Oct 26, 12 November Network Slides


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Good information to check out, especially the Severe Winter Weather Operations for 2012-2013, On post housing holiday decoration guidelines, DECA and the Exchange savings… and much much more! Check out the slides!

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Oct 26, 12 November Network Slides

  1. 1. UNCLASSIFIED//FOUOFort Riley Network 26 October 1
  2. 2. Garrison Commander COL William Clark
  3. 3. Feedback• 475/383 invitation to attend quarterly• Apple Days conflicted with opening day of soccer• Promote random acts of kindness / reward system
  4. 4. Recycle Dollars Reinvested In FMWR ProgramsLocation Item Description Recycle Dollars Recycle money allowed us toPools ADA Easy Ladder 10,535 fund:Pools Pool Inflatable 8,310 $106K for Bowling Center  $95K for the MarinaPools Pool Awnings 17,002  $36K for Pools, andYouth Sports Sprinkler System 30,873  $31 for YS Fields PrimitiveMarina Campground 45,046Marina Ski Boat 22,527Marina Deck Boat 27,741 $261KBowling Lane Machine 28,975Bowling Bowling Furniture 76,991 4
  5. 5. UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO Fort Riley Severe Winter Weather Operations 2012-2013Ward Philips / DPTMS / (785) 240-1993 5
  6. 6. UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO Fort Riley Soldiers & Civilian Families in Local Communities (Mil / Civ) 6,221 Fort Riley Soldiers live in the surrounding Clay Center communities Green Manhattan 55 / 52 Milford Leonardville Riley 2/2 2099 / 827(Mil/DA Civ) 139 / 149 3/9 22 / 24 Wakefield Geary County (4459) 75 / 90 3092 / 1367 Wamego Riley County (3325) 51 / 55 Junction City 2379 / 946 2953 / 1218 St George Dickinson County (651) 26 / 26 349 / 302 Chapman 96 /97 Maple Clay County (285) Hill 135 / 150 0/1 Solomon 5/9 Topeka Morris County (157) Paxico 50 / 33 81 / 76 2/4 Abilene Saline County (51) 121 / 105 35 / 16 Alma 5/6 Salina Pottawatomie (173) Enterprise 35 / 16 County 32 / 21 Alta Vista Ogden 83 / 90 4 / 16 253 / 82 Herrington Dwight Woodbine Shawnee County (89) 3,018 Fort Riley DA 69 / 51 47 / 25 10 / 7 Council 50 / 39 Civilians live in the Grove White City surrounding 4/7 Wabaunsee (49) 26 / 39 County communities 17 / 32 AS OF MAY 12Ward Philips / DPTMS / (785) 240-1993 6
  7. 7. UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO Decision Support Template School, Work and PT Delay/Closure (SUN-FRI) 4:00 4:15 4:30 5:00 5:15 6:00 6:30 7:30 DP1 DP2 (Installation At or before: FROC (School Close/Delay) Close/Delay) Det 2, 3WS: Send Weather Report , Road Report Severe Conditions Report and Conference Call DP3 (Unit PT Decision) Weather to conference call instructions in FROC Provide GC with an e-mail to: closure/delay 1. DPTMS recommendation FROC: Det 2, 3WS: 2. DES GC 1.DPTMS 6. MWR ICW PAO disseminate Monitor WX 3. DPW Decision Point 2: 2.DES 7. PAO closure/delay changes. 4. GSO Workforce– Mission 3.DPW 8. G3 Message using: Report due to: 5. DOL Essential only and or all 4.GSO 9. 2 DET 1. AtHoc pop-up 1. FROC 6. MWR employees close/delay. USD 475 USD 475 5.DOL 2. Automated Bulletin Unit PT 2. CMD as 7. PAO Decision Point 2 Business Ops Classes 8. G3 Board Start. required. determined ICW: notifies drivers of Start. 9. 