Internet lesson via Skype


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Internet lesson via Skype

  1. 1. Skype Lesson planTopic: The Internet Has Changed our Life….(part1)Teacher: Olga MorozanDate: 01.03.2012N Stages Procedures Materialsr1 Evocation Inferring the topic under the discussion: A thread ball, 1)“Thread ball” activity a) Tell students that it is morning, the beginning of a working day… hard working day.. and the day to be successful should start with a compliment or a good wish. Show them the thread ball, make a compliment to someone from the class, and pass the ball to this st, keeping the thread between fingers. b) Then ask the complimented st to pass the tread ball to someone from the class, sitting in the opposite part from them, and tell something pleasant to him/her. When sending the ball, the fist st has to keep the thread between fingers. The same action should be made by the st who received a compliment, but now addressing the ball to another st while wishing something, and keeping the thread between fingers. c) The procedure should be repeated with almost 7 students, having obtained a thread net. 2) Ask sts to answer the following questions: “What does this activity/exercise refer to? What have we done? What might the thread mean/refer to? “, coming up to the idea of Internet and ways to interact online (sending messages) 3) Then , ask sts holding the thread one by one to tell words associating with the Internet and online activity while wrapping the ball back (from the last st to the fist… the teacher). One st is writing all the words on the blb on a mind map of the Internet. 4) Having the words written on the blb, ask sts working in groups (4 Oxford groups) to make a definition of Internet . They have to write their Dictionary online
  2. 2. defintions on paper which will be placed on blb. http://oxforddictio 5) While the are working, the st working at the blb will have to consult on/Internet? the official definition given by Oxford Dictionary at q=internet . 6) The groups present their definitions and then compare with the 4 pieces of blank original one, and will consider whose definition was the most paper. appropriately written.2 Realization a) Ask sts to pick up one card from the pail the teacher offers and Cards with words of meaning arrange themselves into 4 groups by the word written on their written on them cards. This way, there will be formed groups of: communication, (communication, information, entertaining, services. information, entertaining, b) Each group has to call out the name of their group as to infer services) the possible connection between them and Internet. (these all represent the reasons people use Internet) Felt-tip pens and 4 c) Working in groups, sts will have to advertise one site which pieces of paper offers the service provided by name of their group (write the name of the site on the paper) in form of 1-min speech, 3 big cards with following the structure WHAT< WHAY< EXAMPLE<CONCLUSION. “WHAT”, “WHY”, d) “Communication” group presents their advertising. EXAMPLE”, and CONCLUSION” e) Watch a movie clip called “Internet Love Song” on written on them. and state: Movie clip on http://www.youtu - what kind of communication is there presented in the song, and - if this communication is effective and why do they think so. v=WX8Ys25ltg0&fe ature=related This way the teacher leads discussion on the ways adolescents communicate/interact online, the language used and the degree this communication might be efficient. f) Net Language: -Watch the movie on Acronyms -Movie clip on http://www.youtu v=lMsbZUL6xPE&feature=related (the sequence from min 0:00 -2:42 min) and ask sts to enumerate the most frequently v=lMsbZUL6xPE&f acronyms used by sts, plus adding some more from their native eature=related
  3. 3. language. -A message written in L33t -Ask sts to decode a message from the blb (2B||!2B (to be or not language on the to be) blb (2B||!2B ) -Give sts the handouts of L33t language and ask them to write a -Handouts with wish for another group while working in groups. The messages L33t should be written on a stripe and then given to another group who should decode the text. -4 blank paper stripes g) “Information “group presents their advertising message of the informative site. After the group presents their speech, ask sts to state how the internet might be useful for their school education -4 paragraphs on and work. online games h) “Entertainment” group presents their advertisement of the site. benefits i) Each group has to find a paragraph hidden under the desk and briefly presents the benefits of online game play. Movie clip on j) “Services” groups presents their advertisement. http://www.youtu k)Watch the movie v=FhZU48VTn9c “Online Safety-shopping online: security tips” and state some tips to protect online while shopping.3 Reflection Human Statue: Ask each group to make a human statues representing the Internet and present them. The other groups will have to interpret it, explaining what they understood from this statue.4 Extention Evaluation: Each sts has to finish up the sentence: “After this lesson I realized that …” Home task: Make a Word Cloud on (using tutorial from in order to complete the phrase: “The Internet for me means…”