Urbanism with a rural touch


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  • The Nurban StoryYour Space. Full of Life.“Nature is norm” + Tactical Urbanism + “Rethinking Happiness”.Nature acts as a source of ideas and materials. Wooden cities in all Nordic countries (Aarhus (DK), Vejle (DK), Växjö (SWE), Skellefteå (SWE), Bergen (NOR), Trondheim (NOR), Kouvola (FIN), Esbo (FIN) + Stavanger (NOR)) have come to stay. Wood as a building material has its new innovative breath.Nearness to nature as well as being a natural part of living spaces in general is the essence of Nurban. Nordic quality and wood as a basic material and standardized modules are all basic parts in the picture. Conceptual solutions of Nurban are well-considered and thoroughly planned. Its aspirations and dreams take into account the character of a community and keep the balance of the environment to achieve the best quality in all possible aspects. The sensitivity towards nature helps to find, create and design the space and shape the environment around us instead of breaking it. Nurban strives for a better quality of life, happy and healthy lifestyles, to find and develop more fulfilling ways of existence where rural surroundings meet with urban beat; rural values are seen in the new perspective. It means the capacity to design and shape places using the resources available to us and maintain the integrity. Wise use of wood as a building material combined with other materials, smart technological systems plus aesthetic value of the houses. It is urbanism with a rural touch in tasteful proportions. It is important to examine the unique features of each place and community to create the best. So that it feels “your space” eventually. Full of life.
  • Urbanism with a rural touch

    1. 1. Your space. Full of life. Urbanism with a rural touch Ecobuild, March 2012
    2. 2. Nature is a Norm. Sverre Fehn, architect Nurban.me
    3. 3. Our Path Forward Nurban.me
    4. 4. The Nurban Story Nearness to nature. Urban environment. People. Balance. Integrity. Quality of our existence. Physical and Emotional Wellbeing. Smart usage of Resources. Building Systems Technology. Intelligent Space and Utilization Relations. Sense of identification. Nurban.me
    5. 5. URBANIZATION trendsBuilt on a Vision of Sustainability.Smart cities with eight smartfeatures, including Smart Economy,Smart Buildings, Smart Mobility, SmartEnergy, Smart Information Communicationand Technology, Smart Planning, SmartCitizen and Smart Governance.The world is now urbanized% of population living in cities Nurban.me
    6. 6. Concept Nurban is focused onto the modern individual with whom we share the mutual understanding of urban life - natural space, fast solutions and quality design at reasonable cost. Nurban strives towards the creation of Urban Community, combining Nordic Architecture with Environmental Sustainability. Nurban.me
    7. 7. Concept Our purpose is to create a unique Nurban Experience where "The city enters the countryside, the country enters the city." Creativity and innovation meets quality and comfort. Nurban.me
    8. 8. Know-How Nature-friendly, historical reliability combined with contemporary solutions. Highly competitive wooden house producers — 85- 90% of Estonian wooden houses are exported. Estonian wooden houses export grew 23,8% in 2011. The share of value added wood products in Estonia (76%) is more than twice the EU average (30%). Nurban.me
    9. 9. Our Experience: Area development; Architectural and structural designs; Prefab-timber house production and construction. Nurban.me
    10. 10. Wood Matters To build more apartments at a lower price in buildings that are flexible in design and fit into surroundings. Wood as a building material is climate neutral. Wood structures are carbon negative. Wood is cost-efficient. Improve the quality of our lives and protect the integrity of the world. Nurban.me
    11. 11. Standardization Modern urban residential development with high- quality and affordable price level. Concept of standardization and scalability. The standardized production process enables the home to be produced efficiently with optimal costs ensuring the highest quality standards. Nurban.me
    12. 12. Key Market Targets 1. Norway 2. Sweden/Denmark/Eston ia/Finland/UK 3. The rest of selected European markets. Current and ongoing projects Nurban.me
    13. 13. Building Process Decision AdministrationProgram Offer Projecting Planning Production Presentation Product determination Production phase Nurban.me
    14. 14. We Dostand for people-oriented planning,support community aspirations,have high quality and standardizedproduction,have affordable solutions,offer good-looking, comfortable andenvironment-friendly SPACES. Nurban.me
    15. 15. Thank you!For more information, please emailinfo@nurban.me Nurban.me