is Skype the limit?


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skype+edmodo presentation @Global EDUCATION cONFERENCE 2012

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is Skype the limit?

  1. 1. Chryssanthe Sotiriou High School EFL Coordinator
  2. 2. Social learning + social media  people being situated in a common environment and observing one another.  learners perceive each other for comparison and self-evaluation,  see others as a source of information  communication tools that allow users to create, modify, and/or distribute content.
  3. 3. picture text A powerful tool!! animation sound
  4. 4. Exploiting the tablet p.c. Exploitation Abuse Use
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  7. 7. Understanding space travel Background information  At some time in the future, there will be cities in space due to problems humanity faces.  The first of these cities will probably be lunar based or Mars based.  There has been an attempt to create such an environment with BIOSPHERE2.
  8. 8. Understanding space travel Divided the class in the following teams 1. The researchers 2. The inhabitants 3. The designers Teams should cooperate in order to create the best possible space city. Questions should be asked and answered(in written form)+ drawings or computer-aid designs presented in class Use of the internet +Wikipedia sources
  9. 9. Understanding space travel Skype connection with space expert Dr Alexander Martynov Professor Alexander Martynov, worked at the Russian Space Control Center from, 1968-1992, as head of the Ballistic Department! Dr. Martynov has authored 120 scientific articles and 6books dedicated to the motion of spacecraft in planetary atmospheres.
  10. 10. Set rules • • • • Talk extensively about what students should respect. Take into consideration the copyright laws. Read carefully the terms and conditions of each site. Especially privacy. Make clear that no offensive language can be used and no pranks will be tolerated.
  11. 11. Try It This Week Check out some of the top language arts content that has been shared in Edmodo this week: Graphic Novels Engage your students' interest in reading with this collection of resources on graphic novels. Share in Edmodo. Persuasive Essay Plan Use this graphic organizer to plan and write a persuasive essay. Share in Edmodo. Understanding Adverbs Gain an understanding of adverbs of manner with this grammar lesson video. Share in Edmodo.
  12. 12. Is technology panacea?        Technology is a medium to achieve our goals. It is up to us to use it in a creative and beneficial way. It cannot substitute the teacher. It can promote autonomous learning and creativity. It can give learners a sense of achievement. It can strengthen bonds between the teacher and the learners. Above all, it is there to facilitate and NOT to hinder our teaching.
  13. 13. Thank you all!!!! Twitter: @chryssanthe