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  1. 1. Soundbites The Structure of the Social Conversation on Steroids
  2. 2. To start with... Choose 3-4 friends
  3. 3. friends with whom you often try to save the world
  4. 4. Expand the network Each of you should contact one to three people that you think would like to save the world as well. If you can, find people you don't know too well.
  5. 5. Try to find people from different fields of life, science and culture. It's better to have 50% boys and 50% girls and so on and so fort.
  6. 6. Send an Invitation to the network Dear Sir/Madam, I'm delighted to invite You to Soundbites - a socially relevant conversation on steroids. It will be held two weeks from now, in a very nice cabinet in a very comfortable bar. I'd like you to think about a problem in the society you would like to solve. If you have one, prepare a less-than-a-minute speech explaining this problem to everyone. We will choose one problem under discussion based on these speeches - and solve it. Take care,
  7. 7. All together you should have... ... invited 12 to 16 interesting minds to Soundbites.
  8. 8. WE'RE READY TO BEGIN let's
  9. 9. First five minutes Everyone is a bit late.
  10. 10. And suddenly everyone is here! The Organizer begins the show.
  11. 11. The Organizer ... is one person who knows what she/he is doing. ... should keep an eye on the watch. ... should be mean and push forward when discussion gets stuck. ... should excite or calm down people when needed. ... should not participate to idea creation!
  12. 12. The Organizer explains the structure All solutions to different post-it-notes ME - WE - US: First private ideation, then pairwise, then with the group
  13. 13. After Organizer has said the welcomes, each one of you ought to say your name out loud, nothing else.
  14. 14. What has been achieved before Just to motivate people it is good to mention that using Soundbites, several severe problems have already been solved.*
  15. 15. Warm-up Do anything that gets beyond the ordinary with everyone at the same time. For example, everyone can name all the things a dentist have done to one's teeth.
  16. 16. Problem-pitches One-minute pitch, max. For everyone who would like to throw 'em.
  17. 17. During the pitches everyone should write down their favorite one.
  18. 18. Gentleman's rule: don't write the name of your own speech!
  19. 19. Because no one remembers the first speeches, the Organizer should go through the topics once more.
  20. 20. Jacques Cousteau-lottery You really need the red hat for the effect.
  21. 21. When you got the red hat, just put all the notes from everyone in the hat and pull one up. You have just selected a theme for tonight's Soundbites!
  22. 22. Abstracting The Organizer talks with the person whose topic was chosen. The goal is to make the problem more abstract. Everyone can comment, but this is mainly a panel discussion.
  23. 23. If the problem is "The conversation in a popular online forum is stupid", perhaps a more abstract goal is "How can we improve the quality of text-based conversation in the web?"
  24. 24. Intermission say, 5 minutes. Just get a beer, dude.
  25. 25. Empty your brain The Organizer goes through the problem again.
  26. 26. Now everyone has about 10 minutes to sit down and just write. As many ideas as possible. Especially the stupid ones, and the ones that everyone has anyway.
  27. 27. Zoom! And that was the end of the 10 minutes. Wow, was that fast or what!
  28. 28. Circulating Ideas Next, everyone should pick their most controversial or interesting idea (like, making energy out of human fat).
  29. 29. Write the idea on a big sheet of paper starting with "How could we implement..." ("How could energy production be implemented using human fat") If the sentence is boring, it's okay to change a few words ("How could growing plants be implemented using human fat").
  30. 30. Then the paper is to be given to the person sitting on the left side. Everyone has 20 to 30 seconds to answer the question and pass the paper forward. When the all the paper sheets have been in front of everyone, it's time to move forward.
  31. 31. And Now We Go Face to Face
  32. 32. You got 15+ minutes in this phase, but you have to find a friend. Try to find someone you don't know that well. Now, before you start doing anything else, try to gather all the ideas you have in separate clusters.
  33. 33. When you're done with that, try to find ways to build on each others' ideas. Take, for example, an idea that only your friend has found and try to take it a little further. Again, especially the silly ones. And remember - the 15min is still running!
  34. 34. End of the 15 minutes.
  35. 35. Grouping Form TWO groups of 2- 4 pairs. Find a common surface. A table is nice, but a wall is better
  36. 36. Try to cluster all the ideas with everyone in the group to give everyone an idea of the whole rainbow of ideas. Again, when possible, build on the ideas if you can. Try to think of the ones that are furthest ones to your thinking.
  37. 37. You got, say, 15 minutes, for this (though the Organizer should not end this part of the discussion if the time runs out). After the 15 min, have a 5-minute break.
  38. 38. After the break Find a crazy solution They are the ones that should be investigated closer. Is there something that would really change the world?
  39. 39. Then discuss if there is an ideal solution. Then discuss how it could be helped to come true. Can you do a little thing that would realize the solution? This is all about Commitment
  40. 40. Commitment Then find a doable solution. Can some people commit to that little doable solution, even if its impact is small?
  41. 41. Explain the action(s) you have committed to do to the other group.
  42. 42. Try to convince people to join in making the change happen the way you have planned.
  43. 43. After one week Meet with the team committed to one action. What you now probably have is a better idea about the whole action you are about to execute.
  44. 44. And then just do it.
  45. 45. And organize another Soundbites in the following week or the week after.
  46. 46. Soundbites is created by Etsivätoimisto / The Private Mind. contact us at
  47. 47. * Picture in the slide 15 is taken with a mobile phone. This picture was published by a local newspaper on the front page as a "proof" of a fake "It's a good idea to use public transportation"-campaign. Faking a whole campaign in 45 minutes was innovated during Soundbites.
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