Water Quality Standards in Ohio


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Grant Maki's presentation at the OEC's 2013 Legislative Summit.

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Water Quality Standards in Ohio

  1. 1. Represented OEC instakeholder meetings withOEPA.Here to talk about Importance of the rules Where we are in the process How you can help
  2. 2. Importance of the Rules•Give common vocabulary to understand water resources oHelps us decide which permits to appeal, and evaluate progress towards water quality goals.•Increases protection for high quality streams•Will form basis of mitigation rule oThis is what actually steers industry away from high quality streams•Transparency
  3. 3. Two Ways You Can Help1. Sign the letter in your folder • Write your name/organization/contact information on the letter and • Return it to me, to Kristy Myer, or to the registration table up front2. Write your own letter/call your elected representatives • Educate your decision maker about the importance of small streams