2 DET 1. CoS & G3/M3 3. PAO-Fort Riley Web GC delay or school 2. USD 475 Supt. Advisory Page Decision Point 1. closure decision. (WAP). DES: Provide real time Close/Delay 4. PAO-Riley TV Installation weather /road School CoS & G3/M3 5. Text Messaging USD 475 ICW conditions 6. email Contact USD 475 Decision Point 3: KJCK and PAO Report to: Superintendant. Cancel Unit PT , issue school 1. FROC Obtain mutual determine work delay CoS & G3/M3 closure 2. CMD as required. agreement on and or mission essential ICW announcement. closure/delay and personnel only ( based FROC Notify BDE DES: Recon off post road on decision. Point 2.) EOCs of PT time conditions ICW local Law cancellations and or FROC: Enforcement Agencies & military personnel Initiate all notification KDOT; provide GC gap- work delays. systems. analysis of installation/ local Det 2, 3 WS community road conditions. Report to: GC notifies FROC and CG on decision to DPW 1. FROC 2. CMD as required. delay, close , or DES Due Out: GC guidance . continue normal ops. FROC: CMD / FROC DPW Crews: Provide real Initiate all notification time installation weather/ systems. Recurring Event/Battle Rhythm road conditions reporting. Report to: 1. FROC Note: Early morning COA decisions will occur at 1500 day prior when possible. 2. CMD as required.Ward Philips / DPTMS / (785) 240-1993 DST Ver 2.6 12 October 2011 7
  8. 8. UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO PAO (Key Tasks and Local Media) • PAO On-Call receives notification by FROC of Commander’s decision and pushes approved message to media, coordinates message for Riley TV and website. • Utilize local TV/ Radio stations to notify the CFHR of delays and closures. Radio stations • Disseminate message: Radio  Regional TV and Radio stations Station City Frequency  Fort Riley Web Advisories Page (duty hours only) KJCK-AM Junction City 1420  Riley TV (duty hours only) KJCK-FM Junction City 97.5 KQLA-FM Junction City 103.5 Televsion stations KMAN-AM Manhattan 1350 TV Station City Channel KMKF-FM Manhattan 101.5 WIBW-TV Topeka Channel 13 KHCA-FM Manhattan 95.3 KSNT-TV Topeka Channel 27 KXBZ-FM Manhattan 104.7 KTKA-TV Topeka Channel 49 KCLY-FM Clay Center 100.9 KWCH-TV Wichita Channel 12 KSAL-AM Salina 1150 KAKE-TV Wichita Channel 10 KSAJ-FM Abilene 98.5 KSN-TV Wichita Channel 3 KBLS-FM Abilene 102.5 WIBW-AM Topeka 580Ward Philips / DPTMS / (785) 240-1993 8
  9. 9. UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO FRKS Road Clearance Priorities Overview MPRC Capacity: 550 S DPW Roads DPW Airfield P Picerne Contractors BPA Long Fitness Center Capacity: 250 Craig Fitness Center Williston Point Road Closed Capacity: 250 S S during snow burst BPA Picerne BPA Picerne IACH BPA BPA BPA P Picerne P Riley’s S Capacity: 300 P BPA Picerne P P S King Field House Capacity: 500Ward Philips / DPTMS / (785) 240-1993 9
  10. 10. AgendaDFMWR Melissa Kinney melissa.d.kinney@us.army.mil 785.239.3733DHR Ruth Greiner ruth.greiner@us.army.mil 785.239.6481IACH Ian Mann ian.a.mann@us.army.mil 785.240.7507PICERNE Michelle Geering mgeering@picernemn.com 785.717.2210DECA Peter Howell peter.howell@deca.mil 785.239.6621Exchange Joann Enecial enecialj@aafes.com 785.784.4094Chaplain COL Rauch harry.a.rauch.mil@mail.mil 785.239.2799USO April Blackmon ablackmon@uso.org 757.709.3814AnnouncementsCalendar
  11. 11. DFMWRMelissa Kinney
  12. 12. Congratulation to Melissa Klotz Winner of the Fort Riley MWR Winter Guidephoto competition
  13. 13. Volunteer Coaching Process- All coaches must undergo a extensive background check. Inquiries are madewith Military police, CID, Drug and Alcohol, and Family Advocacy. (2 weeks)- Prior to practices beginning, all coaches are required to attend NAYS(National Alliance of Youth Sports) coaching certification classes. Thecurriculum includes effectively dealing with parents, teaching sportsmanship,Coaching tips, strength, conditioning, and flexibility training, and first aid.(3 Hours)- All head coaches are also required to attend Child abuse recognition classes,CPR training, and an orientation to Youth Sports. (2 hours)- Coaches can receive the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal bycompleting 100 hours of volunteer coaching and commander approval. Jr.enlisted personnel can also earn 10 promotion points by receiving the MOVSM.
