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OSFair2017 Workshop | Jisc's OA services


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Frank C. Manista presents the Jisc's OA services

Workshop title: Open Science Monitor

Workshop overview:
Which are the measurable components of Open Science? How do we build a trustworthy, global open science monitor? This workshop will discuss a potential framework to measure Open Science, including the path from the publishing of an open policy (registries of policies and how these are represented or machine read), to the use of open methodologies, and the opening up of research results, their recording and measurement.


Published in: Science
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OSFair2017 Workshop | Jisc's OA services

  1. 1. Jisc’s OA Services Dr Frank C. Manista, European Open Science Manager
  2. 2. 2 Submission Acceptanc e Publication Us e SHERPA JULIET SHERPA RoMEO SHERPA REF R&D:Beta SHERPA Fact Monitor UK Jisc collections OpenDOA R Publications Router R&D:Alpha Monitor local CORE IRUS-UK RIOXX Guidance, consultancy, technical support, and OA good practice Research publicatio n lifecycle Jisc services Report on compliance Deposit in repository Manage costs Check compliance Select Journal Maximise impact Record impact Report OA Services through an article lifecycle Web version:
  3. 3. Jisc, Open Access, and Important IDs »Jisc works with Crossref to get DOIs automatically into services such as Jisc Monitor and KB+ »The UK ORCID consortium now has over 80 participating institutions › Ensuring persistent IDs is key to supporting OA › Underscores the need for automation for reliability across the board 08/09/2017 Jisc OA Services: Monitor Local & Monitor UK 3
  4. 4. The Sherpa Services »Sherpa/Romeo: › Very widely used internationally › The default OA policy registry, moving to a broader base of support and governance › Engaged with publishers to move to machine-readable policies 08/09/2017 Jisc OA Services: Monitor Local & Monitor UK 4
  5. 5. The Sherpa Services »Sherpa/Juliet: › International registry of funder OA and data policies › Worked in association with PASTEUR4OA project to develop machine-readable schema for OA policies – While this is a good schema, it may be too complicated to be widely taken up, but can be the basis for a light version 08/09/2017 Jisc OA Services: Monitor Local & Monitor UK 5
  6. 6. The Sherpa Services »Sherpa/FACT & REF: › Decision-support tools directed at researchers › Based on policy registries in RoMEO and Juliet which demonstrate the viability of this approach › Anecdotal experience is that the logic of these tools can be quite complicated, and the advice they give needs to be checked for reliability, but on recent inspection, FACT was 95% accurate 08/09/2017 Jisc OA Services: Monitor Local & Monitor UK 6
  7. 7. Jisc Monitor Services »Monitor Services consists of two distinct but connected products › Monitor Local › Monitor UK »Primary aim to help institutions with the processing of APCs and to represent national level data »Monitor Local allows institutions to record and monitor local APC data »Monitor UK aggregates the data collected in Monitor Local to provide a national level view of APC data 08/09/2017 Jisc OA Services: Monitor Local & Monitor UK 7
  8. 8. Jisc Monitor Services »Successful within the UK, with 18 early adopters and continued interest »Strong involvement in development from UK HEIs, and strong interest from other countries 08/09/2017 Jisc OA Services: Monitor Local & Monitor UK 8
  9. 9. Publications Router – overview What it’s for: »Automatically populates open repositories with journal articles from publishers and other providers »Alerts institutions to their researchers’ papers by supplying metadata and often the full text »Can pass on licensing and embargo information (when supplied by the provider) »Saves institutions time and money
  10. 10. Publications Router – current status » Service launched August 2016 » Now delivering live notifications › from 7 content providers › to 17 institutional repositories (Eprints) – many more on way » Can pass on licensing and embargo information » Thousands of notifications already delivered to HEIs’ repositories Progress so far » Now adding open manuscripts of subscription content (started with Gold OA articles) » DSpace to be added very soon » Working to add other institution platforms (RIMS & CRISs) » Working to add further publishers Where it’s headed 18/7/17 Jisc Publications Router - OA community event, Birmingham
  11. 11. Workflow
  12. 12. IRUS-UK »Based on and uses international standards »Almost universal coverage in UK »Significant international interest › Australia and New Zealand › The United States › Europe in connection with OpenAIRE 08/09/2017 Jisc OA Services: Monitor Local & Monitor UK 12
  13. 13. IRUS4Data »This project will experiment with a service offering data download metrics and examine other sources of use indicators »It aims to investigate the feasibility and utility of various forms of usage statistics concerning research data. »It has two key work packages: › The development of a pilot service (building on the existing Jisc IRUS-UK service) for COUNTER-compliant data download metrics › The investigation of other potential data metrics including data citations and data altmetrics 08/09/2017 Jisc OA Services: Monitor Local & Monitor UK 13
  14. 14. Research Data » National infrastructure from Jisc, covering repository, preservation, reporting, and discovery »Reporting functionality: –Covers data storage, availability and use –Will interoperate with DataCite (identifiers again) and Sherpa/Juliet for data policies –Will also interoperate with national and international research einfrastructures –Dashboards will be available for users 08/09/2017 Jisc OA Services: Monitor Local & Monitor UK 14
  15. 15. Equipment.Data »Open sharing of facilities and equipment is increasingly part of open science internationally. 08/09/2017 Jisc OA Services: Monitor Local & Monitor UK 15
  16. 16. Standards »The UK is engaged with RDA and CODATA where relevant on these issues, to ensure solutions are based on international standards and best practice where available »Jisc is participating with the EOSC pilot as it will operate as a framework for the federation, including nationally-based services where those are established and/or make most sense 08/09/2017 Jisc OA Services: Monitor Local & Monitor UK 16
  17. 17. With OpenAIRE »Jisc is the UK’s National Open Access Desk (NOAD) and work on multiple work packages for OpenAIRE2020, as well as engage on the general assembly »We also participate with OpenAIRE Connect »OpenAIRE Advance starts in January 2018 08/09/2017 Jisc OA Services: Monitor Local & Monitor UK 17
  18. 18. Thank You Dr Frank C. Manista European Open Science Manager Open Access Services e: t: @frankcmanista 08/09/2017 Jisc OA Services: Monitor Local & Monitor UK 18