Crafting Outstanding Presentations - Storytelling Techniques


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Spielberg "meets" Presentation Zen.

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  • fantastic!
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  • This was an excellent presentation! I noticed that many people were asking for it (except for one person who wisely urged people to implement your suggestions instead of just downloading them) because it wasn't available, presumably because of image copyright images. I saw that the transcript was available, but it was in awful shape. So (to help me remember by editing) I fixed and annotated the transcript a bit, and then posted it (because it was too big for comments).
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  • I like this slide. It was very impressive.
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  • Hi Claudio, great! You have done a good job to show how to make a killer story telling presentation, but yet i would need to go through it again and again to efectively get what it takes to apply the techniques, so please would you mind to share to Thanks in advance
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  • Find a compelling dramatic story in which your area/product/technology plays a key role and structure your presentation around that story
  • Corporate politics.Lack of shared values.Weak communication skills.These, and many others, are reasons why most IT projects fail.IT project success rate 1994: 15%IT project success rate 2004: 34%In 1994, 75% of projects failed to meet customer expectations, 30% never see the light of day. 50% are 200% over budget.Most projects are challenged on the basis of lack of “soft skills”, not hard skills.We tend to worry so much on our technical skills, that we tend to forget this “tiny aspect”. Our employers forget this too, so maybe this is a problem.
  • How do you see the world around you?
  • Crafting Outstanding Presentations - Storytelling Techniques

