PRDA Presentation to Accor APAC


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Douglas White of PRDA Asia presents the 3 trends in impacting social media in 2011. Mobile, China and Service Centres

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PRDA Presentation to Accor APAC

  1. 1. PRDAYour Total Social Media Solution Provider
  2. 2. www.PRDA.Asia
  3. 3. Why Social Media Europe North America 475,100,000 266,000,000 58% penetration 77% penetration Asia 825,100,000 21% penetrationDecember 2010, Internet WorldStats NA + Europe < Asia www.PRDA.Asia
  4. 4. Why social media www.PRDA.Asia
  5. 5. PRDA - Trends www.PRDA.Asia
  6. 6. PRDA - Trends www.PRDA.Asia
  7. 7. PRDA - Trends Evolution www.PRDA.Asia
  8. 8. Mobile www.PRDA.Asia
  9. 9. PRDA - Trends www.PRDA.Asia
  10. 10. Mobile the new PC www.PRDA.Asia
  11. 11. Mobile - China dominates www.PRDA.Asia
  12. 12. China www.PRDA.Asia
  13. 13. China www.PRDA.Asia
  14. 14. China - Travel and Blogging www.PRDA.Asia
  15. 15. Evolution 2008 www.PRDA.Asia
  16. 16. PRDA - Trends 2009 www.PRDA.Asia
  17. 17. PRDA - Trends2010 www.PRDA.Asia
  18. 18. 2011integration, staffing, advertising and measurement are allkey areas of focus for social media strategists in 2011. www.PRDA.Asia
  19. 19. Call centres Benefits Cost Turn key Quality control Common business rules Centralised skill sets non-core capability Liability Customer resistance Organisation restructuring Poor linkage to organisation Talk www.PRDA.Asia
  20. 20. Social Media Service Centre - 5 step process 1. Listen 5. Analytics 2. Content creation 4. Engage 3. Publish www.PRDA.Asia
  21. 21. Step 1 - listenListening (monitoring) is the most important component ofsocial media strategy. It is the front line for brand protectionand effectively influencing online conversations.Listen to: Who Where How Customer info Competitor info Sentiment Crisis alerts www.PRDA.Asia
  22. 22. Step 2 - content creation Be part of the conversation. Influence and add value. Be relevant to your fans. With effective listening comes the knowledge to craft relevant content. Content: Relevant Exciting Influential SEO Colloquial/ local Shareable Positive www.PRDA.Asia
  23. 23. Step 3 - publishContent published to branded sites. Using 9 channels andproper placement brand content has maximum impact. Witheffective listening comes the knowledge to place andparticipate effectively in conversations.Publish: Branded Multi-channel Targeted Multilingual Country specific www.PRDA.Asia
  24. 24. Step 4 - engageEngagement is unique to social media. Amplify positivemessages. Interact with fans. Manage conversations andprotect the brand. With effective listening comes theknowledge to enhance fans brand experience and influencesentiment.Engage: Deep consumer info Amplify positive Minimise negative Q/A Influence Community management www.PRDA.Asia
  25. 25. Step 5 - analytics and measurementBusiness needs results. Analytics along with KPIs candemonstrate ROI or equivalent media value. Social mediashould be an investment that pays dividendsAnalytics: ROI Brand positioning Conversion Share of voice PR www.PRDA.Asia
  26. 26. ReviewSocial media is big. The skills necessary to manage are notyet fully determined or readily available. Underestimating isprobably the biggest challenge business will face goingforward. Consumber behaviour continues to shift China becomes increasingly distant End to End 24/7 solutions are necessary Monitoring Content creation Publishing Engagement Analytics and measurement www.PRDA.Asia
  27. 27. Thank you