  14. 14. Winter Sports TimelineRegistration opens 15 October (Basketball, Indoor Soccer, and Cheerleading)Registration closes 9 NovemberCoaches Training 13 and 15 NovemberRosters received 16 NovemberPractices will begin the week of 3 DecemberGame schedules will be emailed to the coaches by 14 DecemberGames will start on Saturday, 12 January 2013 @ the CYSS MST CenterSeasons will end on Saturday, 9 March
  15. 15. CYSS Youth Sports & Fitness FY12 Participation NumbersWinter Sports ( Basketball/ Soccer/Cheer) 27 teams / 9 locations (Early December –Early March)292 Participants, 52 Volunteer coaches ($27,040)Spring Soccer 30 teams / 5 fields (Late March – Mid May)449 Participants, 72 Volunteers ($37,440)Summer Sports (Baseball/Softball/T-Ball) – 15 teams / 4 fields (Mid May – Mid July)220 Participants, 36 Volunteers ($18, 720)Fall Sports (Soccer/Football/Cheer/Volleyball) – 50 teams / 7 locations (EarlySeptember – Early November)632 Participants, 105 Volunteers ($ 54,600)Practices and/or games are held Monday thru Friday evenings, from 1700 to 2200,and on Saturdays from 0900 to 1600.
  16. 16. OCT 27, 11am-2pmFREE BBQ, Riley’s Conference Center
  17. 17. OCT 29FREE Bowling & Shoe Rental: 11am-9pm FREE Dinner: 5-6:30pm
  18. 18. HALLOWEEN EVENTSOct Night Flyer Shoot26 (5-8:15pm, Skeet & Trap Range)OCT Zombie Paradise Paintball Shootout (Outdoor Rec) Spooktacular Fun Run (10am, Riley’s Conference Center)27 Library Trunk or Treat (6-8pm)Oct Family Bingo (12:30pm, Rally Point)28Oct Halloween Bowling Party (5-8pm)30Oct BOSS Trunk or Treat31 (6-9pm, Commissary)
  19. 19. Nov 39am$30/person
  20. 20. Nov 176-9pm Riley’sConference Center
  21. 21. DHRRuth Greiner
  22. 22. IACHIan Mann
  23. 23. Freedom from Tobacco: 37th Annual Great American Smokeout• Smoking is the #1 cause of preventable death in the U.S., causing over 393,000 deaths each year – Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – Smoking in pregnancy causes 20-30% of low-birth weight babies, 14% of preterm deliveries, and 10% of infant death• Secondhand smoke is a serious health hazard for people of all ages, and is estimated to cause close to 50,000 deaths each yearThe good news: in 2009, ~ 49.9 million adults were former smokers.
  24. 24. Freedom from Tobacco: 37th Annual Great American Smokeout• The way ahead: • Quitting smoking often requires several attempts. • Increase your chance of success by using counseling or medication. The combination of both is most effective.• Resources: www.ucanquit2.org; 1- 800 QUITNOW, www.smokefree.gov www.mytimetoquit.org www.cdc.gov/tobacco www.becomeanex.org www.freedomfromsmoking.org www.ahrq.gov/consumer/tobacco• Call 240-QUIT to get information on available medicines and how to schedule an appointment to quit tobacco in the Medical Homes or Public Health.POC:Army Public HealthNursing/MAJ Lindsey/ 239-7323
  25. 25. Picerne Military Housing
  26. 26. •Resident newsletter has gone digital •Update contact information with neighborhood team•Winterizing your home •Check heaters and remove/store water hoses and sprinklers•MEGA Halloween Fun House – Friday, Oct. 26 •Warner Peterson Neighborhood Center, 5570 A.P. Hill Drive •3 to 7 p.m. •Residents of all ages are invited to join us for a Halloween Fun House featuring games and fun throughout the Neighborhood Center.