    1. @agilesensei Claudio Perrone
    2. How relevant are presentations to your career?
    3. In late 2007, I was leading a happy life
    4. One day, my phone rang…  
    5. I was offered to speak at a conference BIG
    6. On the one hand, it was a fantastic opportunity
    7. On the other hand, public speaking scared me to death
    8. Year: 1997 Location: C.E.R.N.  
    9. I trained 15 scientists for a week
    10. They skinned me alive
    11. I’ll never forget that experience…
    12. There was no way I was going face another possible humiliation
    13. Besides, I could brain-damage people with PowerPoint
    14. What would you do?
    15. 1   Move  Beyond   Bullet  Points      
    16. In Feb 2008, I joined the revolution
    17. “ Simplicity     is  the  ul<mate   sophis<ca<on   -­‐-­‐-­‐  Leonardo  Da  Vinci  
    18. Despite my efforts, my first dry-run was a disaster
    19. I had strong images, but lack of structure confused the audience
    20. At first, I created a “logical” outline Main Point: Agility + Communication + Creativity lead to success 1. Supporting detail: Agility 2. Supporting detail: Communication 3. Supporting detail: Creativity Summary: Agility + Communication + Creativity lead to success
    21. Then, I discovered BBP!
    22. Let’s “script” the first 5 slides
    23. Let’s see how they “play” Action!
    24. The downturn threatens the future of many individuals and organizations
    25. You are an entrepreneur, meeting an investor for the first time
    26. Investors can be so H A R D t o p e r s u a d e
    27. You’d love them to invest in your great idea
    28. I suggest... Move beyond bullet points Unleash the Power of Story Tame your story to persuade
    29. …And Cut. Well done! (you’ll add the cool pictures another time)
    30. But wait… What if Spielberg showed up?
    31. Dude, you are telegraphing. Your “story” has no drama.
    32. How about this? telegraphing vs. dramatic irony vs. dramatic tension
    33. 2   Unleash  the     Power  of  Story      
    34. Enter a new world
    35. Why Story? People make choices based on emotions (and use data to justify them)
    36. What’s  a  good  story  idea?   Someone [character]   wants something badly [desire]   and goes after it against great odds [obstacles]  
    37. Story revolves around conflict Protagonist   vs.   Antagonist Nature Society Self
    38. Story has good structure O u t e r j o u r n e y
    39. Often, there is a character inner journey WŸA=C W: Weakness (psychological and moral) A: Action (and struggle to accomplish it) C: Changed Person
    40. Let’s see the “highlights” of a past presentation Action!
    41. Most  IT  projects  fail   Will  yours?  
    42. Once  upon  a  1me  I  was  a  successful   so6ware  developer…  
    43. My  technical  skills  made  me  feel  invincible  
    44. Un<l  one  day…  
    45. …I  entered  a  world  of  decep<on  
    46. It  was  Hell  from  day  1  
    47. What  would  you  do?  
    48. I  choked  
    49. …but  then,  I  decided  to  fight  back  
    50. This  is  what  I  tried:   2   Effec<ve     Communica<on   1   Agility   3   Deliberate   Crea<vity  
    51. 1   Agility      
    52. …but  the  project  was  s<ll  at  risk  
    53. 2   Effec<ve   Communica<on      
    54. 3   Deliberate   Crea<vity      
    55. So,  what  happened  to  the  project?  
    56. Amazingly,  it  succeeded  
    57. Lessons  learned...   “ “ We  moved  from  the  Flintstones  era  to  the  future.   -­‐-­‐-­‐  an  end  user   I  was  part  of  something.  I  belonged.   -­‐-­‐-­‐  a  developer  
    58. …And Cut!
    59. Agile  Tales  Walk-­‐through  (1/3)   Setup   Seng     (+Hook)   Setup   (ordinary  world)   Character   flaw   (“naivety”)   Inci<ng   incident  
    60. Agile  Tales  Walk-­‐through  (2/3)     Development   Enter  special   world   Complica<on   Dilemma   Turning  point     Ac<on  /   Resolu<on   New   complica<on   (will  he  succeed?)   Refusal  of  the  call   Ac<on  /     Resolu<on  
    61. Agile  Tales  Walk-­‐through  (3/3)     Resolu<on   Drama<c   ques<on   (restated)   Climax   Adermath   Theme  
    62. How do you craft your own story?
    63. 3   Tame     Your  Story      
    64. I used to rewrite a story ~30 times
    65. Not anymore
    66. I use a 7-steps process
    67. Step 1: Research (Create a Data Dump)
    68. Step 2: Prepare Subject   POV   Listeners   Ac<on   Benefit  
    69. Step 3: Fill and cluster content
    70. Step 4: Identify Story Ideas
    71. Reverse Benefits (what,  how)   Features     Steel  Nib   Body   Cap   Blue  ink   ...   (why,  WIIFY)   Benefits   Does  not  leak   Provides  physical  pleasure   Thoughts  flow  on  paper   Can  write  beau<ful  poetry   …   (lead-­‐to  why)   Reversed  Benefits   Leaks   Inflicts  physical  torture   Thoughts  don’t  flow  on  paper   Writes  terrible  poetry   …   E.g.:  Candidate  Scenario  1   A  poet  struggles  to  leave  her   mark  on  this  earth.  She  writes   terrible  poetry,  her  thoughts   don’t  flow  on  paper,  all  the   pens  she  tries  are  physical   torture  for  her  hand.   Un<l  one  day…  
    72. Step 5: Create a dramatic outline Complication: Claudio fears public speaking Development: 1. Claudio moves beyond bullet points 2. Claudio unleashes stories 3. Claudio tames stories Resolution: Claudio conquers fear
    73. Step 5. Dramatic outline II (saga) Major Complication: Claudio fears public speaking Semi-Major Complication: Claudio kills with PowerPoint Development 1,2,3 Interlinked Complication: Spielberg challenges Claudio Semi-Major Resolution: Claudio moves Beyond Bullet Points Semi-Major Complication: Spielberg challenges Claudio Development 1,2,3 Interlinked Complication: Stories consume Claudio Semi-Major Resolution: Claudio embraces stories Semi-Major Complication: Stories consume Claudio Development 1,2,3 Semi-Major Resolution: Claudio tames stories Interlinked Complication: Claudio fears public speaking Semi-Major Complication: Claudio fears public speaking (restated) Development 1. Claudio pursues emotion Development 2. Claudio welcomes obstacles (carpe diem) Development 3. Claudio finds own voice Major Resolution: Claudio conquers fear
    74. Final Thoughts
    75. “ Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. --- Oscar Wilde
    76. Thank  you!   Claudio  Perrone