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Organic Standards – Are we getting them right?


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2019 AGM

Published in: Food
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Organic Standards – Are we getting them right?

  1. 1. Organic Standards: Are We Getting Them Right? Hugh Martin Simon Jacques David Cohlmeyer Ruvena Buslovich Joel Aitken Rob Wallbridge Moderated by Carolyn Young
  2. 2. Would you rather? Canadian Organic Standards Revision OCO AGM Presenters: Simon, Joel, Rob? (I believe he is on Crops working group)
  3. 3. Which do you trust more? Signed Affidavit Lab Analysis Report
  4. 4. What should animals eat? Whole crops minimally processed Ration balanced by a nutrionist
  5. 5. Where is the ideal place for organic products to be sold? Farmers Markets National Grocery Chains
  6. 6. Which is more important for Livestock? The Freedom to go outside Experiencing variable weather conditions
  7. 7. Should new organic acres come from? Conventionally managed farm fields Land that has never had any prohibited inputs
  8. 8. Who should determine the organic standards for the next 5 years Consumers Farmers