  27. 27. •Military Family Appreciation Month •Prizes will be given away each Friday in November. •Residents may enter once per week beginning October 29.•Holiday decorations reminder •Decorations may be displayed 30 days prior to holiday. •Decorations must be removed within two weeks after holiday.•Fall leaf cleanup will begin in November•Opt-in Recycling Program •Complete details of the program are available at www.rileypicerne.com/recycling. •Revenue gained from the resale of items from family housing supports MWR and other installations agencies. •Recycling reduces the amount of waste in the landfill.
  28. 28. DeCAPeter Howell
  29. 29. DeCA• 2012 Turkey Savings • Over $40 in Coupon Savings Towards a Fresh or Frozen Whole Turkey • Available in Store Only on November 2nd • Sponsored by many manufacturers• Holiday Closures Reminders • Closed on Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Day; and New Year’s Day • Early Closure (5:00 PM) on Veteran’s Day (Nov 12th) • Early Closure on Christmas Eve (5:00 PM)
  30. 30. DeCA
  31. 31. Exchange
  32. 32. Exchange• Trick or Treat at the Main Exchange 31 October 1630- 1730• In observance of Thanksgiving all facilities will be closed on Thanksgiving day except for Troop 2 will be open 24hrs (reg hours)• Black Friday 23 Nov 12 Main exchange will open at 0400-2100• Saturday after Thanksgiving 24 Nov 12 Main Exchange will be open at 0600-2100• Sunday after Thanksgiving 25 Nov 12 Main Exchange will be regular hours 1000-2000
  33. 33. Services• Trick or Treat in the Mall 31 October 1630-1730, Great Fun and candy for kids in costume.• Opportunity for FRG fundraiser to do giftwrapping at the Exchange, FRG will need to sign up starting the 1 Nov at 8am at the Exchange Services office. FRG will need to have a memorandum stating approval from the unit commander to do a fundraiser.• Book Signing Nov 4th 1100-1700 – Gloria Zachgo “Rocking horse” – Heritage Books Featuring Doris Johnson and Ray Imhof: “Gutsy Woman”, “As I Remember it”, “Apron Strings”, “Family Ties” and “The Cookie Crumb Trail”• Santa will be Arriving December 1st will be here for 3 weeks in the Mall area at the Main Exchange. There will be Photo Packages will be available.
  34. 34. ChaplainCH Rauch
  35. 35. Special November ServicesCatholic : •Thur., 1 Nov 12- All Saints Day Catholic Masses 1200 - IACH Chapel 1800 - St. Mary’s Chapel 2000 - Dugout Field Artillery Range for 2HBCT •Thur., 22 Nov 12- Thanksgiving Day Masses 0900 - St. Mary’s Chapel 1200 - IACH Chapel POC CH Kazarnowicz- 270-874-7132 or 785-209-4765Protestant: •Sun., 25 Nov 12- Hanging of the Greens 1030- Main Post Chapel POC CH McDonald- 785-239-3436
  36. 36. Upcoming EventsWeekly Luncheon Bible Study- Every Wednesday, 1200-1300 @ USOPOC- CH Adriatico 239-9530 or CH Ball 240-3855Momentum Youth- Every Wednesday, 1800-1930 @ Normandy Chapel for High School and@ Kapaun Chapel for Middle SchoolPOC- Rick Hernandez 785-712-7287Spiritual Rangers PT Test- Sun.11 Nov. 1500-1700; Location TBDPOC Don Ericson, DRE 239-0979 or donald.ericson@us.army.milBand of Brothers Monthly Men’s Bible Study- Sat. 10 Nov, & 8 Dec, 0800-0915 @ KapaunChapel. POC Don Ericson, DRE 239-0979 or donald.ericson@us.army.milProtestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC)•Weekly Meeting- Tuesdays 0900 and 1815 @ Morris Hill Chapel•International Conference, Nashville, TN 1-4 Nov.For more information email riley@pwoc.orgMilitary Council of Catholic Women (MCCW)•Weekly Meeting- Wednesdays 0900 @ Morris Hill ChapelFor more information email ft.rileymccw@gmail.com
