MEANINGFUL MEASUREMENT GOOGLE ANALYTICS Conversions • Clarity on social value in your digital attraction • Last click conversions of social media influence? • Fine tune your attraction strategies@googledave #IORevents
    58. 58. PUTTING THIS INTO PRACTICE@googledave #IORevents
    59. 59. @googledave #IORevents
    60. 60. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS@googledave #IORevents