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NextRide, the rise of a startup made possible by an open data initiative - Thomas Hermine


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Next Ride is the perfect example of a Walloon startup made possible by an Open Data initiative taken by a public operator. TEC, the Walloon public bus operator announced opening up their data only a year ago during the first edition of Open Belgium. Today they already have a tangible case of how opening up data can benefit all the involved. stakeholders.

NextRide is a transit mobile companion, offering quick and user friendly access to TEC and STIB/MIVB bus, tram and subway timetables on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone & on the web.

Thomas, co-founder of NextRide, will explain how ProchainBus, which started out as a student hacking project became NextRide, a startup ready to take off on the international market. And how this young team is now partnering with 2 out of the 4 Belgian transit agencies.

Thomas will show how open data, rather than a source of competition, can actually enlighten public services.

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NextRide, the rise of a startup made possible by an open data initiative - Thomas Hermine

  1. 1. Open-Data: our story 23RD FEB. 2015
  4. 4. In every country, the same app.
  5. 5. - Design range from poor to average - Few/No updates - No powerful features
  6. 6. Photo (CC) - andrea_minoia
  7. 7. Photo (CC) - Lee Gwyn
  8. 8. One of the most used type of app.
  9. 9. but far from being the most actively developed.
  10. 10. And it’s okay: it’s not their job.
  11. 11. This, is their job.
  12. 12. OpenData : giving us the opportunity to make it our job
  13. 13. WHAT WE DO 2
  14. 14. THEY WON’T/CAN’T DO IT 3
  15. 15. Margaux Karim Jean Julie Fred SteveFatima
  16. 16. Margaux COMMUNICATION
  17. 17. DOWNLOADS 168.000
  18. 18. USERS 37.000 SESSIONS 283.000 SCREEN VIEWS 1,4 million EVERY MONTH
  19. 19. OPEN-DATA AND US 4
  20. 20. We did not wait Open Data to… well, open data.
  21. 21. ALL IS NOT PERFECT 5
  22. 22. 3 black spots in our life, today.
  23. 23. TEC & STIB realtime
  24. 24. DeLijn Data Sharing
  25. 25. SNCB-NMBS
  26. 26. STARTING POINT Mobile App: a full-time job WHAT WE DO Powerful features for power-user THEY WON’T DO IT Crowd-sourcing disruptions OPEN-DATA & US Open-Data everywhere! ALL IS NOT PERFECT 3 black dots in our life
  27. 27. One more thing…
  28. 28. LET’S PLAY! 6
  29. 29. @NextRideApp Help @NextRideApp, open uw data @SNCB @NMBS @DeLijn! We zullen goed gebruik maken, beloofde :-) #opendata #OpenBelgium15 - RT to support :-) Aidez @NextRideApp, ouvrez vos données @SNCB @NMBS @DeLijn! On en fera bon usage, promis :-) #OpenData #OpenBelgium15 - RT to support :-)
  30. 30. CREDITS Little Belgium - Liegetogether, Nicolas Coorens Tuncay Christian R. Hamacher gianni belloni Ville Miettinen gianni belloni Sander van der Wel François Xavier TESTU Guillaume Brialon a magic monkey! Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen Dennis Grailich Serg C epSos .de Never House harry_nl tramfan239 Hendrik Ploeger Lali Masriera Thomas Lieser wwwuppertal Sivi Steys Thomas Lieser Bentley Smith Jens Luedicke tuo tengganai Alberto Rincón NguyenDai Mark Garbowski Mark Garbowski Cedric Lange Photo Dean Ian Muttoo Steven Feather Chris Chabot wwian Gerard Stolk