  37. 37. USOApril Blackmon
  38. 38. USO Fort Riley ®• Oct. 27 - USO Pumpkin Painting, 1100-1400 at Riley’s• Oct. 28 - Coat Drive pick up• No Dough Dinners – All are 5-6:30 p.m., Bldg. 7856 Drum Street, Custer Hill loop, unless otherwise noted: – Oct. 29* (note date change as well), Bowling Alley – Nov. 14; Dec. 13• USO will be open Thanksgiving and Christmas, 1200-1800 Latest info & details at www.facebook.com/usoftriley 41
  39. 39. USO Fort Riley ®https://www.facebook.com/KC.USO.Salute 42
  40. 40. Announcements
  41. 41. UNCLASSIFIED//FOUOGuide available now! Guide and Directory avail. www.riley. army.mil, Bldg 405, and ACS 44
  42. 42. In Junction City All Treats Day Parade Fun and Games for the Family October 30th – 5:00 PM Parade starts at 9th & Washinton “Junction Function” An “Olympiad” in Junction City November 10th – 6:00 PMAt the Courtyard Convention Center
  43. 43. C.L. Hoover Opera House Harold Melvin’s Bluenotes A music lovers delight October 27th – 6:30 & 9:30 PM “Three Little Kittens”Wichita Theatre Production for the family November 4th – 3:00 PM Fountain City Brass A classical concert for the family November 18th 4:00 PM
  44. 44. JC ARTSA multi-disciplinary Art Center Adult Classes Youth Classes Gallery Walks Preschool Classes Artist Opportunities Murder Mystery Dinners
  45. 45. Historical & Archaeological Society of Fort Riley Ghost Tours 2012Bring a jacket, flashlight, & comfortable walking shoes.Listen to the ghost stories & myths of historic FortRiley and see where they happened. 28 October 4-7 p.m. Artillery Parade Field off of Pershing Ct. Like us on Facebook for more on the Ghost Tours and other events: www.facebook.com/fortrileyhistory
  46. 46. OCSC November Events One Warm Coat Distribution 1:30 – 4:30pm @ Location TBD With an impressive number of coats donated by local families to support Fort Riley families, you’re sure to find that perfect coat for this winter. Coats will be distributed, free of charge, on a first come, first served basis. For more information: vanessa.c.espinosa2@us.army.mil 864-201-7569 12 November – Lunch Bunch 11:30am @ UMI Steakhouse ManhattanJoin us for a Dutch treat lunch the 2nd Monday of every month. Well join up in thelobby of a local restaurant and be seated together. Its a wonderful chance to meet new friend and enjoy the company of other spouses and community partners. This is open to members and guests. For more information: http://www.fortrileyocsc.com/ 15 November – Monthly Luncheon (Make It, Bake It, Fake It) 11:00 am – Riley’s Conference Center This luncheon is designed to get your creative juices flowing. Whether youre as crafty as Martha Stewart, bake like Betty Crocker, or shop like Paris Hilton, this event is for you! For this luncheon we ask that you either: Make It: show your crafty skills with a homemade blanket, a cute centerpiece, or ANYTHING, just get creative, Bake It: pull out Grandmas best recipe, or Fake It by purchasing something great! Cost is $15 per person. RSVP to reservations@fortrileyocsc.com www.fortrileyocsc.com
  47. 47. CALENDAR
  48. 48. November 2012 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdayBlack = MWR Event Habanero Kids Ear Free All 1 2 3 Month Unit Bowling Tournament MST Fall Lock In Custer’s Last Stand GolfRed = Community Event Tournament Military Family Appreciation Month Racquetball Tournament Comedy Night IBEX Climbing ; ODR KSU Fort Riley Day Fball Game4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Guy Fawkes Bonfire; WZ 1800 -Volunteer of the Quarter Habaneros Family Nigh t5pm CYSS Winter Sport Deadline 1940s USO Hangar Dance Ceremony MST Veterans Day Event KSU VS TCU 0900-Operation Santa Clause We Serve Too Veteran’s Day Golf Tourn Opening Ceremony Butterball Blast S&T 0930-Manhattan Veterans Day Parade Veteran’s Day Golf Tourn Daylight Savings Ends Election Day Training Holiday11 12 13 14 15 16 17Veteran’s Day Golf Tourn Veteran’s Day Golf Tourn Education Fair 1-5pm; RCC 1700-USO No Dough Dinner 0730-JC/GC MAC Breakfast 1000-German/Italian Memorial Turkey 2 Miler Ceremony Turkey Golf ScramblerAmerican Legion Breakfast 0930-Wabuansee County McCain-Turtle Island Quartet Habaneros Family Night 5pm MST Thanksgiving Dinner WineFest; RCC Annual Veterans Day ParadeBOSS VA Home Visit CYSS Ice Skating Turkey Bowling Library “Let’s Talk Turkey” KSU VS Baylor Veteran’s Day Holiday18 19 20 21 22 23 24Family Bingo; 1pm Rally Point 1145-Native American/Indian BOSS Turkeyganza; WZ Christmas Parade; 5:30pm Heritage Observance Junction City Habaneros Family Night 5pm Thanksgiving Holiday25 26 27 28 29 30 Skies Swim Lesson Fort Riley Network, RCC Habaneros Family Night 5pm All Treats Day, JC
  49. 49. December 2012 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdayBlack = MWR Event 1 1000-Chrsitkindl MarketRed = Community Event Comedy Show Rally Point 1200-HASFR Annual Historic Tour of Homes Training Holiday2 3 4 5 6 7 8Golf Christmas Sale ACS Holiday Mixer Habaneros Family Night5pm 1730-Holiday Tree Lighting; Picerne Stories with Santa 1340-Army/Navy Football bldg 500 Game MST Holiday Dance Scuba Santa SKIES Winter Dance EXPO 3-6 Dec9 10 11 12 13 14 15 McCain-Disney’s Beauty and Habaneros Family Night 5pm LOL Comedy Show; Rally the Beast 1300-Post Graduation Point Monster Madness Burrito Ceremonry Contest; Habanero 1000-Wreaths Across America Ceremony 1700-USO No Dough Dinner 1300-Santa at the Library16 17 18 19 20 21 22Family Bingo Habaneros Family Night 5pm 1 ID Half Day Schedule 17 DEC – 2 Jan Christmas Holiday23 24 25 26 27 28 29Bowling with Santa BOSS Bowl WZ Christmas Party Habaneros Family Night 5pm BOSS Bowl CYSS Snow Tubing @ Snow BOSS Bowl Creek Christmas Holiday 22-25 Dec BOSS Bowl BOSS Bowl 3130 New Years Eve Bowling USO Open New Years Eve Party; WZ New Years TNG New Years TNG Holiday 29 Dec-1 Jan 1 ID Half Day Schedule 17 DEC – 2 Jan Holiday
  50. 50. January 2013 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdayBlack = MWR Event 1 2 3 4 5 1130-Manhattan MRC Lunch Adult Futsal League Signup; CYSS Ice Skating in KC Comedy NightRed = Community Event King Field House Habaneros Family Night 5pm CYSS Hour Care Night6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Habaneros Family Night 5pm MST Learning Styles P2P Flick N Float; Eyster Pool Workshop13 14 15 16 17 18 19MST New Year’s Dance Habaneros Family Nigh t5pm MST Movie Night20 21 22 23 24 25 26Family Bingo 1145-MLK EO Observance MST Belly Laugh Day FR Network Racquetball Tournament Habaneros Family Night 5pm27 28 29 30 31 McCain-A Chorus Line
  51. 51. Closing Remarks